TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / EPISODE 1 – I’m Suddenly Trapped in This Weird-ass World

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

The rushing wind……. the clear sky…. the sun shining…..

That is the picture of somebody falling from the sky, all locked in a clear capsule. In fact, there are a lot of those falling from the sky today as if they are coming from another world into this one. However, they are asleep as they have no awareness of what’s happening.

One guy woke up and as he sees him falling and heading for the ground quick.
“AAAHHH!!!!” he screamed like a baby as he crash-lands into an open field and clench for dear life, hoping he wouldn’t die from injury or shock.

The drop didn’t instantly kill him.
The capsule opened up and he came out of there.

“WHAT THE—Where am I?” he said, “How…. did I get here?” He looked around as he sees just a grassy field and a face of worriment.
“All I did was fall asleep last night.” he said, “Did I just wind up in some unknown land?”
Soon, he heard more voices coming to, wondering where and why they are here.

“Hey, the fuck’s going on?” One guy said, “I was just in bed with two hot bitches and now I’m in this fucking place?”
“Who’s playing some trick on us?” Another guy said and then everyone around them is screaming and panicking their asses off.

“I wanna go home!!”
“I’m lost!!”
“I’m hungry!!”
“I’M HORNY!!!”
“I’m both!!” One other man shouted in a loud and boastful voice. “What? I haven’t eaten and I broke up with my girlfriend the other day.”

One guy with slicked back hair said to them, “It seems that we have some mystery going on here.”

Our main guy approaches him and the slick hair guy went by him and said, “HEY!!!! Did you fall from the sky as well?”
“Yeah.” He answered.

“And I bet you don’t know what’s going on here, right?” SHG said.
“No.” Main guy answers again.

“HEY… I’ve seen this in anime before.” One guy shouted, “It might be one of those new worlds in anime where we got transported into a different world than ours.”
“WAIT…..So that means….” The horny guy said, “OH HELL YEAH!! We getting a bunch of hot ass women in this bitch!! I’m getting some pussy today!!!!” He quickly runs to see where the adventure takes him but then they hear a strange noise.

Then it turns into one big, stomping noise and they heard something coming from the ground. Rumbling and shaking, something popped up from the ground and it was…. some weasels.

Some ordinary weasels.
“Hey, it’s just some cute weasels.” The hungry guy said, “Hey weasels. Hey, little guys, are you stranded, too?”
“Will you shut the hell up? It’s some damn weasels!!” SHG said, “Besides, how are a bunch of rodents going to–” Then the weasels sprouted from the ground and they turn into big muscle-bound super weasels.


“I sense intruders in our lands.” The head weasel said, “This is Weasel Windsor territory!!! If you wish to leave peacefully, you may do so. But if you’re going to afflict harm on us, prepare to meet your doom.”

“Meet our doom?” SHG said, “Ok…..”
The main guy said, “Well, they are super-powered weasels and they look like they will kill you a thousand times and then revive you just to kill you again.”
“Be lucky it’s us and not the Carnivorous Baboons to your right.” Main weasel said, “They’ll kill you even more.”
“They’re just dumb as hell.” Assistant weasel said and laughed raucously.
Then a swarm of angry giant baboons jumped in and smacked the weasel down.

“AAAHHH!!!!” The guys shouted.
“We heard you assholes!!!!” Baboon Leader said, “You insulting us again, dicks!?”
“After you soiled our drinking water by bathing in it, yes!!”

“What? You tasted water like that before!!”
“WITH FLEAS AND ASS HAIR!!!? You have your own bath water!!”
“Yeah, but yours is cleaner.” One of the baboons said.
“Because we don—OK, fuck it!” The weasels started to jump on the baboons and everyone is brawling it out and everyone is running away from the area and splitting up for reasons and just to get the hell out of there.


Our main guy is quickly running from two animals either fighting, biting or smacking each other but as he ran, he went into somewhere called The Trap Badlands.

“Finally….. I should be safe here.” he said.

“Nah, you’re not safe here.” A mysterious voice popped out as he was in the bushes.

“You must be new here.” he said, “You do not want to go any further down there. That is all bad news if you go into The Trap Badlands.”
“Trap Badlands?” he said.
“OK, you’re definitely new here.” he said, “It’s full of tricks and traps that will fuck you up badly and made you wish you never came here.”
“I don’t know how I came here!!!” he said.
“What’s your name, boy?”
“My name is Shori Yametsu.” he said.
“Well, well, well, Shori….. I suggest you turn around, make a left and maybe you might find somewhere to stay for the night. Because if you’re here…. well, you’re stuck here forever.” Then the mysterious guy vanishes.

“WHAT!? HEY!” Shori shouted, “Who are you!! Can you at least help me out some more!?”
He has pretty much left. “Asshole.”

“MOMMY!!!” He heard the scream of that one guy as he was getting beat the shit out of by the vicious baboons. “HELP!!”
“My spleen!!!!”
“It can’t be that bad.” Shori said.
“My neck….. my back…. my balls and my crack!!!” One guy shouted as he’s being beaten and ripped apart.
The slick-back hair guy got the worst of it as he’s being chewed and gnawed at by baboons.
“Oh, damn, going to the Badlands.” he went into the badlands despite not abiding that one guy’s warning.



“Stuck here forever? Yeah, right.” he said, “I just need to find some directions and then I’m back home as usual.”
A cacophony of sounds was made during him traveling down that path from swamp sounds, low growls and confused sounds of animals fucking.

“What the–”

“Who’s doing that?” Shori shouted.
“Your mama, bitch!!”

“O….. K………”

Then he hears something slithering on the ground and it’s getting closer and closer and closer and then suddenly….

“AH!!!!” It was about 13 snakes trying to get a hold of him. “OH GOD!!! I’m going to get choked by snakes!! HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE!!”
The snakes are squeezing him harder as he is pleading for his life, there comes an arrow striking the snakes as they slither away and someone came and grabbed Shori in the nick of time.

“GOT HIM!!” This girl shouted.
“AH!!! Oh…oh….”
“You OK?” she said. She swings into the next tree.
“Uh….as long as I don’t die, I’m good!”

“This will be over soon.” she said and gets on her walkie, “Hey, Sleepy, get ready for us!!! Also, make sure I land safety.”
“You are part cat, aren’t you? You always land safely!” he said, “Get ready!!” He opens the car roof and the two of them landed safely.

Shori panted and breathe heavily and he immediately thanked the girl.
“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” He screamed, “You saved my life!! I’m forever indebted to you!! You are my savior and–”
“OK, OK, dude, relax.” she said, “Sleepy, let’s get out of here.”
“Gotcha.” The driver turned out and guess who happened to be the guy. “Told you to not go into the badlands, didn’t I….. asshole?”

“Oh….” Shori said.
“Alright, Kat, let’s go.” he said.

“OK… Look, I’m sorry for not listening to you.” Shori said, “I’m just so confused about this new world I’m in.”
“New world?” the girl said.
“I came from the sky.” he pointed out.
“Ah well, that was obvious from the jump. Oh, and also, I’m Sleepy. SleepyK.”

“Sleepy…. K?” Shori said.
“Yes, that’s my name here.” he said, “And the girl you call your savior is Katrina.”
“Hi.” Katrina said, “Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Shori. I’m… Well, new in town.” he said, “Oops, I think I’m sitting on something and it’s…”
It was a tail. Mainly Katrina’s tail. She’s part cat.
“Yes, I’m part cat.” Katrina said, “Normally, I slap people for touching and feeling up my tail but since you’re new and you’re getting to know me, I’ll let you off the hook… but next time, you getting hands.”
“OK then.” Shori said in a shocked and scared way.

“I would say what brings you into this part of town, Mr. Shori…. but then again, you don’t even know why you’re here.” Sleepy said, “You just popped in here for no apparent reason.”
“Basically.” he said, “I was falling inside some capsule along with some other people and the rest is history.”
“Oh, you mean the new arrivals?” Katrina said.
“New arrivals?” Shori asked.
“Yeah…. sometimes we’ll see them falling into that field over there.” As she pointed to the open field that leads right into a building.
“Wait, that building?” Shori said, “Why I landed near where there were buff weasels and violent baboons?
“Oh, that field.” Sleepy said, “You must’ve been knocked out of that direction. Good thing you didn’t land there during their mating time. They get buck wild and nasty over there, especially when the male weasels’ mate with each other. Oh, and many threesomes happen with them as well.”

“When new people enter here, they go into that building and see where they were live in.” Katrina said, “They will also give you food, some cash to get by and a pill they give you for a chosen ability.”

“Ability?” Shori asked.
“Yeah….” Katrina said, “In this world, you are given an ability that can enhance your strongest factor of yourself. Like for me, I’m good with arrows and I have strong reflexes…. like a cat.”
“And for me…..” Sleepy said, “I’m…. good with weapons.”
“Weapons?” Shori said.
“Guns, knives, bombs, anything I use to defend myself in these games! Kid, there’s a lot to tell you about this new world but we got to get you to that building since you need some shit and quick!”
“WAIT!!” Katrina said, “Going through that might take hours for him to get finished.”
“Well, we’re not staying with him. We’ll pick him up afterwards.” Sleepy said, “If we’re not too tired, that is…..”

“WHAT!? Shori shouted.
Sleepy immediately booted him out of the car but not before Katrina gives him something.
She gives him one of her cellphones. “Call us whenever you need us to pick you up. See ya!!!” The car soon left him behind and he’s stuck there.
“Well, damn…” Shori said.



“OK, Mr. Yametsu, since you didn’t immediately come here after landing, you have to fill in these documents and soon you’ll be a citizen in here in no time.” As he was waiting to get everything straighten up.
“That’s promising.” he said, “Also, what is this city…. land…. town…. where am I really at?”
“Look at the document. Top middle.”
The insignia on that document is the shape of a Trapezoid and it said The Nation of Trapanea.
“Trapanea?” he said.
“Yep. Weird name, huh?” The secretary said, “Sounds like something you catch from a toilet seat.”
“Or some portmanteau from something that doesn’t connect in the first place.” Shori said.
“Anyway, here’s your number, we’ll call you once your stuff is ready.”
He takes a look at his number. “44.”
“10! Number 10!!”
“Oh, no….” That face meant he was going to stuck here for more than an hour.


As Shori is dealing with that, the two locals head back to their home and it is located…. next to a local bar/diner/bakery called Spicy Jack’s.
“Yo, Sleepy…” Two guys were heading to them.
“Adion, Dwele, what up?” Sleepy said.
“Back from you two doing your usual scouting for new recruits?” Adion said.
“Kinda.” Katrina said, “We found this one new kid.”
“New kid?” Dwele said, “You mean new kid as in from the sky or kid that’s been here for a while but we haven’t gotten to him yet?”
“The former.” Katrina said.

“YES!!!” Adion said.
“Huh?” Dwele said, “You sure on that? You want somebody that just got in this place?”
“We can train the dude our way.” Adion said, “Depending on what skill he got.”
“I hope he’s not another gunner.” Katrina said.
“Why?” Adion said, who touched her tail and looking at it.
She grabbed it back angrily and said, “We got 3 gunners and I’m the only archer here. We need a guy different than most of you.”


“HEY!!!!” A woman shouted at the 4 of them. “Which one of you fools drunk my special fruit punch? I was saving that for this damn hot day!!?” As she stares immensely at them, especially Sleepy.

“Why you looking at me for?” Sleepy said, “I was gone all day.”
“Same here.” Katrina said.

“OK, I buy Katrina’s excuse but Sleepy…. yeah, I don’t know.”
“You probably drunk it before you left!!” Selene yelled.

“Selene… I don’t even like that shit.” Sleepy said, “So it can’t be me.”

Then another woman comes out of the bar. “Exactly, Selene…. It was me.”

“Aw, damn…. Fiorella, why?” Selene whined.
“Well, I need some of it to make that quasi fruit pie I was making for a customer.” she said, “It tastes better with fruit juice instead of water. I’ll get you a new one and I’ll make sure I don’t touch it.”

“And you are forgiven.” Selene said with a smile.

“Because if it was me, Dwele or Sleepy, you choke-slap us all damn day.” Adion said.
She snarked back at him, “That’s because at least Fiorella did something to make dough for our business and you’ve always been messing with my stuff, Adion.”
“NO, I haven’t!” Adion shouted.
“Name one thing!”
Selene went on, “My car, my mp3 player, my laptop, MY FOOD AND DRINK!!”
“I said one thing!” Adion joked.
“YOU DO A LOT!!!” Selene yelled.

As Adion and Selene argued in the foreground, Fiorella and Sleepy got to talking.
“Well, they love to argue a lot, do they?” Fiorella said.
“They’re like an old married couple.” Sleepy said.
They sat down.
“So, Sleep…”

“You’ve been roaming around near the badlands again?” she asked.
“Well, we have been looking for new recruits for that competition coming up and no such luck.” Sleepy said, “Until today, that is.”

“We found this guy down by the Badlands and saved him!!” Katrina said, passing by.
“I thought you wasn’t at the Badlands…” Fiorella stared at Sleepy with a punishing grin.
“I wasn’t!” Sleepy said, “He was after I told the fucker NOT to go! Katrina got his ass out of there and now he’s down at that building getting settled and everything.”
“And he called me his savior!” Katrina said. “He seemed really scared… then again, if I was running from baboons, I’d be running scared, too.”
“Wait, was he agree to be a part of the team?” Fio asked.
“Not yet….” Sleepy said, “But we will…. soon. We’re picking up him and bringing him here to get to know us.”


Then both of them talked in the other room, away from the others.
“Sleepy…. are you sure you’re ready for another person here?” Fiorella asked, “I mean, ever since the thing with E and all….”
That name gave a tick in Sleepy’s eye.
“It’s been about 4 years now. I need to get pass that. Yes, the guy was our dear friend who ended up turning traitor and selling us out…. but I think we’re ready for a new team member and since they aren’t accepting 4-player teams anymore, we got to step up.” Sleepy said.
“But who knows what ability this guy is going to get?” Fiorella said, “You know you don’t need another gunner and who knows what he’ll get.”

“I hope someone that won’t fuck us in the end.” Sleepy said.
“How long has he been over there?” Fio asked.
“Probably not that long.”
“You know those places take forever to get your shit straight.” Fiorella said, “I hope the poor guy isn’t bored to death there.”

“Number 30! Number 30!” As the next number is called there and Shori is looking miserable as it’s been 2 hours.
“I should’ve let the baboons beat me.”


EPISODE 1 – I’m Suddenly Trapped in This Weird-ass World


© 2019 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions


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