Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2019 Wrap-up

So… this has been an eventful 3 months in anime fandom.

Also, by eventful, I mean that and exhausting!! Between the shit from that show I’m not naming because I rather not attract any unwanted visitors and the controversy of a certain English VA because he was a creep (and an asshole with a cultish fan base that harasses other VAs and some are just doing it because it gets them off) that can’t keep his hands to himself and the craziness of that, being an anime fan around that time is stressful and aggravating.

Although with a couple of news announcements of a new series coming in the summer Fire Force, having a good & watchable live-action manga/anime adaptation in Alita: Battle Angel (too bad it didn’t much of a hit domestically but hopefully it can make enough worldwide) and learning more about the Adult Swim/Crunchyroll thing makes that seem the season came out on a better note. As for the season with anime overall…..

Well, it’s been a light meal. A light meal that had some satisfying entrees, particularly two titles that snuck up on me along with two others that expected greatness in the first place. There have been others that are either good but not great…. and then the bullshit or what I expected to be crap. Especially one show that LIED TO ME!!!

Aside from skipping one show, I didn’t drop much. I did watch The Quintessential Quintuplets via English dub and this was a charming anime show with a harem with a good male lead and the girls are a delight….. but Nino sucks, oh my God, she is trash!! As for shows continuing over next season….. yeah, Jojo Part 5…. that’s it.


But now, let’s get it on…..

RADIANT // Lerche // Crunchyroll/Funimation

I have to be honest. This…..well, it’s not a bad show. It is something that really does the typical Shonen adventure formula but I do see the appeal of it being entertaining and fun aka what Black Clover lacked. Plus, it was only 21 episodes so it didn’t overstay its welcome and seeing that it’s coming back in October, I don’t mind this returning. Plus, the main girl character with the big cute hair…. I like her. Wait, there’s two female characters with big hair… and the other one is good, too. (6/10)

THE PRICE OF SMILES // Tatsunoko Pro // Crunchyroll/HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

This show should’ve been called “The Price of Crying” because most of these show is mainly a lot of people crying and you thought Coppelion had a lot of that…. at least that one was compelling while this is just dull. It had something going for it in its world building but the characters are either not too interesting, serve their purpose to show up and die and have them being cried and yeah, the whole thing simply made me not give a damn despite good world building and some OK animation. (5/10)

MYSTERIA FRIENDS // CyGamesPictures // Crunchyroll/HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

So being that this is part of Rage of Bahamut, you expected to be an action-packed show but if you’re here for that, then you’re going to be angry. However, if you likened this short-form series about the friendship (and more — it’s definitely yuri-flavored) of these two girls in this slice-of-life high school spinoff of said series and it fits within it streaming on Sundays. (7/10)

PASTEL MEMORIES // Project No. 9 // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

So this has over everything weebs love about anime from mecha to cute girls, this was sure to be a good show…. except I can barely remember who was who and what the hell happened. I’d tried watching this but nothing about it hold my attention. The plots did jack shit, the characters are your basic cute moe girls except I kinda don’t care about their well-being and it’s just one big mash of who gives a fuckery? (4/10)

REAL GIRL // Hoods Entertainment // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

Welp, I’d stand by what I said: This show is horrible and by show, I mean… the first season of it. The 2nd season, tho….. it’s not completely terrible. I mean, the worst aspects of this lessened down here and we do get into the meat of these relationships around these characters…. and yes, the worst couple in there is the bitchy best friend and that other douchebag (yeah, despite some development for them, I still don’t like them) and as much as I’m not completely hating this season, I’m glad I’m never going back to this. (5/10)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime screenshot

THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SLIME // 8-Bit // Crunchyroll/Funimation

Oh hey, an isekai that doesn’t suck ass and it has a MC that while he’s very OP, he actually has some charm and wit  and he can get his ass kicked sometimes. Oh, and he’s got a squad full of colorful characters that do steal the show sometimes, especially Milim in the latter half. I get that the latter half of the season is a tad weaker than the first half but compared to other isekai anime, it’s still more fun to watch and doesn’t make you miserable or bored for watching it. (8/10)

MY ROOMMATE IS A CAT // Zero-G // Crunchyroll/Funimation

Once again, this is something that I just decided to watch and see what happens and I can easily that this show is damn great. It is a great mix of hilarious, charming, heartwarming, adorable, depressing and sad from showing Subari as a shut-in author and Haru’s POV of their lives. The parents that supported and loved Subaru and wanted to do the many things that he was into but he was too late to see it can get you in your feelings and leaves you teary-eyed and Haru’s whole story with her has that same effect. This is a show worth checking out, even if you’re not a cat person. Dogs get love in this show as well. (9/10).

THE PROMISED NEVERLAND // Cloverworks // Aniplex of America

Holy shit, you guys. This show…. even if you’re very unfamiliar with the manga, this series was a treat going into it with every episode having much suspense and intensity of what’s going to happen next…. well, for those going in fresh eyes. Hell, there’s genuine horror and suspense in this than most horror anime trying to be scary and while I definitely like the main 3 leads, Emma is the one that stole the show as the character who doesn’t break apart to this nihilistic shit and remains positive in saving everyone. Oh, and Phil, too. He’s the heart and soul of this show. (9/10)

GIRLY AIR FORCE // Satelight // Crunchyroll

Yeah, this is boring….. like super boring!! For something that seems like it would be at least entertaining and fun, it’s not even that. I don’t care about this bland MC along with his ‘kinda-but-not-really-in-that-way’ friend and the other three girls, who should’ve been the main focus, don’t really have much of a presence here. I mean, they are on the promo posters. But yeah, just skip this. (4/10).


BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS // Madhouse // Crunchyroll/Funimation

This show has been the most interesting to tune in this season although in its story structure, it felt like watching an OVA series rather than a regular TV series like how the chapter “Boogiepop and Others” has 3 episodes and “Boogiepop at Dawn” has 4 episodes and they released all those episodes the day after episode 9 aired. There’s also the case that this feels like a show released 10 years ago rather than present day, looking at the animation but I’ll say that Boogiepop and Others has been a pleasure to watch. I’d just rather do it in binging it in an OVA way instead of weekly. (7/10)

MAGICAL GIRL SPEC-OPS ASUKA // LIDEN Films // Crunchyroll/Funimation

I’m going to be honest….. this is actually decent. Yes, I noticed that it has some dark moments that happen but that’s in the context of the main character going through PTSD and the pure fact that being a magical girl isn’t all sugar and rainbows but what I really appreciate is that it doesn’t try to shove it in your face and revel in being dark and edgy. It’s not Magical Girl Site. I’m actually enjoying myself with this and damn, Kurumi really wants to get with Asuka. (7.5/10)

DOMESTIC GIRLFRIEND // diomedea // Crunchyroll/HiDIVE/Sentai Filmworks

So….this is another case of wanting to bone the girl of your dreams and then you had sex with another girl and they turned out to be your new stepsisters. Well, as trashy as this show (and this is trashy), I can’t look away. I nee–I wanted to see what the hell was going to happen here. It’s like if Scum’s Wish and Citrus clashed minus the yuri factor and everything about the former show and we get this one. I’ll probably say that don’t recommend this to people that are just getting into anime. (6.5/10)

KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR // A-1 Pictures // Aniplex of America

Wow, this show is amazingly stupid in its ways and hot damn, this is very hilarious. The antics of this two students trying to get the other to confess their love to each other may seem dumb and annoying if this was taken seriously, thankfully, I think it’s aware of how dumb that shit is. Plus, Chika is best and amazing girl. I’d say that this was another unexpected show that I end up liking than before but at this point, I sound like a broken record. (8.5/10)

MOB PSYCHO 100 S2 // Bones // Crunchyroll

Well, you know that everyone is gushing how great this show is and everything has elevated more during this season from Mob still wanting to be the best he can be, the antics around Reigen, the spirits, if Mob will reach dat ‘undred again and…. well, I know if you love the first season, you will definitely love this season and if you’re like me and you like and respect the show but isn’t that much of an uber-fan of it, it’s still enjoyable to watch. If only they got that simuldub up……seriously, Crunchyroll, since you and Adult Swim are tight now, that better means in the long haul, it’s going on there. (8.5/10)



Now…… on the last one and this one is a fucking stinker.

HAND SHAKERS 2 // GoHands // HiDive/Crunchyroll/Sentai Filmworks

Yeah, I know this show is called W’z but the shit should’ve been called L’z and no, I don’t mean it being pronounced as ‘Liz’. I mean L’s as in this show is nothing but one big L for GoHands…. then again, I realized GoHands’ animation got dated upon re-watching season 2 of K for the review. I don’t even give a shit about the DJ angle anymore halfway because it did the same shit the first season did. Do some fighting shit that I don’t care about with characters I don’t care about in this wonky-ass animation that’s ugly as sin and I wonder if Funimation thought about licensing it and said, “You know what? Pass it to Sentai. Tell them it’s about a House DJ.” This show sucks and lie to me about having something to do with a genre of music I’m very fond of. (2/10)



  1. The Promised Neverland
  2. My Roommate is A Cat
  3. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War
  4. Mob Psycho 100
  5. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
  6. Boogiepop and Others
  7. The Quintessential Quintuplets
  8. Mysteria Friends
  9. Domestic Girlfriend
  10. Real Girl 2nd Season
  11. The Price of Smiles
  12. Girly Air Force
  13. Pastel Memories
  14. W’z


So….. usually since 2016, I’ve been pumped for Spring anime because they actually had not only variety but a good amount of variety anime to pick upon but this year….. I don’t know. Look, guys, I’m not into Fruits Basket and while I’m happy it brought so much joy to the anime community, especially to VAs that genuinely love the show, I don’t have much interest. Same can be said for Bungo Stray Dogs Season 3 and I’m not even going to bring up that Ikuhara show given that I don’t think highly of him as many others do.

So what’s left?

One Punch Man S2 but after that trailer, I’m keeping my expectations low as fuck. I’d be psych for Carole and Tuesday given that Shinichiro Watanabe is involved but it’s on that +Ultra lineup and those air on Netflix, meaning I have to wait a while for that.

Attack on Titan, Season 3, Part 2….. yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, there are shows I’ll check out of curiosity like Demon Slayer, fairy gone and maybe Robihachi but it’s slim right now compared to last year.

However…. there is one bright spot coming April…..

YES!!! Trap Game- The Dangerous World, the next story from yours truly will premiere April 6th. It will be my first try at writing an isekai story and remember this is coming from the Mind of the Hybrid One. So, know what to expect from me if you read any fiction from me.

I will keep you updated on what’s going on at the writing front of this. I’m currently writing episode 8 as of this writing.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and please…. no more anime drama next season…..Aw, who the fuck am I kidding?

and to make up for not putting a music video for Fall of last year’s ToTS:

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