WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 119/120: Episode 130 & 131 – SHMORBY/Snake BABIES

Hey, it’s the last episode of the month. That means that I must be d—

*checks Wiki and the WBB wiki site*

Or not. There’s actually 4 more coming in April Fools…..unless that listing is an April Fool but we’ll wait and see. I’ll just keep a good eye out and not fuck up like last time.

So, this another double episode and….. Hey, it’s SHMORBY!! Remember him from that episode, Googs?

I wonder in the future they’ll make an episode about Googs making a gaming console that’s always online and could eat up your data and not have a great connection if you’re out in a rural area……but then again, the bears live in San Francisco or near Silicon Valley, so they should be good.

Anyway, SHMORBY!!!



The Bears get a Shmorby home assistant device and become lazy couch potatoes.

Wow, Grizz is lazy with his messy desktop layout. Get organized on that shit, dude.

Anyway, the bears are busy with something with Grizz doing that, Panda organizing his manga and Ice Bear in the kitchen, cooking Chinese New Year Dinner. (Also, apparently there’s a Friends rip-off called Pals that has twenty seasons…. reminder that Netflix paid $120 million to keep Friends on their service….. until they launch their own service down the line.)

But soon, Panda got a package and it is a Googs Orb or a Gorb…..in other words, if you own a Google Home or an Alexa, you know what they are. They sent them that after that VR fiasco but Ice Bear doesn’t trust Googs (although he is kinda right.)
They turn it on and behold, It’s SHMORBY!!! Home Edition! (Again, Ice Bear doesn’t trust Shmorby).

Apparently, this Orb can do a lot from cooking, organizing your desktop, organizing manga and I’m thinking Shmorby is trying to compete with Shonen Jump’s simulpub game. Soon, Shmorby is doing a lot of stuff from them from getting them drinks, sharping axes, preparing baths with your favorite anime to watch and it looks like Shmorby is getting to the breaking point of them bears are getting lazy as fuck!


OH GOD!!! THEY ROUND AND FAT AS FUCK!! Oh, and so lazy that their chairs move from them and they’re being very disrespectful to him, he’s just thought, ‘fuck it’ (Well, that’s what I would say) and go back into the orb. Oh, and also THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!! But they’re too fat to do shit. But they see a fire extinguisher and they proceed to do their stack or fat stack. They got to it in time and put out the fire.

Shmorby then appeared again to congratulate them for fending for themselves again but him and the other Shmorbies are now going to …… somewhere but it looks like everyone is out of a Googs Orb. Next up, the Googs Game Console.


And now Snake Babies…..


Charlie adopts baby snakes despite the Bears thinking he’s not ready for parenthood.

The Bears and Charlie are playing this game called Cornhole and Ice Bear is winning as usual but as Charlie got a turn, he threw it far and then he found some eggs, already taking up the responsibility of being a parent (or mom). As the eggs hatches…… they’re SNAKES!!!!!

Even one that’s basically a Panda Snake (or possibly a California Kingsnake.)

And cue Charlie and Snake montage!!! From feeding them like a bird, bathing and even slithering around. Although they can’t play with other woodland creatures.

However, Charlie seems very wiped out from taking care of the snakes. So he sleeps while the bears get milk for him…..but THEY’RE GONE NOW!!! The Bears and Charlie went to find and rescue the snakes before anything could happen.
They got them all back….. except Panda Jr. and he gets captured by an eagle and they eat snakes.

As the mother was about to drop Panda Jr. to feed to her kids, Charlie snatches him and tries to escape, even to do a baby powder smoke bomb…. they worked 50% of the time but two other snakes swooped in to save him along with the Bears but it turns out they’re the snake’s real parents. So they return to back to their rightful parents and Charlie learning a thing or two about parenthood.


As someone who does own a Google Home, it made me wish that it did the shit Shmorby did in this episode, but I also know that depending on him a lot would make me lazy as hell and I’m already a big guy. I don’t need to add more than usual. This is a fun episode and a return of knowing the world of Googs and making more Google jokes at this.

Snake Babies: Eh. Charlie taking care of snake babies…..OK, it got some heart to it with the usual Charlie-isms added to that. Yeah, that’s it.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and yes, I checked. They are 4 WBB episodes coming next week…..yeah, you’re getting 2 WBB posts next week.

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