WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 117/118: Episode 128 & 129 – FIRE/Ranger NORM

Back again and hey, this is something that hasn’t been done in a while…..

A double feature!!

Yes, today, we are looking into 2 new episodes of WBB today. Hint: You’ll need a fire extinguisher and maybe a pistol for one insane temp ranger.

First up, Fire!


Grizz’s quick thinking prevents a potential wildfire, but the praise he receives from doing so quickly goes to his head.

So the bears popped in this guy’s BBQ to get some food. They allow it and not run in fear of getting eaten and/or beaten by bears. While having a good time, the guy’s food gets caught on fire and a flaming burger lands on a bush, leading to start a fire.

Well, until Grizz just puts it out by throwing water on it. (Also, the firemen apparently sniff out flames… literally.) So, Grizz gets a honorably fire marshal badge.

“Wildfires can only be halted or stopped by a person or persons such as yourself!!”
Catchy, ain’t it? And as usual….. Grizz lets that power get into his head. He patrols and overreacts when he ruins people’s BBQ, birthday cake or even a Hawaiian fire ritual. Meanwhile, Panda and Ice Bear go to this restaurant where there is an aquarium wall (wink wink)….. and there comes Grizz to fuck things up for them!! Oh, and he caught the place on fire. The guilt he’s feeling, he went in there to save the fishes before they ended up being boiled alive.

And no, Panda and Ice Bear doesn’t help.

“Ice Bear, not Fire Bear” – I agree.

Grizz recovers and saves the day!!! Oh, and the firemen once again came too late and this time, they have congested noses.

And now, Ranger Norm:


When Ranger Tabes leaves for a conference, the Bears have to deal with her substitute, Ranger Norm.

The bears are on their way to visit Tabes with oranges but as they got there, her, Martinez and Kirk were heading their way out. They are headed to Ranger Con but she got a sub ranger heading their way. His name is Norm……and immediately the bears begged her to not go but she told them to call her (in a conch shell) if they need help.

On one hand, he does know how to defend himself from rabid possums…or is it opossums? And wow, the bears are being real dicks to him. Norm doesn’t seem that bad of a guy and so, they went to go and apologize to him….but then realized that he wanted to tear the forest down to make golf courses!!



It seems like they are doomed after the conch didn’t work for Grizz but at that last minute, Tabes comes back and not only her, she got the SQUAD with her!!! Mountain Ranger, Ocean Ranger, Outback Ranger and her kangaroo Joey and Canadian Ranger…. Mountie….. eh. But he has the self-destruct to blow himself and the forest up….but they got him before he can say “FORE!”

They caught him and turn him in to the Forest Police and all is well in the forest.


Fire!: Yeah, this seems like the episode of Grizz goes insane with power or delusion, as with prior episodes with Burrito. This one is pretty OK by my standards.
Ranger Norm: HEY, I really like this one a whole lot!!! Especially during that change with we think that maybe Norm would be a good dude but nope, turns out to be a dingle. Also, props to the whole Ranger Squad appearing near the end. Plus, good to see Tabes in an episode again.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and yeah, another double WBB is coming next week, too.

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