WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 116: Episode 127 – Baby ORPHAN Ninja BEARS

Baby Orphan Ninja Bears!
Baby Orphan Ninja Bears!
Baby Orphan Ninja Bears!


Little Bears in a Bearstack…… Bear power?

Well, you get the point of what’s going on this episode and need I explain more? Let’s get it on!


The Baby Bears venture into the sewers and meet a ninja-like martial arts master.


So our Baby Bears are in New York City (the Nineties mentioned there, of course) and they are being chased by a dog, running past a pizza parlor (DING!), past a taxi cab (DING!) until they headed their way into a sewer drain (DING!)

They escaped from the dog but they ran into another threat with these Goth-looking dudes with hockey masks, all black everything (even nails painted black), spiked dog-collars and boots and all that shit and they are called The Boot Crew (DING!).

“NO NORMIES ALLOWED!” Is this Anitwitter?

However, they got their asses saved by Zok–I mean, Jake– I mean, Master Cheddar (DING!!) and he has a mortal enemy/former friend Slice (DING!) and the bears recruited themselves to fight alongside Cheddar to become a ninja. So they don upon these different color bandannas (DING!!) and did a lot of ninja training, combat and even eating pizza.


The Boot Crew breaks in Cheddar’s place and expect TMNT-like action all over the place from the appearance of the bad guy to the goofy action and pizza and….anyway, the alligator got Slice in a bind but the bears and Cheddar stopped them but it looks like Master Cheddar is a goner and Grizz screams (DING!!) but Cheddar prevails as he got out of there alive.

Oh and Slice and Cheddar are brothers.

So they got them and the Crew to get along and the bears once again travel the never-ending road of finding a home.


FINAL VERDICT: A nice homage to the original TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) series/movies (well, the 90s one) and a pretty fun episode and good to see Dante Basco aka those names I’ve mentioned earlier on here. Also, sorry if I couldn’t find any clips to post on here. It looks like the CN Youtube doesn’t do it that much anymore nor I couldn’t find any other clips but yeah, I’m just going for screenshots of this via the CN video site.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I could go for some pizza and wings right about now.

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