BLUE HYBRID’s Top 10 2018-19 AS Singles…. So far

Another year, another time for talking about the AS Singles here…. at least during the midpoint of this.

Like last time…. my 2017-2018 Top AS Singles:

  1. Knxwledge f/ Traffic – “Relapse”
  2. Ghostemane x Clams Casino – “Kali Yuga”
  3. JuJu Exchange – “Asking”
  4. Lord RAJA – “Zoro”
  5. Dabrye f/ Ghostface Killah – “Emancipated”
  6. Sevadliza – “Mad Woman”
  7. Thundercast – “Final Fight”
  8. Future Islands – “Calliope”
  9. Flying Lotus – “Heroes Pt. 5”
  10. Deerhoof f/ Awkwafina – “Your Dystopic Creation Doesn’t Fear You”
  11. 319 (Oneohtrix Point Never & Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces) – “The Rapture”
  12. Your Old Droog – “You the Type”
  13. The Field – “Staircase”
  14. Kitty – “Reccord”
  15. IDK – “Baby Scale”

HONORABLE MENTIONS) Venetian Snares – “simple tasks became unthinkable he just stared into coiled ernie balls until he ended”; Colin Stetson – “The Rain-like Curses”; Low End Theory – “Broadway & Daly”; Dawn – “Waves”; Zaytoven f/Bankroll Fresh, Yung L.A. & Twista – “Pose To” & Bosco – “Mortal Kombat”


Once again, the Adult Swim Singles Program has made it a year-long of new music coming from them and I’ve to say that it’s been some few hit or misses from me and by that, I mean the (mostly non-metal) songs that I talked/contributed when covering them on Decibel Boost with Rob and/or Alex in our new song discussion. The other thing about it is that my list is more on pop, electronic and maybe some psychedelic/alternative sounds than hip-hop. There is some R&B fusion tracks of note but the hip-hop in the AS singles this year hasn’t hitting it for me as much…. then again, most of my favorite hip-hop AS tracks usually don’t hit until the latter part of the singles rotation, so there’s still hope for me.

First let’s get the HONORABLE MENTIONS out of the way……

[dreamer] – DAWN

Having now listened to a full DAWN album in 2019 and hearing much of her music prior to that, whether AS singles or not, this song does pack an emotional punch in its beautiful and in-awe inspiring production from the piano and synth work. Dawn Richard has always been an interesting artist to listen in these singles program and she continues to do that (oh, and her new album is pretty dope, too).


[adored] – Hatchie

Australian singer-songwriter/musician Hatchie definitely made something in what I have been enjoying in music lately: mostly 80s’ sounding pop in a modern way and this one was another one that caught my ear. It’s really that damn good of a track.


[glisten] – Youth Team

UK electronic band Youth Team on this track got some wonky weird sounds going in with the multiple bleeps and boops like a singing keyboard doing the work. It’s a fascinating electronic track through and through.



And now for the full countdown…….



[gravity] – Clams Casino & Plu2o Nash

Many of you at this point knows who Clams Casino is but who is Plu2o Nash (and yes, I’m aware he spells his name with a 2 in it. I sometimes mention 6lack in the podcast) but he’s a producer, mostly known for producing tracks for artists like A$AP Rocky and considering Clams does work with Rocky as well, the song does sound like something he would rap on. It’s very chill, laid-back and definitely something I see some weed-smokers getting high to. While it didn’t pack much of a punch like the Clams track from last year with Ghostemane, I’m definitely for this track.



[popo] – Nídia

I admit that hearing this at first does point me at the “WTF is this weird shit?” vibe, but then you notice that I’m all in for the weird shit in music and more listens got me into this track from Portuguese producer Nidia. The middle eastern vibes, the flutes, the claps and hi-hats made this into a weird jam to vibe to.



[trance parent] – Ouri

Oh, look, an artist from one of my favorite record companies Ghostly International and hey, no surprise, this track is pretty good. The mix of creepy flutes, major percussion and harmonizing vocals is very effective. Oh, and stay tuned for another Ghostly alum on this list. This track, tho, is dope.



[sinistrail sentinel] – Autechre

So going into this Autechre track, I’m reminded of a few things on here: I’m reminded of that one Venetian Snares track from last year due to some of the noise effects and something you would hear in something Blade Runner related. Hell, whenever that new Blade Runner anime comes to Adult Swim, they could use that in a promo or something. Either way, Autechre cooked up something with that action sci-fi drive.


[them is us] – Rival Consoles

We have another UK electronic musician in the form of Rival Consoles aka Ryan Lee West and the melodic vibe throughout the track with a great mix of synths, acoustic elements with some shoegaze seasoning to it.


[electric] – IDK f/ Q Da Fool

You knew this track was going to be on here in one way or another and IDK continues to shine especially with these bars:

Don’t make me go off (Right)
I’m such a show-off (Yeah)
See Q he got them thangs in the both arms (Right)
Like its a roll-on (Uh-huh)
My bitch look like her name is Mulan
But I have to move on
Your favorite rapper deal look like he got it off of Groupon (sheesh)

And the second verse from Q Da Fool is not too shabby. Oh, and BTW, this is the only top hip-hop track I rated highly on here. Yeah, some hip-hop tracks on this year’s list I haven’t been that high on but like I said, usually those appear in the latter half, so let’s play the waiting game on that.



[kontex] – Com Truise

A Ghostly International favorite of mine returns in the singles program this year and after I was very mid on his last album but did have a great song on that Fever Dreams compliation, I didn’t have much high expectations but this sound…. this particular sound that got me into Com Truise in the first place…. it’s very high synthy, well-tempoed like it was a sci-fi tech movie, it’s…. everything I love about Com Truise and electronic music overall.


[simple] – Jay Som

No, Jay Som is not the name of a SoundCloud rapper but a Oakland-bred but LA-based band and she carved out a chilled laid-back indie/alternative sound that’s gives out a relaxed vibe about it and this one just sticks to me all the way. *adds Jay Som to list of artists I’ll eventually check out…. my very long-ass list*



[star shroud] – Sound of Ceres

The instant I hear this song with its eerie, haunting sound as it plays and the vocals added to it made it very dreamy in a weird, freaky kind of way, the song was destined to be a top favorite of mine from the moment it debuts and upon re-listens.


and finally….


[natural skin deep] – Neneh Cherry

I forgot that Neneh Cherry released an album last year and this single was on there as well. I probably should’ve listened to it because this was indeed a fucking jam. This is like a mix of futuristic R&B with some jazzy vibes and funky elements and most def a song that will get you in the mood based off the lyrics of this.

Oh and there was recently a music video for said song.

But, yes, “Natural Skin Deep” by Neneh Cherry is my favorite 2018-19 AS Single….. so far. We have about half a year to go and like I’ve been saying, anything can happen. As always, stay tuned for DECIBEL BOOST for our thoughts into further AS singles remaining from this year.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I wish they fix that damn player on their site! 

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