WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 115: Episode 126 – BUBBLE

So yeah, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter (although you should because I’m that cool of a g– OK, I don’t post much but when I do, it’s good shit!), I announced that I’m going to post WB[cap]B a day after it airs instead of minutes after the episode airs.

Mainly, because I do found it to be conflicting with other priorities (that being that on Mondays, I along with Rob and Alex record Decibel Boost around that time). Oh and since my ass thought the show was on hiatus after last week…. yeah, I was wrong. We have another episode for us…..and well, once again, at least I have some content for March aside from the usual ToTS wrap-up (coming soon!)

But yeah, this week’s episode….. GERMS!!! And it’s a Panda episode so expect craziness from him.



Panda becomes a germophobe and decides to live the rest of his life in a bubble.

“AH! Movie Mountain” It’s funny because it’s like the Paramount Pictures logo..

The Bears were in the movie theaters watching a sci-fi horror movie about germs and they’re taking over the world. That drove Panda insanely scared of them and got him cleaning everything around him and….. yeah, he’s full germaphobe now.

Next day, Panda is now in a bubble. Like that classic Jake Gyllenhaal movie, but with a bear.

Panda is pretty much satisfied in the bubble until they meet up with Charlie and like Charlie fashion, he was curious to see what it is but Panda is not having it with him today. He wants Charlie to leave him alone but as he backs away from him, he forgot the one flaw about being in a bubble…..hills are not your friend.

His ass rolls all around the forest and he lands into a…. sewage toxic waste dump. The most germ-filled and nasty place that he definitely don’t want to be in (especially after seeing a mutant frog-mouse). So, Charlie comes in to the rescue and he’s about to diiiiiiive in!!!
No, really, he dives in the sewage but he’s sinking and he’s in trouble. Hell, he’s using his tongue to help swim there and he bites on the board to keep him from drowning. But he seems like Charlie is done for since Panda is still in the bubble.

But, wait….


And they both stank. Not stink, STANK!!! Also, Charlie got that SOUL GLOW! (OK, he doesn’t have a Jheri Curl but he got blonde hair).


FINAL VERDICT: Well, an episode about germophobia does seem like it was bound to happen anyway, particularly to someone like Panda and it’s what you expect from any episode like this: he’s afraid of germs, he’s in a bubble, friend in trouble but he eventually breaks out of there. You can tell by my writing that I’m not all that enthused but I’m not pissed off. It’s still very consistent but not anything to laud about.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and y’all need to wash Charlie again.

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