WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 114: Episode 125 – The GYM

Another day, another d– OK, not dollar but it’s a new episode of We Bare Bears on today and it’s about THE GYM!

Wait, why you running away?
Why am I running away while typing this recap? (*The writer is not running away as he’s typing this thing)

Yep, the bears are gonna get a good workout today.



The Bears go to the gym and get quite the work out.

The bears encountered a free couch out for pick-up and if they can pick it up, it’s free-99!! But they can’t pick it up for shit. However, this guy that just came by picks it up easily and it’s all thanks to the Physique Mystique Gym. The bears decide to join them.

They have things like rock climbing, mood cycling, tai chi and they are being observed by the gym guy and with Grizz, it’s not doing so hot. Panda and Ice Bear seems like they are excelling well in their areas…..for a minute (for Panda) until the level in the VR glasses increases as well as the danger.

In Tai chi, Ice Bear doesn’t want to hurt the old lady but he underestimated the power of old people doing a marital art. Back to Grizz, he competes with the little kid and the kid is basically kicking his ass. Panda’s cycling level increases more and he wants to stop and apparently there’s greaser zombies!!

Ice Bear is outnumbered and climbing the extreme rock mountain, Grizz and the kid are in danger and soon Panda and Ice Bear collide into them and they were cycling up the air until Panda loses the VR glasses and they all fall down to their de– on the couch!!

They passed their evaluation but they need a rest.

FINAL VERDICT: The usual play of shenanigans in this episode and well…. yeah, that’s all I got to say about this. Yeah, Ice Bear with old ladies doing Tai chi is pretty cool and all but that’s it.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’ll be on couch during another WBB hiatus.

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