WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 113: Episode 124 – RAMEN

The weeb-ness continues!!! As this episode is about RAMEN!!

As in authentic Japanese Ramen, not Top Ramen aka what you buy when you’re at college and you’re broke as shit and in debt and struggling to find a decent meal that’s not swimming in broth and what might be just wax or some shit….

Anyway, ramen. Oh, and it’s a Baby Bears episode, so let’s get this on the stove!


The Baby Bears help a struggling ramen chef perfect her ramen and save her shop.


The Baby Bears are in JAPAN!!! (See, told you, getting weebish in this bitch!)

They run around the area with their feet hurting and they run into this little shop. They met a worker there named Kasumi and she is serving up some ramen and…. the ramen is… yeah, it’s NOT GOOD. *explosion*

Also, the customer that tasted the ramen and it turned out to be her father and if she doesn’t make good ramen at the end of the week, the restaurant is shut down. Her father is a world-renowned chef and is known for making some damn good ramen. And as usual, the bears help her out with the ramen, along with Ice Bear telling her that she can do it.

*cue montage of them buying the stuff for ramen and making it*

Yeah, the scene writes itself.

However, as Ice Bear trips himself trying to get some seaweed, Kazumi rescues him but the broth is spilled and panic mode happens!!! And so, she has an idea!! She decides to make it with a melon bowl and make it like a fruit ramen bowl that’s easy and breezy cool for the summer. The father finishes the bowl and he leaves…. without saying anything… again.

Kazumi looks like she’s crying and the bears gets upset but she’s crying in happiness as the dad never finishes a bowl prior to this. IT WAS A SUCCESS!!

FINAL VERDICT: OK, you really notice that some of the Baby Bears episodes do get monotonous, right? They visit to a place, meet someone, sees that they are in a quandary, helps them out, maybe fight the opposition and succeed following continuing their journey. Yeah, that’s been going on in these episodes a while and I get why they keep happening. It’s to see what makes them…. well, them and despite me liking this episode (Yes, I like the episode here. Like the character Kasumi as well, she’s cute.), I do wish they change up the format or at least do something different with the Baby Bears. Maybe more Baby Bears solo episodes or leading them of how they met.

Just sayin’

Still like it but we do need a change of pace.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I would try that fruit ramen. That do look good, tho.

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