Anime Discovery 2019: TADA Never Falls in LOVE – #204

Last year in anime, I have discovered a lot of good to great romance anime or anime that had romantic elements that were done very well and most of it ended up on my Best of or Honorable Mentions list one way or another. True, they were some bad eggs in as well (*coughRealGirlcough*) but the good outweighs the bad in this case and this is a show that barely made it on my list (it was #21 on my list)!

Anyway, TADA NEVER FALLS IN LOVE!! It’s almost been a year since this debuted streaming and since Valentine’s Day is near, this is the perfect time to revisit this show.

Love has never really been a concern for Mitsuyoshi Tada, and as the aspiring photographer enters his second year of high school, it truthfully couldn’t be further from his mind. However, things just might change after he meets a bright and bubbly foreigner named Teresa Wagner while he was taking pictures of a cherry blossom tree. Nevertheless, after she asks him to photograph her, the two soon separate… only to meet each other again twice more that same day! Finding Teresa just as she is caught in a sudden downpour, Tada invites her to his family’s coffee shop to dry off. There, she explains that she was separated from her traveling companion, a no-nonsense redhead named Alexandra ”Alec” Magritte. When Alec reunites with Teresa shortly after, they say their goodbyes, expecting to part ways for good—but the two unexpectedly show up as transfer students in his class the next day.

There’s much to say about this show and the first thing about it that it is so damn charming and pleasant and that’s solely on its characters. Take the lead character, Tada, who is very closed-off because of a family tragedy when he was younger, and the thing with him is while he’s closed-off, he’s thoughtful, a diligent hard-worker, not much of a talker…. he’s actually very relatable in some areas. Yes, he’s not exactly a spaz or over-the-top with himself but he is quite a character that’s still interesting to follow.

And there’s Teresa, hailing from Larsenburg (aka she’s the princess) and she’s just a delight to see on-screen. When she first appeared on screen admiring the sights of Japan, just at awe and doesn’t make an ass out of herself (aka she didn’t pull a Logan Paul) and the two of them meet…. She invites him to do a lot of stuff, they connect and since I mentioned that Tada is introverted, Teresa is very extroverted, bubbly, a very big fan of Rainbow Shogun(!!), happy-go-lucky and yeah, you know the whole opposite attract as you see their progression starting off as friends and of course, we get into the other friends like Kaoru, who at first was merely the jokester of that group of friends and seems like he would get on your nerves but he does have heart within himself. There’s also Alec, Teresa’s friend/bodyguard/assistant and you think that she’s just some typical tsundere girl and no….. she’s actually likable and to be fair, when she’s at odds with Kaoru, he kinda had it coming.

There is a lot of other characters that do get showcased like Hajime, the President of the Photography Club who has this crush on a gravure idol; Hinako, the Class President; Kentaro, a first year student whose nickname is Yamashita Dog & Yui; Tada’s sister who has a crush on Yamashita. Two other big characters in here are Charles de Loire, the romantic rival of the show as him and Teresa was arranged to marry him for them to be King and Queen and thankfully, he’s not characterized as some fucking jerk; he’s actually quite chivalrous and upstanding and of course, the MVP of the entire show…… NYANKO BIG aka the Tada’s pet cat that always pounces on Kaoru because he don’t like him all that much.


Now, I haven’t gone off about the story yet because while it’s the boy meets girl, then meets friends and discovered she is a princess somewhere and has to get married to her childhood friend and…. OK, maybe this does sound familiar but nothing that gets run to the ground or at least I don’t see most of them but I was cool with what was going on with the show and that the execution worked out fine.

Animation and art-work, I admit that I’m very unfamiliar with Doga Kobo, the studio responsible for other shows like Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun New Game (! and !!) and they have some pretty artwork and great character designs, particularly the one for Teresa. Animation overall was pretty good. I mean, it has its comical moments with Nyanko Big going at Kaoru a lot and the photography of it was gorgeous.

The music in here has some jaunty and delightful sounds, stuff that does fit the motif of the series as well as the opening [“Otomodachi Film” by Masayoshi Ooishi] and ending [“Love Song” by Teresa Wagner (CV: Manaka Iwami)] songs of the show.  As for the English dub, the performances were very solid and there were some standouts in the show like Jovan Jackson playing the inner voice of Nyanko Big and yes, I love that it’s the soul of a black man (Nyanko Big is a brother, alright? Cool.) and of course, the main one being Sarah Wiedenheft as Teresa and yes, she puts on an accent here and it doesn’t feel out of place.

FINAL VERDICT: I get that Tada Never Falls in Love may seem like something that’s not wholly original but it’s a charming, romantic and funny show that has a lot of heart shown in its characters, story and overall presentation. A show that’s perfect to watch with your significant other, especially with it being close to Valentine’s Day and all.




TADA NEVER FALLS IN LOVE is available to stream on HiDive (well, if you have VRV, you have HiDive now) in both sub and dub format. A home video release has not been made at the time of this review.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and always make your heart…. RAINBOW!!!!



One thought on “Anime Discovery 2019: TADA Never Falls in LOVE – #204

  1. I agree, the whole Princess on a holiday falling in love thing has been done many times but this one was just sweet and fun to watch. There are some great moments, the support cast are lovely, and I really like the main couple. All and all, this one was well worth watching.

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