WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 111: Episode 122 – The MALL

HEY! I’m actually on time for this episode today and no, I didn’t catch it early because it wasn’t on the app then.

But hey, another new We Bare Bears and it’s….. got a few returning characters from previous episodes that you get the theme or at least the gist of the episode.


The Bears go the mall and encounter their human counterparts.

Yes, you remember the human counterparts of the bears: Tom (Panda), Griff (Grizz) and Isaac (Ice Bear)? Well, each of them run into each other at the mall. Grizz encounters Griff while playing a video game at the arcade and Griff works at the mall as a mall cop and Grizz thinks it would be exciting for him to see what it’s like being a mall cop. (Well, it’s not all stylish action but at least it’s not Paul Blart: Mall Cop or that Seth Rogen mall cop movie most forgotten about.)

As for Panda, he runs into Tom as they are in line for autographs for the singer Estellar (aka Estelle aka Garnet aka you knew that from the start as the name dropped) but they got booted out of line by some rude fans and they were acting like assholes about it, causing Panda to spill his drink on his shirt, making one of the rude guys mad and chasing them.

Ice Bear enters a skating competition and his sole competitor is Isaac. Of course, the two duel it out on the rink and has great results following it.

It all comes to a climax Griff got the call of a Code Red and that is the guys chasing Tom and Panda. They got to the other guys in time but the main jerk got Tom hostage and will spill his drink on his shirt, ruining it as his got ruined.

Yes, yes they did.

Panda then jumped in front of the guy and the drink spilled on him and cue over dramatic reaction like he got shot and falls (yes, he falls) and luckily, Ice Bear and Isaac got to him in time and caught them performing one last trick (although Isaac thought he was Tom) but they ended up winning the competition. Yeah, both of them and Estellar presented them their medals and gave Tom and Panda VIP Estellar T-Shirts.


FINAL VERDICT: OK, that wasn’t too shabby. Something with the bears interacting with their human counterparts is good to explore every now and then and see how they have their parallels with some differences to them. And yes, the Estelle cameo was nice, too.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I know if my T-shirt got messy, I wouldn’t fall down like that.

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