WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 110: Episode 121 – IMAGINARY Friend

*sees episode is up early before the TV premiere*

Hmmm…. I should watch that sometime and maybe review it early.

*it’s the day and time the episode aired*

OOH, FUCK!!! I forgot about the episode!!!

Image result for imaginary friend we bare bears

So in case you didn’t catch that, yes, the episode was online via the CN app but my ass forgot to actually watch the episode and it looks like there’s more coming during February, so at least I don’t have to worry about content for that month.


So….. Power Rangers huh?

No, really? It’s basically Power Rangers. They even got one of them to guest voice in there and no, it’s not Johnny Yong Bosch in case you anime fans ask. It’s Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver (that’s all I know from that. You fill in the blank from there.) and we should get on with the recap!


After watching Ultra Meteorite Fighters, the Baby Bears decide to play pretend only for them to realize that they need a fourth member. They opt to create an imaginary friend named Silver Bear (Jason David Frank), but his heroic persona ends up causing trouble for the Baby Bears whose imagination suddenly gets out of hand.

The baby bears are back again and they are watching some Power Rangers rip-off (hint!) called the Ultra Meteorite Fighters. Oh, and they’re homeless again.

Hell, they’re watching it from some guy’s mini TV.

They were hyped up during that so much, they want to be like the UMFs but they need one more person to make up a team and they use the power of IMAGINATION. No, really, they imagine their 4th person and it’s in the form of Silver Bear and together as they form into Voltro– WRONG SHOW, ME!!

They stopped a volcano…. but most likely a sprinkler.
And a giant tortoise….but it’s actually someone’s car and they threw rocks and broke the windows.

But they stopped a monster from devouring an innocent…. but they were bullying a kid and made him drop his ice cream.

Yeah, Silver Bear is a dick but so are they for that shit.

Image result for imaginary friend we bare bears

There is another monster…….but it’s actually a baby. A DAMN BABY!!! YOU ALMOST ATTACK A DAMN BABY!!!

However, they did talk with Silver Bear and decide to cut him from the team and he accepted it…. Actually, no, he said fuck you all and you turning against me, I’m beating you. (OK, not really, but he wasn’t having it!) He is now Blackstone (which sounds like an old R&B group in the 90s… either that or Brownstone) and you will feel his wrath.

So they must fight fire with fire!!! Or basically imagination with imagination and they kick his ass!! But then he turns into a bigger, mega Blackstone and it looks like they’re doomed. Oh, wait, Panda got something up his sleeve and it’s the Ultra Meteorite Animal Bots!!! And soon, he’s defeated!!! AGAIN!

Related image

VERDICT: This was a very fun episode. A lot of references toward Power Rangers (obviously) and a little bit of Voltron and a bunch of other Super Sentai stuff that you’ll more familiar with than I am right now. Pretty fun episode in the end.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and good thing they didn’t emulate something like 80s anime OVAs. You’ve seen Mad Bull 34!!

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