WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain strong language and strong sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.



Or at least close to 4:30AM.

The alarm to the person’s cellphone went off and immediately dismiss it.
“Another damn day of work.” he said and sighed as he put on his work clothes, his shoes and brush his hair and teeth.

He went to the kitchen to find some quick breakfast to eat.
“Ant? Antonio?” Someone called his name and it was…. his mother.
“You got work today?” she asked him.
“Yup.” he said, “And I get paid today as well. You need the 100 in cash or put it in your account?”
“Yeah.” she said. “You going somewhere after work?”
“I don’t know yet.” he said.
“Well, your sister is coming today since the funeral for Uncle Isley is in a couple of days. You manage to get a day off that day, didn’t you?”
“I told them.” he said, “They all know.”
“All right, all right…..” she said. She was going back to bed but not before she talked about one more thing.

“Oh…. you visiting your little girlfriend today?” she said.
Antonio got a little freaked out by that.
“Huh? Why?”
“Well, you always go to her place every day of the week.” she said, “I figure it’s becoming an everyday thing for you.”
He didn’t want to share that info but he went on saying, “I might go, depending on my mood after work.”
“But isn’t that odd, tho?” she said, “You know her for so many years and now you’re dating her? You’re always having these on-and-off relationships and I’m just worried about you and how it might affect you and her in the future.”
“Look, we’re not looking for something long term.” Antonio said, “We like to have fun and be with each other in a blue while.”
“I don’t know about that. Look, you may seem like both of you like that but remember if you want something long-term, both of you got to commit.” she said before going back to her room. “All right, I’m going back to bed, have a good day at work, son.”


Around 5:40, he got into his car and is getting ready to leave, but not before he warms his car as it was a cold morning, around 30 degrees or lower.
He puts on some music to get him more awake than usual.
As the car got warm, he backs up and drove on to work.

That’s me…. I’m Antonio Sanders. Your average young adult millennial living with his parent and getting used to the life.

I just wish something different that benefit me would come soon.


11:30, November 28th, Close to finishing work

Antonio is just finishing his last few duties before clocking out and he immediately make sure every little thing was done.
“Big Tonio!!” Derrick, a co-worker of his, said. “Damn, you got all that shit done earlier than usual. Told you, man, whenever we team up, we get shit done!!!”
They work at this local grocery store called Green Ray’s and what Antonio does is maintenance and warehouse work.

“Yeah….” he said, “I’m just glad I didn’t have to do much today.” He said stacking up the boxes of crackers.
“Man, you got this shit handled just… *snap*… like that.” Derrick said. “You practically the hardest worker in this store!”
“Oh, I know it.” As he sounds tired. “As long as the pay is good, I’m alright.”
“Ay, you off tomorrow?” Derrick asked.
“Yeah, I got this funeral to go to. It’s my uncle Isley.” he said.
“Damn, sorry to hear about that.” he said.
“Oh, I’m good.” Antonio said, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t know him that much. I know he mostly ex-communicated himself from the rest of the family for some reason.”
“Oh, that bad, huh?” Derrick said.
“I didn’t go into it that much.” Antonio said, “But yeah, it’s all bad from there.”

However, as Antonio clocks out of work, he went into his head for thoughts.


You know, thinking about how I really don’t know much about Uncle Isley but yet, I can feel the same way about him about not wanting anything to do with the family. I’m 25 years old and I’m still living with my moms. Now, I know my brother and sister are out on their own but they’re still asking Mom for money. Hell, they ask me for money a lot.

I just can’t stand the hypocrisy.

They get on about me with doing more for Mom or help her out with bills and how I don’t take care of myself and all that shit and yet they’re the reason why I do more for her. Granted, for where I’m at, I’m actually comfy with my situation although I don’t always love it but appreciate it. It’s just that…. in some of their lecturing and preaching that I get sick of…… what if they’re right? What if I can’t handle everything?

Actually, I’m putting a pause to that. I need to go somewhere to relax my mind.


12:18, November 28th, That special friend’s apartment

“Hey…. I didn’t expect you to come here.” a woman said at her apartment, “I thought you would be tired after a hard day’s work.”
“Well….I didn’t want to work too hard.” Antonio said, “I mean, I always got time to see my favorite lady.”
“You mean one of them?” she giggled and then she kissed him deep on the lips.

“Oh…..Julis……” Antonio moaned and he caress her curvy body.
“Oh, Anton……  I’m glad you came today.” Julis said, inviting him in and closing the door as both started to make out with each other. “I need to take my mind of my ex and his bullshit lately.”

They continued making out as they get to the bedroom where Antonio took off Julis’ top and pants, in view of her in her black bra and panties.
“That fool did some shit again?” he asked.
“Yeah…… but let’s not talk about him.” Julis said, “We can just do this….” She leaned on to him, got his clothes off and the two continued on to have sex.
“Yeah, this is better.” Antonio said.


For those wondering who is she, that’s Julis Izumi. Julis is someone whose friendship is very near and dear to me. Then again, you just noticed me kissing and feeling her up, so you assume she’s my girlfriend.

Well, it’s like that but it’s complicated to explain. Oh, and she used to be my babysitter.

Before you wonder WTF, she’s 31. Yes, she’s 6 years older than me. When I was 8, my parents used to get her to babysit me and my siblings a lot. To me during those times, she was the kindest, sweetest, caring, and loving babysitter we had and you can say I immediately took a liking of her. Every time she comes over, I have the biggest smile ever and she knows it.

Over the years as puberty begun with me, I have looked Julis in a different light….it begin one night when I was 12 as I was going to bed but I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I have come out of there and then right before I know it, I walked into Julis in the hallway…. while she only had on panties and she’s holding her bra meaning her tits are fully exposed. My face turn red. Her face turned red and I ran the hell out of there before I got scolded.

Although in the present day, I’m currently licking and sucking on those tits as of now.

“Oh, baby…. Anton……” Julis moaned as she’s receiving oral sex from him. “That feels so good. Don’t stop!!!”
He kept licking her there and she kept spazzing and moaning in pleasure.
Her moaning got louder and louder that some might hear her.
“Damn, Jules, I think you’re getting a bit loud.” Antonio said.
“Who cares?” Julis said, “I’m enjoying our time together and I think it’s time I give you some pleasure.”

She’s always giving. Even in sex. If I lick her pussy, she’ll give me a titjob and I always want to please her as much as she pleases me.

He’s panting and moaning of Julis performing paizuri on him and he looks like he’s ready to shoot his load on her.
“Anton, you’re gonna cum?”
He gave one final moan before he shoots it all over her body.
“Oh, Anton.” Julis said with a satisfying smile on her face and they kiss once again.


The two are resting as both are in each other’s arms.
“So, you got that funeral to go to tomorrow?” she asked.
“Yeah.” Antonio said, “I hope it doesn’t turn into one of those black funerals where everybody is getting way melodramatic and screaming ‘Oh Lord’ and some shit like that. I get being sad but damn.”
“Maybe some folks feel that way.” Julis said.
“Not for my uncle.” Antonio said, “He’s more of a recluse. The last time he talked to us is when he had the gout and the doctor ordered him to call us to help him.”
“You don’t see a problem with that?” Julis asked, “Him being all alone…. by himself?”
“He probably values his privacy more. I get that in life.” Antonio said, “I barely get any.”
“Uh…. we spent two hours making love with no interruption.” Julis said, “Anton, I know you had this huge crush on me for a long time now and while back then, it was too awkward to do but now that we’re adults, I want something more out of us. I mean, it can’t just be us and sex every few months or so….”

Then there comes a knock on the door.
“YO!! JULES!! You home!? And Anton, too, I guess?” That was another girl at the door.
“You expecting Anais?” Anton asked.
“No.” Julis said.
“HEY…… Are two of you fucking right now?” Both looked annoyed at that remark. They got dressed and opened the door.

“Real subtle to ask us that in public, Anais.” Antonio said.
“We’re pretty safe right now, Tonio.” she said, “Besides her ex won’t be here for another 15 minutes so you’re clear.”

The woman that just came in is Anais Brighton. Julis and I are good friends with her…. very good friends with her. Yeah, when Jules mentioned she’s one of my favorite ladies, Anais is the other one. She’s actually the leader of a crew called the Yamamoto Fog. They’re a bike crew that watches everything in the streets…. and I mean everything. I admit this that at first me and Anais couldn’t stand each other but as time went by, we actually became good friends as we shared some bonds with each other.

“You could’ve text me that you would coming.” Julis said.
“I did.” Anais said, “Again, I’m betting you two were getting it on as it happens.” She kisses them both on the lips.
“Hold up, wait…. Jun’s coming?” Julis said.
“Yeah, a few of my girls saw him heading his way after he dropped off a girl back at her house.” Anais said.
“I guess he’s here to pick up Kristina for their daddy-daughter weekend.” Julis said. “I forgot about that. I guess with you going to that funeral and her away, I’m all to my lonesome.”
“What about Anais?” Antonio said.
“I’m doing what I always do. Look around the streets with my crew but Julis is welcome to join us in case she gets bored.” Anais said, “Even though we tend to get rowdy and drunk there.”
“That’s everyday with y’all.” Julis said.

Then the carpool van dropped by here with a bunch of kids and one girl was getting off there.
“MOMMY!! MOM! I’m home!”
And that was Kristina.

You see that adorable 6-year-old girl there? That is Kristina Izumi. Julis’ daughter.

Yeah, you heard what I said.
Julis is a mom. No, she’s not my kid but I wouldn’t mind having a daughter with her.  I’m more of a godparent. Well, me and Anais are godparents to her. Julis has been a great babysitter in the past, I know she would make a great mother and she is. However, she has been struggling trying to make ends meet for some time now due to having to pay off student loans and while she excelled at things like art and nursery there, the job she got as a nurse wasn’t exactly all making money moves and art….you heard that thing about starving artists. 

“HEY! Welcome home, baby!” Julis said, hugging her.
“Hey, Little Kris!” Antonio said.
“Krissy Baby!” Anais said.
“Oh, hey, Anais and Anton!” Kristina said, “You guys hanging with Mommy today?”

“Yeah, we had some things to do with her.” Anton said, “It was the usual things with her.”
“Hopefully not too usual.” Another voice popped up and it was Jun.
“DADDY!” Kristina shouted.
“Hey, my little strawberry!” he said, “You had a good day at school today?”
“Hmm-mmm.” she said, “We did some drawings in class today. I draw pictures of you and there’s Mommy.” She shows her crayon drawings of them both. “Oh, and I made some with Anais and Antonio.”
“OH yeah….” Jun said, “I see you two are here again. You two love keeping Julis company, don’t you?”
“Yup!” Antonio said with a stilted expression.
“We can’t get enough of this little lady here.” Anais said with the same expression.

“Hey Jun…” Julis said, “What you doing here today? It’s not Saturday yet.”

The guy you just noticed is Jun Mishiwata. He is the father of Kristina and Julis’ ex. Oh, and remember when I said that Anais and I got some bonds with each other? One of them is hating the fuck out of this guy. We can’t stand this fucker. Not only is he a slimy asshole but one that really abusive to Jules. When they were together, he always tries to hook up with other girls and often fucks them and he expects her to look the other way.

And around that time, he always gets aggravated whenever me, Julis and Anais hang out together. He thinks that we’re trying to turn her against him and he knows that she used to babysit me and…. well, he’s not wrong, but he doesn’t know that Anais and I have enjoyed pleasing her, fucking her, loving her every other day and giving her all the love and care that he fails at.

“Well, it’s daddy/daughter weekend!” Jun said, “You get to hang with me all weekend long, baby girl!”
Kristina giggles with joy.
“Wait, isn’t it Wednesday?” Julis said.
“Mommy, you forgot?” Kristina said, “We have no school tomorrow!!”
“Yeah, turned out the school had some issues with their heater and they didn’t want the kids to get hypothermia.” Jun said.
“Oh….” Julis said, “I was wondering why she needed extra jackets.”

“We’re going to have some fun, aren’t we, Daddy?” Kristina said.
“Oh, believe it, baby!” He said, “We’re going to have a good time coming up.”

“I hope you guys have fun!” Julis said, with a smile on her face.
“Oh, we will.” Jun said, “I’ll call you over the weekend.”

And yet we can’t just attack the fuck out of him. He’s the father of Kristina and I don’t want to risk putting her in the crossfire. She’s too precious to be involved in this shit nor do we want to cause trouble for Julis.

We’ll show restraint…. for now.


“Julis…. how long we got to endure that fool?” Anais said as soon as Jun left.
“Guys, I know you two aren’t very fond of Jun and I’m not but I don’t want him to try and harm you too.” Julis said, “You guys are very precious to me.”
“Jules, you know we got love for you always.” Antonio said, “And I’ve been showing restraint on not beating that fool a lot. He always got that look on his face like he knows that he doesn’t like him and we want to get rid of him.”

“Anton, Anais…. let me worry about him. You two just have a good weekend. Well, Anais will and you’re going to a funeral.” Julis said.
“I’ll be sure to call you there.” Antonio said.
Julis kissed him on the cheek.
“And what about me?” Anais said, “Since you’ll be gone for the day, you might need some extra relaxation for tomorrow.”
“So, your place later on tonight?” Antonio asked.
“You betcha.” Anais said.


5:13 pm, November 28th, Sanders’ place.

Back at the house, Antonio was back at the house with his sister Kaya and brother Ramon as they were getting ready for the funeral tomorrow.
“Hey, little bro!” Kaya said, “I’d say this would be an exciting time for us but that would be some bullshit.”
“Yeah, it’s not like you come here every other week or so.” Antonio said.
“But you always here.” Ramon said, “We don’t say shit about that.”
“OK then, here’s one question. Where’s Monique and the kids? They’re not coming?” Antonio asked.
“They’re visiting her aunt in Georgia.” he said.
“Oh.” Antonio responded.
“Anyway……you heard about that there’s a will reading after the funeral, right?” Kaya said, “There might be some parting gifts Unk might left us.”

“We could get some beaucoup cash at this.” Ramon said, “I know I need some after I got canned from my last job.”
“Even if you got some cash from him,” Antonio said, “That shit might not last. You better hope he gives you like $10,000 or something like that.”
Then the mom (aka Cela) jump in the conversation.
“Frankly, if we do get some of his money, it’ll be the few courteous things Isley has done for us.” she said, “Ever since that fiasco 30 years ago, he has never spoken to any of us or whenever we do, he shut us out.”

“Fiasco? 30 years ago?” Kaya said.
“Yeah. Something about us costing him one of the biggest deals of his life.” Cela said.

“Wait… a big deal? What does he do again?” Ramon asked.
“He does a lot of investing.” Cela said, “He looks into what companies could go big or fall flat on its ass.”

“Look, he got pissed off at us for blowing his deal for him.” Cela said, “We have apologized to him plenty of times but he wasn’t hearing it. He wanted nothing to do with us for the rest of his natural born life.”
“And here we are now.” Antonio said.
“He should’ve gotten over it by now.” Cela said, “He’s still got more cash than we make in 4 years.”


So, Uncle Isley pretty much shut out the family due to them messing up something of his. But what was it? 


8:34 pm, November 28th, Anais’ place.

However, later on, I went to Anais’ place and well….


The two of them were busy fucking the living nightlights of each other with Anais riding Antonio and him sucking on her tits.
“Oh….you really love big tits, don’t you?” Anais moans, “Oh, if Julis was here, you would be in heaven right now.”
She squealed high as the sex continues.
“Oh yes…. fuck me harder, Tonio!! FUCK ME HARDER!!” She shouted, “Oh, Tony!! PLEASE!! Make me feel like a woman!!”
“Oh shit!!” Antonio shouted as he was about to climax.
“Pull out, pull out!!” He pulled out and shot his load all over Anais’s tits.
Both of them sighed with Anais smiling devilishly at Antonio.
“Damn, you had a lot of stamina in you, Tonio.” Anais said as she laid on him and has her tits on his face. “And to think, you and I didn’t get along at first.”
“Yeah….I remember you hitting me when I was visiting Julis’ place once.” Antonio said, “You and your crew almost killed my ass.”

“OK, that was my bad.” Anais said, “To be fair, you just arrived at the wrong time when some guy abused Julis and I thought you was him.”
Let me give you the footnotes on this. About 7 years ago, some fucker tried to have his way with Julis after a night out. I wasn’t aware of this as I’m not much of a club guy and I was busy with schoolwork during that time. However, some girls riding on motor bikes saw the attempt and one of them immediately crashed into that guy and started to beat the shit out of him. That person was Anais and that group of girls are the Yamamoto Fog.


“OK, I get that.” Antonio said. “I just wish I known earlier.”
“It wasn’t your fault.” Anais said. “She was having a night on the town with some friends of hers and we’re just lucky nothing worse happened to her.”
“Yeah, that’s true.” he said.
“And despite me attacking you, you did come to her help.” Anais said, “I also felt bad about attacking you and all. But thankfully I did make it up to you.”
“Yeah…. thanks for that.” he said with a smile.
She smiled back. “So…..before you leave tomorrow, you still want to play with my tits some more and I’ll play with your dick?”
“Go ahead.” he said.


12:28 PM, November 29th, Mt. Grateful Church.

It was the day of the funeral. Everyone arrived at the church and the usual happens with it being an open casket and all and some were crying and hollering and others either act their usual judgmental self or how the usual black church funeral will go.

There’s the sermon, the testimonials of how Isley was in his real life (although that accident has not been mentioned in there) and also the singing, them carrying the casket to the graveyard to bury, then food and all that shit.


Back at the reception while Antonio was eating, Kaya noticed something when he went to his phone and sees that Julis was texting him.
“Yo, bro.” Kaya said, “You on your phone?”
“Yeah? And?”
Kaya got it and sees that it’s Julis.
“Oh, I see it’s your girlfriend, huh?”
Then Kaya sees that Anais was texting him as well.
“Oh….I never heard of this girl. Apparently, you’re a bit of a player, bro-bro.” Then Ramon came in on the conversation.
“A player? Little Tonio?” he said.
“Look, they’re just seeing how I’m doing with the funeral and all.” Antonio said, “They’re concerned about me, that’s all.”
“Well, knowing it’s Jules, of course, she’s concerned about you.” Ramon said, “Ever since we were kids when she babysits us, you always fawn over her ass. We knew you had a crush on her before you even knew.”
“He’s right, Ant.” Kaya said, “You are definitely infatuated with her and apparently this other chick.”
“Anais, like Julis, are just a close friend of mine.” Antonio said.
“Sure….” Kaya said.
“Alright, bro.” Ramon said, “But I know that you got it bad for both of them, especially that one time you saw Julis in nothing but her underwear that one time.”
“WHOA, WHAT!?” Kaya shouted.
“How you know that!?” Antonio said.

But that got interrupted with Cela telling them the will reading is in a few minutes.
“Hey, we need to get going to the offices right now.” Cela said, “They’re going to discuss who gets who.”


3:28 pm, November 29th, Duncan, Beavis and Meyers, LLC

The family of 4 arrived there at the nick of time, they are greeted by a secretary in there.
“Hello, you’re here for the will reading? For Mr. Watson?” she asked.
“Yes, we are.” Cela said.
“They’re right at the 5th floor. Elevator’s to your right.”
Antonio managed to get some attention from her.
“Hello, cutie.” she said, “You’re with them?”
He shook his head and smiled a bit. “Yup.”
“Alright, have a nice meeting now.” she said before going to the elevator.

“So, that’s another girl that finds you cute?” Ramon said, “You really got magic going on with you.”
“OK, she called me cutie.” Antonio said, “So what?”
“You smiled.” Kaya said, “You never smile unless it’s either toward Julis or–”
“You gonna keep bringing shit up, man?”
“Will you two shut the hell up!?” Cela said, “We got important stuff to handle.”

“Ms. Sanders, we’re glad that you and your kin are present today to Mr. Buford Isley Watson’s will reading. I am Royce Meyers, his lawyer and financial advisor.” he said, “He has stated that while he has offerings for you four, he wants you to receive the info separately. Meaning only one will hear their own offering.”

“Wait, really?” Cela asked.
“That’s what he requested.” Meyers said, “Now the 3 of you need to step out of there and we’ll tell you the offerings one-by-one.”
“OK…..” she said.



“To my dear sister…. I know the last time we spoken, it was not on better terms. I’m sorry for neglecting and ignoring you for all these years and I know a simple material can’t make up for what I had done but I want to leave you a few things: a check of $10,000 and this sacred family photo of us when we were kids.”
“Well, damn, Isley.” Cela said.



“OK, he left me $5,000 and his wardrobe.” he said, “I hope these aren’t used.”
He checked the note.
“They are not used.” It was written on the note.
“OK, that’s nice to know.”



“OK….$5,000? I can live with that.” she said.
“Uncle must’ve been plenty rich to give this away.”
There’s also this book called The Cypher Chronicles vol. 1-8.
“Hmm, I didn’t know he likes these books. Looks like I got something to do at my spare time.


and now ANTONIO:

“Antonio…. I know I have closed myself off from my family all these years and that means I have closed off communicating with you. At least, so I thought. I have gotten word from my lawyers and other relatives that you often take care of your mother and often help around the house. I also feel like you got my sense of security and privacy. I like that in a person…….which is why along with the $5,000 I’m giving you…..”
Antonio has gotten into the last few lines of the will.


“….my entire life savings of $50 Million.”
Antonio’s eyes have widened.
“Oh my god……Did he…..he really?”
The note continued.
“However, you can’t reveal this to anyone, not even your mother and siblings. This is meant to be kept to your eyes only.”

“Whoa….” Antonio said.
“You think you can keep this to yourself?” Mr. Meyers said.
“Of course, I can.” he said, “I’m known to be the quiet one. Oh, man…..50 million…..so much money on me.”
“But what?” Antonio asked.
“You can’t cash it yet.” Mr. Meyers said, “You have to wait over 5 business days to clear some things with his financial state and property holdings and then it’s to do whatever you want. But I’m giving you as a check because if we do direct deposit, it would be suspicious of you to have that much money in that little bank you manage your money in.”

“Oh….. that is true.” Antonio said, “That much money is garnered to attract attention and– wait, 5 business days?! Today’s Thursday……so next Thursday!? THAT’S A WEEK OF WAITING! You might as well said a week from now!”

“Yeah, but this is better.” Meyers said, “Look, in a week from now, you’re about to become a millionaire, that is, if you don’t screw everything up by revealing it so soon.”
“OK. Don’t tell my family. Got it.” he said.
“Yep. Them along with any friends you got and I know a guy like you has some friends on deck.” Mr. Meyers said, “I’ll give you a call on any updates, Mr. Sanders.”
Soon, Antonio left the office as he tries to hide the expression of having $50 million from his family.

“Hey, Antonio.” Ramon said, “How it went? You got $5,000 like we did?”
He was almost phased out but got back in focus. “Oh…yeah!! I got the 5k!”

“Nice.” Ramon and Kaya said.
“You might need to save that for rainy days or maybe when you get a new place.” Cela said.
“I think I’ll need more than $5,000 to get a new place.” Antonio said.


I know I got more than enough to get my own place. I can get everything from my own place, a better car, a better life!!!!
Hell, I can take along Julis, Kristina and Anais for the ride. I’m willing to share the wealth to those who have always been a true friend to me. Sure, I’m going to help out my family with my money as well but after that cash-in, it’s going to be easy street for this man right here, baby!!!


10:38 am, November 30th, Sanders’ place

Antonio was listening to his music on a cooler than usual Friday morning while Kaya and Cela were sleeping.
He was video-chatting with Julis on Skype.

“HEY!!!” Antonio said to a still half-asleep and half-naked Julis.
“Oh, hey sweetie.” she said.
“Oh…. I call at a wrong time?” he said, “I can call back later.”
“Sorry, I had to come in last night at work.” Julis said, “Had to take care of some late-night patients and it was quite a mess.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” he said.
“I’ll be fine.” Julis said, “Hopefully I’ll get more money coming soon.”

“Hey, speaking of that, you know I got 5 grand from that will yesterday.” he said.
“YAY!!!” Julis said, “That’s good.”
“Maybe I can give you some money to help you out.”
“Antonio……I don’t know about that. I don’t want to use your cash like that. It’s rightfully yours.” Julis said, “Plus, you know I can’t pay you back in a fast manner.”
“But I want to help you.” Antonio said, “Every time I hear you being overworked and stressing out on getting your things paid, I get worried for you.”
“Hmmm, you sound like Anais yesterday.” she said, “She told me something similar to that while we were in the bedroom.”

“Bedroom?” Antonio winked.
“OK, yes, pervert. We had sex last night. Besides, it was our time since you were gone and you missed out.” Julis said with a smirk, “But yeah, she gave me some money to me to pay my rent and all and….look, I’m glad y’all care so much to help me but I don’t always want to be like some poor old woman that can’t take care of herself and her kid.”
“But, Julis,” Antonio said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed about asking help from us….and also you’re not old.”
“Anton, I’m 31. Anais is 28 and you’re 25. I’m old.” Julis said, “That and you love spending time with older ladies like us…. or me with Anais being in the middle of us.”
“OK, yes, you’re older but you’re still a beautiful woman, no matter what the age is.” Antonio said, “And I believe that nonstop.”
Julis blushed a little.
“You’re always such a sweetheart, Anton.”
“You know I want to help you because I care about you.” Antonio said, “And….you mean a lot to me.”
“And you mean a lot to me, too, Anton.” she said, blowing him a kiss.

“Hey, Anton!!” That was Cela calling him, “Hey, I need some help with some–”
She sees him talking to Julis on Skype.
“Oh, I see you talking to Julis. Hey Julis!” she said.
“HEY!!” As she tries to cover herself with her comforter, “Ms. Sanders, I didn’t know you were up.”
“Well, his music woke me up.” Cela said, “Hey, we haven’t seen you around here in a while. I know you and Anton have been seeing each other lately and I thought, maybe we should meet up tonight.”
“OH….well, I can come swing by there.” she said, “Maybe I can bring an extra friend there…. Hey, Anton, maybe we can get Anais to join us.”
“Anais?” Cela asked.
“Oh…yeah, that’s another friend of ours.” Antonio said, “I’ll see if we can get her here today.”
“I see what I can do.” Julis said, “I’ll meet up with you later on. See ya, Anton.” She logged off.



Welp, looks like Julis and Anais are coming here for a visit and I’m worried as hell. I really hope she doesn’t know about what we got going on.

A knock on the door and it was them.
“Hey, Anton!” Both of them said.
“Wow, y’all practiced that all day?” he added.
“What, it’s not often we visited your house.” Anais said.
“Well, for you.” Julis said, “This was practically my second home. I remember walking around the house, the kitchen, the bedrooms, outside….”
“What about that one-time Antonio saw you topless?” Anais added.
Antonio got freaked out. “What the? SHE KNEW, TOO!?”
“Well, no one’s here yet.” Julis said, “And also…. you’re blushing, Anton. You remember that day and I wasn’t even mad at all.”

“Mad at what?” Then Ramon showed up. “Hola!”
“RAMON!!” Julis said, “Wow, my, you have grown a lot since the last time I met you.”
“A lot has happened, Julis.” he said, “With being married and having kids, life can do that.”
“Oh, I know what you mean!” Julis said, “Some things changed when I had my own kid.”
“Oh yeah, you do have your own kid now.” Ramon said. “How she’s doing by the way?”
“GREAT! She’s doing fantastic.” she said, “She’s with her dad doing a weekend of their own.”

Then Kaya came in, “HEY! I heard an old someone I used to know is back!”
“KAYA!” Julis said, “HEY! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you.”
“Damn, you have really grown yourself!” Kaya said, “Life will do that to you.”

“So, anyway,” Antonio said, “Ramon, Kaya, the other person beside me and Julis is our good friend Anais. Anais, this is my older sister and brother Kaya and Ramon.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Anais said.
“So, you’re the Anais my brother is also texting a lot alongside her.” Kaya said.
“Yeah, I’m busted.” Anais said and then she started to mess with them a little, “Me and your brother have been talking and texting for some time now and I’m telling now….. he’s been talking dirty with me a lot during our time.”
Antonio and Julis got their WTF face on her.
But Anais laughed it off. “Nah, nah, I’m playing, I’m playing. For real, your brother has been a damn good friend to me ever since. Him and Julis have been.”

“Oh, I can tell by the vibes I’m getting from you three.” Ramon said, “It’s like you three do everything together and are inseparable.”
“You sure about everything?” Kaya said.
“Oh, I meant it.” Ramon said.

Ramon, you motherfucker. He is making this awkward and I don’t want the secret of me fucking them both out in the open.


“I mean, I wouldn’t say that.” Julis said, “But we’re pretty in sync.”

Now the whole family with Julis and Anais are sitting at the table, eating dinner and having some conversation.
“So, Julis, I heard things aren’t so good with you and the father of your child.” Cela said.
“Yeah, we decided that things weren’t working well for us.” Julis said, “But we both Kristina very much that I make sure he gets to visit her a few times in the month.”
“Does he bring other women to your home?” Cela asked.
Antonio and Anais took notice.
“Well….he did once or twice but he got the picture of not bringing them there.” Julis said.
“So….. you do bring any other men to your place?” she also asked Julis.
Julis stammered a bit.
“Oh, um…. well, with hospital work in the way, taking care of my child and being a single mother, I barely have time to date.”
“But you seem to spend time with Tonio there a lot?” Ramon asked her.
Again, Ramon, you big mouth motherfucker.

“Well, Anton has been generous of having me around the place and I appreciate the help he’s giving me and Kristina. Oh, and Anais has also been helping me with that, too.” she said with a smile towards Antonio and Anais.
“Well, Anton, seems you’re a big help to Julis here.” Cela said, “Funny how you seem all smiles when you’re doing stuff for her.”
“Well, there’s a difference in that, Mom.” Antonio said eating his food.
“What you say?”
He had his mouth full of food.
“Hasn’t it always been like this?” Ramon said, “Kaya, you remember whenever Julis comes over, Anton always has that look on his face full of excitement and glee. It’s like she was a teenage Mary Poppins or something.”

“Well, I didn’t come in floating down with an umbrella.” As Julis joked and laughed.

“Oh, I remember.” Kaya said, “I also remember him snitching on us for sneaking extra dessert one time.”
“Said the girl that snitched on me for watching those comedy specials to Mom that one time.” Antonio said.

“Hey, you had it coming!!”
“It helped with Shooting the Shit with Uncle Moses that one time!” Antonio said, “And everyone loved it. Even Mama laughed at it a lot and I heard you laugh!!”
“That’s….damn, that’s true.” Cela said.


Later on while the women were talking among themselves, Antonio and Ramon were cleaning up the kitchen.
“I don’t know why we cleaning up the kitchen!!” Ramon yelled.
“Because you two can do it!!” Kaya said, “BITCHES!!”
Then Antonio slapped Ramon with a wet towel.
“OW!!!” Ramon yelled.
“You know I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” Antonio said.
“The hell I do?” Ramon said, “You act like I reveal some secret of yours back there.”
“You might as well.” Antonio said.
“Oh what? You and Julis and Anais? What about you three?” However, Antonio felt like he gave that hint away.
“Wait…. so, you do have something going with them?” he was getting closer to that secret.
“What? NO. Huh? Why you asking weird questions to me?” Antonio said.
“OK, take it easy, bruh.” Ramon said, “If you want to keep some parts of your life private, OK then. Didn’t mean to get in your business like that.”
“Then that’s settled.” Antonio said as he continues to wash dishes.
“Then that definitely means you’re fucking both girls.” As Ramon got to that conclusion.

Back in the other room, Kaya and Cela got to talking with Anais about her in general.
“So, Anais…. what’s going on in your life?” Cela said, “What goes on in your world?”
Feeling a bit awkward, Anais said, “Well, right now, I’m getting my bachelor’s in Computer Science and I have been getting handy behind the keyboards.”
“Ah, smart girl, eh?” Cela said, “You know, Anton did think about doing that a while ago, but he never seemed to go through with that.”
“He didn’t?” she said.
“Maybe you can get him to do something about that.” Kaya said, “Hopefully that skill can bring him some motivation or something.”
“I think he can get motivated in more ways than one.” Anais said.
“You sure?” Kaya said, “Sometimes he always gets either cynical or depressed or not that talkative around here.”
“Yeah,” Cela said, “Even when he might feel happy, he…. doesn’t.”
Then Anais’ phone rang.
“Mind if I take this?”
“Go ahead.” Cela said as Anais went to the other room.

“Yo.” Anais said.
“Hey, Anais!” It was one of the Yamamoto Fog gang, Michi.
“Michi, what up?”
“We got some info on some dudes harassing someone near the Duncan, Beavis and Meyers building.” she said, “Looks like some daily douchebag trying to hit on some girl. Should we do something?”
“Do a sneak attack.” Anais said, “Creep up on him and grab a hold of her while she runs.”
“You joining in?” Another YF member, Viya shouted.
“Nah. Got something on my plate already.” she said.
“Let me guess. It involves some loving with your favorite lady and guy?” Michi said.
“That’s a yes.” Viya shouted.
“OK, fine. That’s why but next time, I’ll be there. OK.?” Anais said.
“All right. I gotcha.” Michi said, then she hung up.
“She isn’t coming?” Liza shouted.
“Nope…. but I hope someone looks up that DBM building since that got broken into just now.” Michi said.
“Anais is fucking those two again, huh?” Liza guessed.
“Correct.” Michi said.


9:50 pm, Julis’ place.

After leaving the Sanders’ home around 8PM, Antonio, Julis and Anais went back to Julis’ apartment for some naughty fun time.

Right now, I have Julis kissing on me a lot with my hand on her tit and Anais licking on my chest and kissing it as well. Although I can’t shake the feeling that Ramon knows about me and the girls. But fuck it, I don’t think he’s going to tell them.
I hope not.

Wait, I shouldn’t be thinking about him. I should be thinking about the loving from these two lovely ladies.

“Anton, you want me to do that thing you love so much?” Julis took off her white bra and reveal her tits as Anais did the same with taking off her red bra and both were on his dick.
“Aww, he’s smiling as always.” Anais said. “Maybe you should lick us first… I do want to feel your mouth on me.”
He immediately starts sucking on Anais’ tit while still massaging Julis.
Both girls moan at him simultaneously pleasuring them and he often switch positions by sucking on Julis’ tit and massaging Anais’ tit while the girls are kissing each other.
Then Anais went down on him to suck his dick while Julis also went down on him, too.

As soon as Antonio was to shoot his load, Julis’ phone rang.
“Should you get that?” Antonio said.
They were too busy sucking and soon he released all over the girls.
He moaned in pleasure and exhaustion.
“Oh, Anton!!” Anais shouted. “Holy shit!!”
She checked the phone and see that it’s Jun.
She showed them the caller ID.
“Oh fuck….” Antonio said.
“And the fun ended.” Anais said.


“Hello?” Julis said.
“I catch you at a bad time?” Jun said, “Your day been alright?”
“Oh, Jun!!” she exclaimed, “My day…. it’s been good. Exactly…. it’s been great on my end.”
“Great, huh?” Jun said, “I’m thinking you’re in the middle of that great thing.”
Antonio and Anais ‘s eyes widened in case Jun might find out about them.
“More like the aftermath of it.” Julis said. “So…. how’s Kristina?”
“She’s resting now after our day together.” he said, “She had a fun day today.”
“Ahh, nice.” she said.


After that interruption, Antonio and Anais went back to their respective homes but not before Julis had something to say, mainly to Antonio.
“Hey Anton?” Julis said, “Before you go, we need to talk.”
I was confused at what she was talking about.

“Talk? About what?” Antonio said.
She sighs as she brings a few topics. “Well, it’s a few things….”
Antonio looks worried.
“Anais, I think you should help me with this.”
“With that?”
“We talked with your mom.” Julis said, “She talked about how you were working on a degree in Computer Science and you didn’t fulfill it.”
“Oh, that shit.” he said, “Yeah, I did want to do that but I rather go into a direction I wanted to go.”
“As in, still living with your mom and working at the grocery store?” Anais said.

“OK, not like that but even if I did, that shit’s too much to handle.” Antonio said, “I’m more of a creative guy at heart.”

“You know I could’ve helped you with that.” Anais said, “You can still do whatever creative thing you want to do AND be in school doing some active shit.”

Oh, damnit.
Yeah, the thing is after I graduated college only on general studies and associate’s degree, I didn’t bother to return there. Why go I want to go through the same shit of waking up, going to class, seeing people I barely talk to, pay attention to stuff I’m going to forget after 30 minutes, tests that I think I might pass but fail at and rinse and repeat?

The after plan to that was write a few novels, get them published and I get paid. But nothing happened.

I’m still stuck at this job, in this house and in this town.

“I thought about it.” Antonio said, “But every time I did, I’m reminded that shit that I don’t like about attending college.”
“Then do online courses then!!” Anais said, “People can still get an education at home!”

He sighs.
“And there’s another thing to talk about….” As Julis leads on, “You and me.”
Antonio seemed confused again.
“Look, Anton, I know how you feel about me and I feel the same way with you…. I mean, you always come visit here, you help out taking care of Kristina and me…. well, in different ways and while the years I’ve known you, I have babysat you and your siblings and now, we’re either dating or great friends or great sex friends and….I don’t know.”
“So, what are you saying?” Antonio said.
“Anton…. I’m asking you this. What is our relationship?” she said, “I mean, are we a couple? Or two friends that love to have sex with our other best friend? Or am I just some fantasy you love to be in, like I’m some personal fuck doll to you?”
Anais is looking confused as well.
“OK…. I’m sensing some tension between you two. Should I go?” Anais said.
“Anton, I’m saying that I…..well, I love you.” she said.
And there goes that.

“Holy shit….” Anais said.
“Antonio, out of all the people in my life, you are one of the three that generally made my life happier…. and yes, Anais, you’re also one of the three.”
“OK…” Anais awkwardly said, “I wasn’t going to ask but cool.”

“Whenever you’re near me or close to me, I feel like there’s someone I want to spend the rest of my life with…. and I also want you to ask you something.”
She got down on one knee and went into her pocket.
“Oh shit! Uh, Jules….Aren’t I supposed to…”
It was a key.
“I want you to move in with me and Kristina.” Julis said, “I‘m also thinking about telling Jun about us.”

“Wait, what?” Antonio said.
“Look, I don’t always want to tiptoe around him when we’re together. He should know that I moved on from him and you show yourself to be a good father figure to Kristina.”
“OK, look, I’m down on telling him about us that I’m with you now, but me being a father? At 25?”
“Kristina’s 6! The hard part with the diapers is done!” Julis said, “Although if there’s another kid in the making.”
“ANOTHER KID!?” Antonio shouted.
“Well, the way you fuck her, it could happen.” Anais said, “Don’t forget, you fucked me, too and sometimes pulling out doesn’t always work. Hell, I might be pregnant right now!”

“…. You’re not pregnant, aren’t you?” Antonio stupidly asked with both girls staring at him with a “I’m about to slap you” face.

“Look, this is a lot to digest.” Antonio said.
“And I get that.” Julis said, “I’m not saying let’s do it now, but I do want to talk to your mom about this and also tell them about us as well.”

And my black ass forgot that I think Ramon knows about me and them.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” he said, “I’ll tell them about us tomorrow and I’ll be with you when we tell Jun…. and I hope he doesn’t try some shit with you because if he does….”
“Don’t worry.” Anais said, “Me and my squad will back you up. Just try to think about this decision tonight. Later guys.” As Anais rode off in her motorcycle.

“Antonio….” Julis said, “I do hope you think about this. I’ll probably call you Monday.” She then went back to her place to sleep, leaving him without a goodbye kiss but then Antonio said something.
“Julis….. you’re not some personal fuck doll to me. You’re somebody I really, really care about and I want to make sure our relationship doesn’t end. I want us to work but I’m so afraid I might mess something up and I don’t want to jeopardize everything with you.”
“Then you know what to do.” Julis said, “And yeah, this is a lot on your plate and I get that. Just sleep on it for now.” She then gave him a kiss and she went back inside.


3 days later

6:45 am, December 3rd, Green Ray’s


There’s a lot to think about the past 3 days from Julis telling me she loves me and wants me to move in with her to me accidentally revealing my secret to Ramon to my whole life in general to thinking about the future and…. AAAHHH!!! I just won a huge sum of $50 million. I shouldn’t have these types of problems. I guess it is true what they said, “Mo’Money, Mo’Problems.”

Antonio was so overwhelmed by the wave of things coming at him the past few days that he’s very distracted at work.
“TONIO!!!” Derrick shouted, “Hey!!”
He was staring into the abyss with this blank expression on his face.
He also didn’t notice he was stocking milk where the juices go.
“Huh? OH SHIT!!” Then he noticed one of the juices were leaking. “OH FUCK! Who did that!?”
“That who be you.” One of the workers said to him.
“AAHH!!!” Antonio quietly shouted.

After that, Antonio had to clean up the spill and spent an extra 30 minutes cleaning up before he could go.
“Damn, man. You’re off your game today!” Derrick shouted, “You going through something?”
“Well…..I…..um…..OK, yeah. It’s some personal stuff.” Antonio said, “And some other things.”
“Woman trouble?”
“Why you say that?”
“Well, rumors have been going on about you and some women doing things together outside here.” Derrick said, “At least that’s Reggie said to me.”
“Reggie?” Antonio said, “OK, I don’t know what y’all talking about but you know what? I’m done. I’m over 30 minutes anyway. I’ll see you next time, dog.”
“Alright, man. Later, Tone Dog.” Derrick shouted.


As Antonio is driving home, he spotted a bunch of police circling the DBM building and noticing it has been broken in.
“What the fuck!?” he shouted.
And he sees an injured Mr. Meyers in a recliner, on his way to the hospital.
“The hell? Mr. Meyers!?”
He got out of the car to calmly speak to the officer.
“Excuse me, officer?” he said, “What happened here?”
“You see, sir, some punks were trying to rob Mr. Meyers’ of his briefcase and he got stabbed 2 times. Nothing fatal but his case is gone and he’s bleeding.” he said, “Do you know anything about this?”
“What? NO.” he said, “Me and my family came here a few days ago for a will reading and I was told to come here by him today.”
“Your name?”
“Antonio Sanders.”
Then a familiar person came to him. It was the secretary. “Hey…. you’re the guy that came here with his family Thursday.”
“Yes…. I am.” Antonio said, “I had nothing to do–”

“Oh, I know.” she said, “I need to speak with you for a second.”

Both of them went around the building.
“OK, I have some good news and bad news….” she said, “The bad news is that the money you’re expecting was in that briefcase.”
“WHAT!?” he shouted.
“But….good news is that they can’t cash it in since they wouldn’t allow it until Thursday.”
“Oh….so you know about the–”
“Yes, I know about the money.” she said, “He told me before he stepped out this morning. Also, I know you’re going to be a rich, happy man…. whether you get it back or not.”
“OK, so how are we getting it back, u—OK, what is your name by the way?” Antonio asked her.
“Oh, my apologies. I’m Sarai. Sarai Brighton.” she said.

Wait…..Brighton? As in….

“OK, Sarai…. so how are we getting it back?” he said.
“The police are going to do their job and you’re going to sit back and let them handle it.” Sarai said.

“I got one other question.” he said, “Do you know an Anais Brighton?”
“You mean, my sister?”


“You know my little sis?” she said.
“I didn’t know she had an older sister.” Antonio said.

“Oh, I have to talk to her about this.” Sarai said, “I’ll get her to meet us at this diner.”
Sarai giggled a bit. “I can’t believe I met one of my little sister’s friends.”


20 minutes later

Later on, Anais got the call from Sarai and told her to meet her at the Luciano Bar & Grill for something.

Sarai is gleefully smiling seeing Anais and Antonio like this.
“OK….so you meet my older sister down at the DBM building.” Anais said.
“I didn’t know you had a sister!!”
“Yeah, you did.” Anais said, “I told you the 3rd time we met. You forgot about that?”
“Wasn’t that the time you told me to spank you while you squeal my n—”
“HEY!!!” Anais said as she silently said to her. “Look, I know you and Julis are getting in that lover stage and we—well, you and me like to fuck each other for fun, but don’t mention the shit to my sister!!!”
“You know I can hear you.” Sarai said.
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I did.”
“Then what I say?” Anais questioned her.
“You and Mr. Cutie here are fuck buddies…. and I sense there’s a third person in this relationship.” Sarai said, “Do I know that person?”
“Julis is at work.” Anais said.
“Julis? Your friend Julis? The one you said got a gorgeous body?” Sarai said, “I figured she’d be the other girl. Wait, isn’t she the one that also has a daughter? Is he the father?”

“I’m not the damn father!!” Antonio shouted but he quieted down, “…. And right now, isn’t the right time for that.”
“So, I guess it’s also not the right time to tell you about the money?” Sarai said.


Oh, dammit. And then I noticed Anais looking at me weird.
“What money?” Anais said.

And I thought Ramon had a big mouth.

“Oh, yeah…. he couldn’t tell anyone about this but–”
“You know what? We can visit Julis once she’s home.” Antonio said, “I don’t want my business to be out for people to gossip.”


An hour and a half later

Back at Julis’ place……..
“$50 MILLION!!!!???” Anais and Julis shouted.
“You’re getting $50 Million?” Julis exclaimed.
“It was from my uncle.” Antonio said, “I’m surprised as you are.”

“You’re getting mad money, Antonio!” Julis said, “This is a big deal!! And you didn’t even tell us…or even me?”
“He was ordered not to tell everyone.” Sarai said, “He had no choice.”
“He can’t even tell his family?” Julis asked.
“Not even them.” Sarai said, “I guess the uncle didn’t have much trust in the family besides you.”
“It’s a long story.” Antonio said, “But now that someone got the check, who knows what they can do with it?”

“You mean track you down, make you cash it and they kill you and they’re on the run and we’re grieving you and all that?” Anais said, “But that won’t happen because as I told you before, my people will keep you protected. You know that.”

“Plus, they got police looking for that briefcase and getting those guys.” Sarai said, “Everything is going to be alright. You got money coming and three women with you right now.”
“And speaking of….” Julis said, “Anton, I need to talk to you again….”



“Hey, um…. Jun is coming here soon.” Julis said, “I’m ready to tell him about us. You ready for it, too?”
“You know what?” he said, “I am. But if he tries to lay hands on any of us, I’m fighting him.”
“But that’s if he overreacts….” Julis said, “But he shouldn’t anyway.”
“We’ll be here for backup!” Anais shouted with Sarai next to her.
“Huh?” A confused Sarai said.
“Yeah, you’re in this shit as well.” Anais said, “Her ex is coming here to drop Kristina off from school.”


Then the two arrived.
“MOMMY!!” Kristina shouted.
“Hey baby!” Julis hugged her.
“Anton! Anais!!” Then she looks at Sarai and got confused, “Um….uh…. who are you?”
“I like to know, too.” Jun said. “You love getting a lot of random people in here.”
“But, Daddy, wasn’t there four ladies at your place?” Kristina said.
“OH….4 ladies, huh?” Julis smirked, “1 I get. 2 I get. 4? I’m surprised you kept your stamina up today.”

Jun sarcastically laughed. “OK, OK, HAHA! You wanted to tell me something?”
“Yes, I do…..well, me and Antonio do.” As the three of them went into the other room with Anais and Sarai being near them in case something happens.


“Wait, both of you got something to tell me?” Jun said, “OK, it must be something big if little Antonio got something to say.”
“Well, you’re going to be surprised at this.” Antonio said.
“This I got to hear.” Jun said.

He sat down on the couch.
“OK….I know you’re been having girls come in and out of your place.” Julis said, “Now with that, I’m not mad at you.”
“You’re furious, then?” Jun questioned.
“No. Never.” Julis said, “Because it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t move on. You can be someone else’s problem now. Because I moved on, too.”

Jun looked unfazed.
“OK… That’s fine, too.” he said, “You got yourself a new dude in your life. Although I can tell he isn’t going to be as handsome as me.”
Antonio got irritated at that.

Oh no, this motherfucker didn’t call me ugly. You sorry sack-ass bitch!!

“Well, let’s say my new beau is closer than you think.” Julis said.
“Hmmmm….” Jun said, “So he’s here?”
“Yup.” Julis said as her and Antonio both kissed hard on the lips.

Jun got confused and flustered a bit.
“Uh… the hell did y’all just do?”
“We kissed.” Antonio said, “That’s what lovers do.”
“Lovers? Wait, you mean to tell me that you two are–” However, they think he was going to be furious but in actuality, he’s laughing. He just started off busting with laughter.
Now Antonio and Julis are the ones confused.

“OK……I thought this would end differently than this.” Antonio said.
“So, you finally got your dream come true, huh?” Jun said, “I mean, I always suspected that you had a thing for Julis. I mean, she was your former babysitter, right? And you wonder a lot of things about her that I already know.”

“Or maybe I have feelings for the woman.” Antonio said.

“But isn’t it weird that you’re dating your former babysitter, tho!?” Jun said.
“He’s not just a kid I used to babysit!” Julis said, “Anton has grown to be a mature young man in my eyes. I always known that he had a crush on me. But I didn’t react on it then and–”
“So, you wait until he was older to confess it or for him to make his move?” Jun said, “You sound a bit like some creepy old man waiting on a girl to turn 18 so you can legally fuck her!”
“THAT’S NOT TRUE!!” Julis shouted, “We just…….we……..uh….”
“Look, we don’t have to tell you shit about us!” Antonio said, “All that matters is that right now me and her are a thing. We thought since you moved on from her and you did, we shouldn’t be afraid of hiding our love from you.”
“What about Kristina?” Jun said, “How are you going to tell somebody’s daughter that you’re dating their mother?”
“Kristina never has a problem with him!” Julis said, “At least she doesn’t have to know the names of every girl that come through your place every week!! You’re berating me about dating Anton and acting high and mighty about it but you……how in the fuck you’re going to judge me and—” She got so flustered and angry that she couldn’t finish her sentence.

“You know maybe you should leave.” Antonio said, “She’s not in the mood to deal with your bullshit!!”
“Me? Leave?” Jun growled, “How about you and two other bitches you got leave and let me handle my business!?”
Anais texted the gang and told them to hurry to Julis’ place.
“Sarai…. make sure Kristina doesn’t see any of this.” Anais said.
“OK.” Sarai said as she went to the other room.
“This is going to get ugly fast.”

“You know I’m not going to do that.” Antonio said.
“Oh!! OK……you were always a stubborn motherfucker!” Jun said, “Now….get the fuck out of here!!!!”
“YOU DON’T TELL ME TO LEAVE, BITCH!!!” Antonio said, “This isn’t your place!!!”
Jun pushed him out of the door but Antonio blocked his punch.
Then Antonio slapped him and have him fall down hard on the floor.
“You stupid fuck!!” Jun rushed Antonio to the wall, punching his stomach and face. He blocked a punch but Antonio beats him with a shoe on the floor.

“What’s going on? What’s that noise!?” Kristina looks worried and scared as she’s in her room with Sarai hiding it out.
“I don’t know.” Sarai said, “I’m scared, too!!”
“I never said I was.” Kristina said.
“WELL, I AM!” Sarai screamed.


Anais then grabbed Jun by the neck and slammed him down, only for her to get smacked by him.
“Stay out of this!!!” Jun said.
“FUCK YOU!!!” Anais said, punching him in the jaw, “Don’t tell me to stay out of my friends’ business!!”

Then the rest of the Yamamoto Fog barges in the place and took Jun down by smacking him around.
“OK, OK, OK!!” Anais said, “Look, you don’t need to kill him but make it hurt real bad!”



After the beatdown, Anais and Sarai took Kristina along the Yamamoto Fog back to their hideout with Antonio and Julis following suit.
“OK… that didn’t go well.” he said.
“Not at all.” Julis said, “And he even laughed like we weren’t serious.”
“He made you seem like a creep.” Antonio said, “Like you just wanted me after I turned 18 so you can fulfill some fantasy or something.”
“How dare he?” she said.

“Anton, no!” Julis said, “You know I would never do you like that! I love you for you, just like you do for me.”

“Yeah, yeah…” he said. As they were still driving, they did ask some more questions about each other.

“Hey….” Antonio spoke, “Remember when you turned 24 and you and me and Anais went out for a night on the city?”
“You could forget?” she said, “We just roam around the city, seeing a lot of sights, visiting those casinos and bars…. Oh wait, you couldn’t drink then.”
“Yeah, I drove you around, remember?” he said.
“Oh… sorry.” she said, “Wait, why you chose that memory?”
“Well, after you had a hangover and we got a hotel for the night, I wanted to tell you about my crush on you back then and that time I saw you in…”
“You mean only panties and no bra?” she added.
“OK, yeah.” Antonio said, “I admit–”
“Please don’t admit you did things with that mental image!” Julis said.

“OK, I won’t say that.” Antonio said, “I will admit that while I’ve been trying to get my mind off you because I figured you would never go out with a guy like me but…. me hanging out with you and Anais all the time has always been a pleasure in my life and I’m just glad that me and you even after you babysitting me for 6 years, turned out to be good friends.”

Julis smiled, “That’s very sweet of you. I never thought you would want to be friends with someone that used to tuck you in bed at night.”

“And then 3 months later after that trip….” Antonio said.
“Oh, you meant where we both made love for the first time?” Julis said, “Yeah, I just like to use ‘love’ in terms of sex instead of ‘fucking’ because it felt like love to me. You holding me, kissing me everywhere, slowly taking off my clothes and you trying to get my bra off with one hand… even though I suggest both hands because it’s better that way.”
“As I got older, I’ve become jaded, miserable, cynical, a muddled mess of a man…. someone who is never happy with anything in my life… I’m in a crappy job, I still live with my mom and I continue to manage a budget between paying bills and wanting things I’ll never get. However, there are a few things and people that always manages to cheer me up and those people are Anais, Kristina….and you.” He smiled.


“I’m glad for that.” Julis said, “And even though you said that you felt miserable all the time, you weren’t the only one.”

“Most of the time whenever you’re not here, I’m too swamped on the job, trying to make something of myself once I got into college and yet I ended up dating a bunch of jerks including Jun and even after you and me made love…. I eventually got pregnant with Kristina.” she said, “There are some days that I feel like hell, like the best times of my life are behind me and there’s nothing I can do to reverse that, especially the men in my life. I wanted to scream, shout and cry every time a guy’s been a douche to me and I did…. I imagined you were there to hold me and promise me that everything is going to be alright and conform me like friends do…. or tell me the real shit like friends do.”

“Well…..” Antonio said, as they have arrived at the Yamamoto Fog hangout and then lay down the real shit, “I can do both…. First, I hate Jun. I always hated that fuck and I hated him for hurting you in the past and especially present. Also, I’m glad I beat the shit out of him today.”

“See, there you go.” Julis said.

“Although I am worried about Kristina and how she might react when it happened.” Antonio said, “I mean, I did beat up her dad.”
“OK, there’s that.” Julis said, “I’ll handle her about that. I wonder how your family might handle that after we tell them about us.”
“Oh…… well, about that……”
One minute later

“RAMON KNOWS!?!?!” Julis and Anais shouted at him.
“He guessed!” Antonio said, “I’m not sure yet but I think he knows I’m fucking the both of you!!”
“Oh, no!!” Julis said, “Great! Now your sister and mom are going to think I’m some ho or something!”
“Well, you’re not fucking anyone else except me and Anais… and… wait…”

However, the rest of the Yamamoto Gang heard them.
“So, you want us to do something about your family?” Michi asked.
“We can slip an amnesia pill on them.” Liza said, “I’m fixing one up as we speak.”
“WIll it kill him, tho?” Antonio said.
“Oh…. you don’t want that?” Liza questioned him.

“Look, I’ll handle my family.” he said, “Y’all just keep your ears on anyone that might throw some harm on me.

“Wait….” Viya said, “Who is throwing some harm at you and why?”
Shit, do I tell them about the money?

“What money?” Mori, A 18-year-old girl and another member of the Fog said as she just arrived with a mind reader helmet, “You have something to tell us?”

Oh, she can read minds?

“Yes, I can!!” Mori said.

Oh damn, that means I can’t think about Julis and Anais in the–

“Will you stop narrating your life and actually tell us the secret, dammit!!!” She screamed.
“OK, fine……”

So, he told the gang that he has $50 million coming from Uncle Isley and find out that someone stole the briefcase with the check in it and he needs to get it back before Thursday and cash it.

“Well, Anais, I didn’t know you have a new sugar daddy on you…” As Viya made some sexual suggestions.
“For one thing, I’m 25 years old. I wouldn’t be the sugar daddy. Sugar baby, maybe.” he said.

“OK, we’re in agreement that you’re giving us a cut of that money?” Michi said, “I mean, we do owe us for saving you from that guy a few hours ago and you do fuck our leader 24/7.”
“We heard.” Liza said. “All night. Squeals included.”
“And my ears hurt from those squeals.” Mori said.
“Plus, we do notice you leaving afterwards.” Viya said.

“And that makes….”
He’s counting how many people he’s going to give money to.
“…A dozen of y’all.”
They look around each other.
“But there are 8 of us.” Sarai said, “Oooh, the family counts as well.”

“Well, we got more of us coming, so you better dig in more ducats for us.” Michi said, “We’re bringing in Free Fall, Willa & The Extraordinary Mai Shumoto!”
“WHO!?” Antonio, Julis and Sarai shouted.
“I’ll explain later.” Anais said.

“Wait!” Julis said, “Who’s going to look after Kristina?”
Then two more members show up.
“Marie and Mallory…. and her two kid sisters Monique and Mela.”
“Lots of Ms” Antonio said.
“We’ll take care of your little girl!” Marie said, “I’m shown myself to be pretty good with kids.”
Mallory nods in agreement.


So, Michi and Anais got a plan for me to attract those guys out of hiding. There are rumors that the guys that robbed Mr. Meyers are hiding out somewhere downtown and they’re sending me there to weed them out, grab the suitcase and run for my life.

I told Moms and the rest that I’m going to be out for a while so they won’t be worried about me.

So, I’m in the van with Anais, Julis, Sarai, Michi, Liza, Viya, Free Fall, Willa and The Extraordinary Mai Shumoto and yes, you have to say the whole damn thing like A Pimp Named Slickback… anyway, we’re traveling down there to set up a trap with Mori coming behind us as the getaway car when we make our escape.


“So you got the plan down?” Anais said, “You have this earpiece on you at all times in case you get lost.”

“Now, can you run fast?” Michi said.
“I can.” Antonio said.
“I hope you do because once they find out about us, you better run to the car like your life is dependent on it!” Michi said, “Which…. well, it is.”

“Look, me and Sarai will be in that car to help you get out of there… and safely in my arms.” Julis said, “And once Anais, Michi, Mai–”
“That’s the Extraordinary Mai Shumoto to you!!” Mai shouted.
“OK…. The Extraordinary Mai Shumoto, Liza and Viya come to attack, Mori drives and you’re good!!”

“I hope so.” Antonio said.
“Oh, believe me, honey!” Mai shouted, “Once Free Will and Willa take pics of the guys and set everything up, we are automatic and ready to go!”
“OK, one question for you, Ma—I mean, the Extraordinary Mai Shumoto?”
“Hmmm, what would that be?” Mai said, “And I hope it’s not why you call myself that.”
“If we were to be in trouble, do I have to call you by your full name or can I use an abbreviation?”
“Well, since it would be EMS….. Nah.”


They have arrived at the meeting spot of where the robbers are supposed to be. Antonio got out of the car and stood by an ATM to act nonchalant about getting his money.
“Free Wall, Willa, you on him?” Michi asked them.

They were hiding on the rooftops.
“We got him very clear.” Free Fall said.
“But so far, no one is coming his way.” Willa said, “WAIT!!! Two guys are coming your way. Act natural and not at all scared that they might have your way with you!”
“I said don’t act scared.” Willa said.
“Well, it’s not helping!” Antonio shouted.

They’re getting closer.
“SHUT UP! THEY’RE GETTING CLOSER!” Anais said, “Remember, act natural.”

Antonio was busy with the ATM as two dudes stumbled upon him.
“Hey…. what you doing here at this time of night?” Thug #1 said.
“Especially using an ATM here.” Thug #2 said, “You know dudes are liable to rob you.”
“I didn’t have a choice.” he said.
“Well, well, well……” Thug #1 said, “You picked the wrong time to come here.” They got a switchblade and a pistol aimed at him.
“Empty them pockets, boy!” Thug #2 said.
Antonio genuinely looked scared.
“Oh….damn. Look, take it easy, man. I got no bread on me. Why you think I’m here and not at home?” They grabbed his wallet and looked at his ID.
“Wait, Jenks…… you recognize that guy’s name?” Thug #2 looked at the ID.
“Hmmm, it’s familiar all right, Salb.” Jenks said, “HOLD UP!!! You still got that briefcase?”

He has it handcuffed to himself.
“Open it!” They checked the name of the person on there and it said Antonio’s name on it.
“OH SHIT, IT’S HIM!!” Salb said, “Jenks, we hit the fucking jackpot!!!”
“Oh, the $50 million man!” he said, “You made a big mistake coming here!!! You thought you was going to get that money back…. FAT CHANCE! We got big plans for that dough and as soon as you cash it in for us, it’s ours for the taking!!”

“Oh….” Salb mentioned this, “And just so you won’t tell anybody about this…..” He aimed the pistol at Antonio.
“MOVE, NOW!!!” Anais shouted.

Viya and Liza grabbed him from behind and Mai bum-rushed Jenks.
“We the bitches are going to kick your ass!!” Anais shouted and punched him in his stomach.

“Get the briefcase!” Michi shouted.
“GET BACK!!” Jenks screamed.
Mai got out a hammer and smacked his face and his hand.
“AAAAHH!!!! You little skank!!”
“That’s the Extraordinary M–”
“Now’s not the time, dammit!!” Michi said, “Bash that shit down!!”
However, Jenks grabs her and Anais. “Well, well, well, you got some friends, don’t you?”
Anais slapped and punched Jenks in the face. Salb was heading towards her but then Mai smacked him with a beer bottle and throw another bottle to break the chain off the handcuffs.
“GOT IT!!” Antonio grabbed the case.
“Mori, bring it in!!”
Mori swiftly drove to the spot with Sarai in front and Julis opening the door for him.
He ran quickly into the ride and Mori gunned it while he was still getting in. Julis had to pull him inside and he got in safely.
“Uh, Anton…..” His hand is directly on Julis’ left breast. “Now is not the time for that, sweetie.”
“HEY!! OPEN THE DOOR, BITCH!” Jenks shouted.
“AAH! GUN IT!” Sarai screamed.
He busted the window open and tried to grab the suitcase. Antonio smacked him with a seatbelt but Jenks is choking him.
Julis kicks him out of the car but he got the upper hand and grabs her.
“AAAAH!!” Julis screamed.
“Jules!” Antonio shouted as he tries to pull her back and Mori was swerving to get him off and Sarai kept punching him until he let go.
“You know I can grab two of you right now!!”
“LIKE HELL!!” Antonio threw an open hot sauce packet at his eyes and he screamed and let go, tumbling down the alley.

“He’s down!!!” Mori shouted, “Oh thank God.”
Antonio and Julis panted and sighed in relief that they got the case. They stared at each other in relief and hold each other.
“That was a close one!” Julis said.
“I’ll say.” Antonio said, “I thought my ass would be a goner!”
“Not gonna lie…. I did, too.” she said. “And the same would go for me being a goner, too.”
“Mind if I lay down with you?” Antonio said.
“Please do.” Julis said as they both lay on top of each other.

“Anais! Michi! How’s your situation?” Mori said.
“We got that other guy down.” Michi said, “You got the case?”
“Sure do.” Mori said, “Now we can return it back to that guy since we can’t cash it in ourselves.”
“But there might be police there!” Sarai said, “You know they’re still looking for that case!”
“Then we sneak it in there.” Mori said.
“HOW!?!?” Sarai yelled.

“Patience, O Fraidy cat.” Mori said, “The key of that is…. you.”
“ME!?” Sarai said.
“Just say you left something important there like some paperwork or something.”
“It’s all digital.” Sarai said.
“You got a virus.” Mori said.
“It’s all in the cloud.” she added as she shows her report she got typed and ready. “It took me 4 hours to get it done.”
Then Mori send a virus that got the file corrupted.
“What the— Why can’t I save the–?” The file had to be deleted and that got Sarai angry.
“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” she screamed.

“You know you can’t attack me in the car while I’m driving!” Mori said.
“WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?” Sarai said, “My hands hurt typing that for 4 straight hours! My eyes hurt from looking at the computer all day! EYE STRAIN!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll do that for you again in an hour or so.” Mori said, “Just say you need to receive something you left in there to finish your report.”
“I told them it was finished an hour ago!” Sarai shouted.
“Hey, shit happens.” Mori said, “Now, you two holding each other in bliss, listen up!!”

“How she knows what we’re doing?” Julis said.
“You’re not that silent.” Mori said.
“But you don’t have your mind reader helmet.” Antonio said.
“I don’t need it to tell what you two are doing. Look, I’m dropping you two off at your home as we handle some business and we need you to act like you knew nothing about our laid plans. You’ve been in our place all day and just so we’ll be safe, we’re already dropped Kristina off at your place.”

“Already?” Julis said.
“Oh, and Marie said she was an angel!” Mori said, “They love to see her more!”


8:30 pm, Sanders’ place

They arrived back at Antonio’s place and as Antonio and Julis snuck back in the house but they were in the clear as no one is home.
“Oh…. they must’ve gone somewhere.” Antonio said.
“Perfect timing for us, I guess.” Julis said, “So with that said…. you want to fool around a bit?”
Antonio shook his head.
“I knew you would.” They took both their tops off and begun making out on the couch.

However, as they were making out, there was a door unlocking in the back.

“Oh, yes! Kiss my body all you want, Anton….and it’s a front hook.”
As he was about to unhook her bra, they heard a sound.
“Mommy?” And that was Kristina.
“AAAHH!!” Both of them screamed and got their tops back on.
“OH! Kristina!!” Julis said.
“And Moms…. and Ramon… And Kala.” Antonio said.
“Mommy, you’re here!” Kristina said, “And there’s Antonio, too, with his shirt slipping or something.”
“Yeah, slipping. That’s it.” Antonio said.
“Nothing unusual here!” Julis said, with both of them chuckling uncomfortably.

“Well… good thing we got back before we ended up seeing you two in a weird position.” Cela said.
“Apparently, you had one of your friends to drop off Kristina here.” Kala said, “She told us that you two had something to take care of.”
“Yeah, we did.” Antonio said, “And it was taken care of.”
“Pretty much.” Julis said.

“You want to watch some TV, dear?” Cela asked her.
“Sure!” Kristina said.
“I’m gonna head on the bed, you four talk all you want.” As Cela went on to her room.

“OK… you two are acting extra weird tonight.” Ramon said, “You got something to hide?”
“NO!!!” Both of them shouted with abrupt force.

“OK, damn.” Ramon said.
“Or….” Kala said as Kristina wasn’t paying attention as she was watching cartoons in the next room, “You two were really into making out on the couch before we came here.”

“Uh…. yeah. That’s it.” Julis said, “And…. wait, does that mean that you two know about me and Anton?”
“And you two and your friend Anais.” Ramon said.
“Oh….” In other words, Ramon did know without Antonio telling him.

“I mean, you’re not panicking, are you?” Ramon asked them.

*cue Antonio and Julis screaming in their heads*

“OK, OK….” Julis said, “Yes, it’s true. I’ve been doing a lot of things with Antonio and Anais for some time now. Truth is, for some time now, I’ve developed a lot of feelings for Antonio even after I stopped babysitting you three.”
“You guys already know my feelings on Julis.” he said, “However, it wasn’t the only time I did things with her.”
“Huh?” Both siblings said.

“About 7 years ago….me and Julis went to her apartment while she was setting things up for her tenure at the university and things got hot and heavy over there.”
“In short, Anton and I…. well, we made love.” Julis added. “I’ll be honest. I was having a miserable time in college from stress from class, a cheating boyfriend and everything was just falling apart and I wanted to scream my ass off.”

“I visited her one day and I see her crying her eyes out and I did everything to make her feel better.” Antonio said, “And one thing led to another and…. well, you know the rest.”

“So, go ahead, get on me If you want but Julis doesn’t deserve that shit. We already went through enough with her ex fighting me for bullshit reasons and–”
“EX FIGHTING YOU!?” Ramon and Kala shouted.
“We told Jun about us and he didn’t take it well…. Well, he actually laughed at the idea of both of us together.” Julis said. “I got angry, he started to throw hands and thankfully Anais and her crew helped us.”
“Crew!?” Ramon and Kaya shouted.
“Wait, you mean that crew that came by earlier with Kristina?” Kaya shouted, “The ones that look like A Babysitter’s Club reboot?”

“Yeah, them.” Antonio said.
“You hang around with some interesting girls…. weird ones but interesting.” Ramon said.
Julis stared at him with daggers, “Ramon, really?”
“Hey, I said interesting.” Ramon said, “And you fit in that category.”
“Well, all that matters now is that Anton and I are together….and I wanted to have his mom here and ask her if–”
“If what?” Ramon said.
“WAIT!!! You’re going to pop the question to him!? Shouldn’t he do that!?” Kaya said.


“It’s not marriage!!” Julis said, “I want him to move in with me…. but I don’t know if he wants that.”
“Look, I’ve been doing some thinking about this.” Antonio said, “Like…I love the idea of living with you every day and yes, there is going to be some new responsibilities like help taking care of Kristina, paying bills, possibly look for a better job I’m not going to get and I easily get overwhelmed by a lot and I….. I…..feel like I would let you down in a way. That’s why I’m hesitant about that.”

“Anton…..” Julis said, “I get it, you’re feeling what I was feeling at college. You’re scared of the surroundings changing around you. It’s OK to feel this way.”
“I know, I know. I just don’t want to be that guy that fucks up everything for everybody…. especially to you.”
“Anton, I’ve known you for 17 years.” Julis said, “The majority of those years, you made me smile and feel like I meant something to you.”
“You always have and I hope to never stop.” Anton said as he leans to a kiss on Julis’ lips.

“So, you’re moving out then?” As Cela was listening to the conversation.
“Mom? You’re still up?” Kala said.
“I need to use the bathroom but hey, if Antonio moving out can help him prepare for the world, then I’m for it.” Cela said, “At least it’s with someone I can trust.”

“What about Kristina?” Julis said.
Then Kristina came in all of a sudden.
“Anton is living with us?” Kristina said, “YAY!!! We’re going to be a lot of fun with us together! Even with that big check you’re getting soon.”

And that took a sharp turn as Kala, Ramon and Cela glared at Antonio and Julis for that comment.
“Big check?”
Antonio and Julis were nervously chuckling and gulping as they couldn’t keep the secret for long.


A few minutes later

“YOU GOT HOW MUCH!?!” Cela said, “So your uncle decided to leave your ass with $50 million and give us only some chicken change?”
“To be fair, that chicken change sounds good to me right about now.” Julis said.
“And you didn’t even tell us? Your family?” Kala questioned him.

“I couldn’t tell anyone!!” Antonio said, “Isley stated not to tell a soul to anyone when I receive it. I couldn’t even tell Julis about it…. even the lawyer got robbed.”
“Yeah, some fools robbed him in broad daylight, taking his briefcase.” Antonio said, “The police have been searching it high and low and who knows what might have happened to it?”
Antonio’s phone rang and it was Mr. Meyers.
“Mr. Sanders, sorry to call you this late but I have wonderful news. Turns out someone mysteriously brought my briefcase to the police and they brought it back to me. We can discuss your payment tomorrow and don’t worry about anyone knowing it now since I had my assistant Sarai help you with that.”
“How in the hell is Sarai?” Ramon said.
“Anais’ sister.” Kristina said.
“She got a sister?”

Then, a sudden burst in the door, here comes Anais and Sarai.
“Anton, Julis, you here!?” Anais said, “Everything went as according to plan!! The briefcase is back all safe and sound.”
“And at least Mori is getting my work done after her messing it up for me.” Sarai said.

They see the rest of the family staring at them while Antonio and Julis were looking caught.
“Uh, what happened?” Anais asked.


After explaining everything to Cela and the other siblings, Antonio, Julis, Kristina, Anais & Sarai went back to Julis’ house and see if any damage was done after Jun left.
“Well, nothing else happened here.” Antonio said, “Now my mom knows, my brother and sister knows and… well, at least the worst problems are over.”
“You did explain that you’re sharing the money with them.” Julis said.
“I know, I know but $50 million will make a motherfucker go crazy.” Antonio said.

“You haven’t gone crazy.” Anais said.
“Because everything else is driving me to that level…” Antonio said, “Well, I’m tired and I need some sleep.” He then falls over to the couch.

“I feel him on sleep.” Sarai said, “Again, eye strain from computer typing all day.”
“Yeah, might as well get some sleep.” Anais said, “It’s been a long day.”


7:00 am, December 4th, Julis’ place


Antonio was waking up and his first sight is seeing… Sarai cooking in the kitchen… in her underwear.
“Morning, sunshine!” she said.
“Morning.” He said all groggily as the sight of that didn’t phase in his mind in 5…4…3…2….

“Wait….you cook in the kitchen in your bra and panties every morning?” he asked.
“Yes…” Sarai said, “Granted, maybe I shouldn’t do this in someone else’s place but I’ve already started, so….” She continues to cook.

“So, you see what you like?” Sarai said in a flirty way.
“You mean the food, right?”
“Yes…..” Sarai said, “What else I’m referring to…”
Antonio hides his morning wood from her.
“OK, I get you’re horny but damn.” Sarai said.

“Morning, y’all.” As Julis said coming downstairs. “Morning, sweetie.”
As she kissed Antonio good morning and she sees a half-naked Sarai cooking.
“OK, Sarai….you’re cooking in my kitchen naked.”
Then Anais came in the kitchen. “I see Sarai is still cooking naked. At least she has a top on this time.”

Oh, damn. I’m in my girlfriend’s house and I see three women naked in the kitchen. That sounds like a sexual fantasy of mine come true and I don’t think there’s anything to spoil I—AW SHIT!!
“Hey, where’s Kristina?” Antonio said.
“Oh, she’s at school now.” Julis said as she sat on his lap, “Things would’ve gotten awkward for your little fantasy in your head now if she was here. Miss me last night?” She gave him a kiss.

“Today’s the day, huh?” Sarai said, “You’re finally going to get that money.”
“And hopefully that means new beginnings for all of us.” Anais said, “And by that, I mean–”
“Anais, you’re still getting a cut of the cash, all right?” Antonio reminded her.

“You need to come along for support?” Julis said, “I have free time today.”
“It’ll be nice for you to join us.” he said, “That way, they won’t completely jump on my throat about this.”
“You’re going to be fine.” she said, “Besides, Sarai will be there, too, for support.”
“Um, Julis…. I can’t be in the room with them.” Sarai said, “I’m just the secretary.”
“A secretary cooking eggs AND bacon in her underwear.” Anais said.
“Said the girl also in her underwear.” Sarai said, “And Julis isn’t exactly full of clothes.”
“It’s her place.” Anais said, “She can clean in au naturel if she wants. Tonio might like it. I mean, look at us right now.”
“I do have on shorts, you know.” Julis said.
“Red short shorts and a white bra.” Anais said.
“And Tonio’s hand is near your ass.” Sarai said.
“Good.” Julis smirked.

Antonio then whispered to Julis, “Wait, do you clean in–”
“No.” Julis said, “I may do a lot of naked things for you but not that.”

The family soon arrived at the DBM building with Antonio following them along with Sarai and Julis.

“So, you really couldn’t tell anyone about the money?” Cela said, “Not even us?”
“It was ordered by Uncle Isley.” Antonio said.
“And yet when that got lifted, you couldn’t tell us but you tell Julis?” Kaya asked him.

“Well, I’m the third person he told or at least 2nd to 3rd.” Julis added, “And to be fair, he never outright told anybody at first. Anais guessed.”

Ramon then added his words, “You mean like we guessed that you and Anton are–”
Julis stared at him with daggers in her eyes.
“You sure you want to finish that sentence?” she said.
“No, Ma’am.” Ramon said.

“Y’all know that I would tell you eventually.” Antonio said, “You act like I’m going to hoard all the money to myself.”
“Well, you do hide money from us sometimes.” Kaya said.
“Only shit I find on the floor!” Antonio said, “Y’all know I always give Mom $100 every time I get paid and I give you money whenever y’all need it! Besides, sometimes I need cash for my own pleasures as well… and sometimes that’s rare.”

“What about those streaming services you always pay for?” Cela said, “Isn’t that pleasure enough?”
“Well, pardon me for liking to watch TV at my down time.” Antonio said.

“Then ask Julis for money sometimes.” Ramon said.
“NO!!!” Antonio said, “Unlike you, I don’t like borrowing money a lot.”
“Anton, it’s fine if you wanted to borrow some cash.” Julis said, “I get that feeling a lot.”
“Except I didn’t want to be that deadbeat boyfriend that borrows money a lot and never pays it back…. and speaking of not paying it back…” As he’s looking at Ramon.
“OH WHAT? You’re still mad about the $75 you never got back?”

“Y’all keep telling me to save money every damn time but whenever y’all need it, I have to lend you some, again and again and again and–”
“Wait, why am I getting all the flack? What about Kaya?”
“She getting the flack, too.” Antonio said, “But sooner or later, she pays me back so there’s that.”
“HEY…… actually, you’re right.” Kaya said, “And at least, I pay him back.”
“So, stop acting like I don’t do shit for everybody. I do. Just don’t expect to always to that shit for you!!” Antonio said, “Understand, boy!”


Soon, Mr. Meyers came in the building with an arm brace on him.
“Good morning, Sanders family!” he said, “Sorry about the trouble with this money thing. There’s been a lot happening the past few days and …. who are you?” As Mr. Meyers is referring to Julis.
“Oh, excuse me. I’m Julis Izumi.” she said, “I’m Antonio’s girlfriend.”
“Oooh, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.” Meyers said, “I notice you and my secretary Sarai are friendly with each other.”
“Yeah, well, she’s one of my friend’s sister and I treat her like family.” Julis said.

“OK then.” Meyers said, “Now, we have to talk about the money. Yes, I know some of you are surprised that Antonio is getting this large amount of money issued to him and you’re thinking if he ripped you off.”

“I was thinking that.” Ramon said.
“Same here.” Kaya said.

“But what?” Antonio said.
Meyers added on, “Here’s the thing: You’re still getting the 50 mill but you’re not getting the full 50 mill in your hands.”
The family seemed confused.
“What?!” Antonio said.
“According to this additional letter from your Uncle Isley, he issued something about the money.”

He opened the letter:

Dear Antonio,

I bet you were wondering about the extra $25 million missing. Look, I didn’t cheat you out of that much money but I saved half of it in a special vault somewhere in a bank in Colombia. That money is used for only investments and the good thing about it is that will continue to grow every day as the companies continue to strive. As for the $25 million you have right now, that’s yours to do as you pleased but just don’t end up flaunting and losing it in one day. Help some people out, give some to your friends and especially your family. I know I may seem like I never like my family…. True, they have let me down but deep down in my heart, I’ll always have love for them and I wish I did a better job showing them that in my last years of life. Make sure you show them love every day, kid.

Signed with love and respect,

Buford Isley Watson.


“I mean, you still get some money.” Meyers said, “But just the half of it.”


“WOW…. you must feel let down, huh?” Kaya said, “Makes you wonder if keeping this a secret was even worth it.”
“Then again, 25 mill is still a lot of money.” Ramon said, “I’m still getting some of that, right?”
However, Antonio didn’t really seem let down or even slightly mad.

“Anton? You don’t look that sad after all that.” Julis said.
“Well…. I don’t have anything to be sad about.” Antonio said, “I mean, I still get $25 million, right?”

“I’m glad you see that way, son.” Cela said, “I just hope you put that money into good use…. and speaking of good use….”
“You’re getting some cash from me.” Antonio said, “But he did suggest putting it in another bank or somewhere else so no one won’t be suspect about how much money I got.”

Then suddenly out of nowhere, the two robbers Jenks and Salb entered the building with Sarai instantly recognizing them and she also sees the Sanders clan with Julis leaving the office.
“Oh shit….” Sarai silently said.

“I’m gonna find that motherfucker we rob and–” Jenks spotted the family and Salb sees Sarai about to warn them.
“Oh no….” Sarai said.
She quickly had to walk fast from Salb but Jenks went straight to running towards the Sanders family.

“Hey, motherfucker!!!” he shouted as he runs toward them.
“Who the hell is that?” Cela said.
“Don’t know. Don’t care. RUN!” Antonio and Julis shouted as they made their way into the exit with Sarai following them and the two behind them.

“The fuck going on?” Ramon said.
“Should we chase them fools?” Kaya asked.
“Yup.” Ramon shouted as him and Kaya followed.



“DAMN! How they find us!?” Antonio shouted.
“They must’ve re-trace their steps!” Julis said.
“Where’s my sister and her crew when you need them?” Sarai said, “Wait, I can call them and they can–” Then Salb ended up catching them. “I got the girls!!!!”
“Come here, fool!!” Jenks grabbed Antonio. “So you’re the big man that’s getting that 50 million today, huh? Well, you’re just about shit out of luck, boy!! You’re gonna hand me that money or else I’m shooting you and your girlfriends, too.”
“ANTON!!!” Julis shouted.
“HELP!!!” Sarai screamed.

“Wait, wait, wait….. you want the money!?” Antonio said.
“Duh, motherfucker.” Jenks said, “Give us that 50 mill, bitch!!”
“OK, fine…. just let me reach into my pocket.” As Antonio reaches slowly down his pant pocket as he sees someone coming.

“Uh, the fuck is you doing?” However, Ramon and Kaya punched them out and kicked them down.

“Oh, damn…… that was a close one again!” Antonio said.
“Again?” Ramon said, “Uh, little bro, you got a lot to explain to us and I mean, a lot.”
“And so do you, Julis and other girl.” Kaya said.
“I got a name, you know.” Sarai said.
“Whatever,” Kaya said, “Let’s leave before these assholes wake up.”


An hour later, Antonio, Julis, Anais & Sarai did some explaining to the Sanders’ family about what happened.
“So the lawyer got robbed and your side-chick got a crew of women that’ll hunt down and beat the shit out of some thugs?” Ramon said, “I got one question…. Can I hire them sometime?”
“Oh, what you need to do?” Anais said.
“Oh, there’s babysitting with the kids, doing taxes for next year and there’s also–”
“RAMON!!!” Cela said, “OK…. Antonio, what in the hell were you thinking doing that shit!!! You could’ve been killed! And Julis, I expected better from you being the older one out of all of you here.”
“Look, Ms. Sanders….” Julis said, “I admit that what we did is…..OK, it was dumb and asinine and….” She continues to hide in her shirt.
“Girl, you’re 30 and hide like that like a kid?” Kaya said.
“31…..and so?” Julis said under her shirt. “OK, I can’t even defend myself on this. I’ll sound stupid with it.”

“Ms. Sanders, we had to retrieve that check from those guys.” Anais said, “Me and my crew had to help out Antonio. He’s our boy and we got a lot of love from him.”
“We couldn’t have him losing out on something like this.” Sarai said.

“It seems like everybody got a lot of love for you, Antonio.” Cela said, “I mean, not only you got a girlfriend that loves you unconditionally, you got a crew that’ll look out for you.”

“I just met you a few days ago and I think you seem like a good dude.” Sarai said, “I know you’re somebody that loves wild girls a lot but you’re all right with me.”
“Thanks, Sarai.” Antonio said.

“Well…..we had a lot happened the past few days.” Ramon said, “We getting a lot of money, you’re in love, we have some new friends and…. wait, how you going to tell your daughter about you two?”
“Oh…….” Antonio and Julis said.



“Hey Kristina…” Julis said.
“Yes, Mommy?”
“I need to talk to you about something.”
“Wait, I didn’t mean to accidentally let a puppy in here that one time you were out!”
“Puppy?” Julis said, “Look, It’s actually about me and Antonio. You noticed how me and your dad aren’t exactly together like a Mom and Dad are?”
“You mean divorced?”
“Sorta, kinda.” Julis said, “And you know I got feelings for another guy and….”
“It’s Anton?”
“Wow, you’re good at guessing.” Julis said. “Listen, we’ve been talking and I wanted to see if you’re OK with Antonio living with us from now on.”
“You mean Anton is going to be here every day? What about Dad?”
“We’re going to deal with that soon.” she said, “And while Antonio and your dad aren’t that friendly with each other now, they understand that they don’t want to anything to hurt you.”
“They aren’t going to fight again, aren’t they?” Kristina said.
“Hopefully not.” Julis said, “They are going to talk it out later on…. in a safe and controlled environment where no one will get hurt.”

“Will Anais and that group of girls be there?”
“….. Yeah.” Julis said, “And I want to assure you…. I may not feel the same way about your dad as before, but he is still your dad and he love you very much and Anton is not trying to replace your father.”
“OK, Mom.” Kristina said, hugging her.


2:58 pm, At the park


Antonio and Jun are both at the park, sitting on separate benches.

“Listen, I’m not here to fight.” Antonio said.
“I know.” Jun said, “But you still got them girls watching us.”
“It’s for safety reasons.”
“For you.” Jun said, “I get it. You have some pussy control power that women flock to you.”
“Or maybe they just like me.” Antonio said, “Look, I’m trying to call a truce here, OK?”

“Truce?” Jun seems puzzled.
“I don’t want to fight each other every time we see each other.” Antonio said, “It wouldn’t be right with Julis and Kristina, especially the latter and despite me not liking you…. you’re a good father to Kristina.”

“So, the truce isn’t just for us…. you’re thinking of Kristina in the long haul.” Jun said, “And despite me not liking you, Kristina has always been fond of you and I don’t want to be the bad guy in forcing you away.”

“So, we agree that we’re going to be there for her?” Antonio said.
“Yep.” Jun said.

“And what about Julis?” Antonio said.
“Look, man. I know you two got a thing going on and seeing how you treat her like a queen….. I got nothing to worry about.” Jun said, “You’re a better man to her than I was.”

HEHEHEHEHE!! I’m a better man than he is.

“Are you thinking that right now?” Jun said.
“No.” Antonio said quickly.

“Yes, you are!!!!!” Mori shouted in the distance.
“HA!” Jun shouted.
“Snitch.” Antonio said under his breath.

“Ha….. well, looks like we on the verge of working on our relationship as….” Jun said, “Well…. as acquaintances.”
“Yeah, that’ll work.” Antonio said.
“What about Anais?” Jun said, “Is she cool with me?”
“That’s for you to find out.” Antonio said, “And she isn’t getting her girls to attack so you’re good.”
Jun then soon left as well.

As Antonio was leaving, he ran into Anais in the parking lot.
“So, we’re square with him now?” Anais asked.
“Looks like it. I hope it means less ass-kickings.”
“It should be.” Anais said, “But it’s nice that you were thinking of Kristina and Julis…. but one wrong move by the guy and he’s gone.”
“I just hope things are changing for the better with him.” Antonio said.

“Look, don’t worry.” Anais said, “All it matters to you is how your relationship with Kristina and Julis is and on that, you’re doing well. Although it does mean the thing between the three of us might have to stop.”
“Well…… yeah, you’re right.” Antonio said.
“As much as I like loving you and Julis up, I can’t be in between of you both.” Anais said, hugging Antonio. “I’m so glad I’ve became friends with you.” Antonio said.
“As do I.” Anais replied back.



After some time of preparation and setting up rooms and everything, Antonio has moved out from his mom’s house to Julis’ place.

Antonio is waking up but he sees Julis laying on top of him.
“Hey….” Julis said as she was awake, “What you doing up so early?”
“I…. don’t know.” he said, “Guess I got my full sleep.”

“Well, it’s…. 6 am and you don’t have to work today.” she said, “And school’s out for the holidays with Kristina still asleep.”

“And that means….” As Antonio and Julis got smirks on their faces.


They were in the living room, mostly in their underwear, watching an old horror movie just before Kristina could wake up.

“Man, I remember watching this when we were younger.” Antonio said.
“Yeah, you always were saying to me on how you can handle it and I’m a brave boy.” Julis said, “But the moment you see somebody get their throat slashed–”
“I was 10!!” Antonio said.
“And you had nightmares!” Julis said, “And yet you were huddled on me so, so close.”
“Oh, you mean like this?” As Antonio has holding her by her hips.

“I don’t remember you as a 10-year-old grabbing my hips.” Julis said.
“And yet you’re got your hand on my chest.” Antonio said, “I see you’re getting comfortable.”

“Oh, and since you mentioned that…” She took off her shirt then got her bra off and holding it with her tits exposed.
“So…. have any good memories, Anton?” she said with a smile, “You like what you see?”
She checks down there with him having a wild expression on his face. “Yep, you do.” She jumps on him and they started to make out right then.


So……. were you expecting a different end to this? That I was going to be on some lavish island, sitting exotic drinks with Julis in a bikini and all that? Well, that doesn’t happen…… yet.

As my uncle said, I shouldn’t be spending it on many frivolous things. I had to invest it in a lot of things…. and there were plenty.

For starters, Uncle Isley had a list of companies that he already invested in and still continues to make money off of them. However, I had a few things to invest in the town like….


Green Ray’s – After I left that job (on good terms, mind you), I did leave a parting gift for the rest of the employees there and now I own about 10% of the business. What? I’m not exactly greedy and I made sure everyone (at least the ones that act right) are pleased with this. Me and Derrick – remember him, dude that always helped me there – are still tight and I give him a few dollars every now and then.


The Yamamoto Fog were a big up to me getting the money and the share I gave them…. they really upgraded themselves as they got another location for members outside their district and growing every day. Michi is running the new location while Anais got the old one to run. All of the members recently welcomed in a new member…. Sarai.
Yeah, Sarai eventually joined the Fog as their financial advisor. Mori still accidentally bugged her computer and read other people’s minds unknowingly.

As for Jun…. OK, this has nothing to with the money but he is trying to be a better father to his daughter and less hostile towards me. There’s been no beefs, fights or any other altercations between us and he even got a new and steady girlfriend that he won’t eventually dump for another one….. but me and Anais and the rest of the crew are still keeping an eye on him.


The family are doing alright with their share and hopefully they won’t ask me for much. Mom spent hers re-decorating the whole house into something a bit better and newer.  Kaya has been working on her art studio with her share and she has gotten some major attention with that and as for Ramon….. 

I actually made him a partner in some of my investment deals that Isley left behind and now he got some of that money as well.
He still borrows money from me tho.


And there’s me and Julis….


Well, here we are. The two of us are kissing deeply in our own ap—actually, our own HOUSE. Yeah, we figure why just rent an apartment where we got the money to afford a house and have it all paid for.
Me and her are living in pleasure and peace.

Granted, I know money doesn’t always bring you happiness and it’s true…. I just didn’t blow it on stupid shit.
…… OK, I did get a new PS4, two 4K TVs, a new car because my old one is on its last legs, some new clothes, some CDs, Blu-rays and all that.
Well, that’s a few things but I still got money saved up.

I can have nice things once in a while, you know.


“So…..”, Julis said, “Mr. $50 Million man…. what’s our agenda for the rest of the day? We can’t just make love the entire day.”
“Oh, we can’t?” Antonio said, with a smirk and a kiss.
“No, we literally can’t.” Julis said, “Our privates would chafe and itch and hurt…. I could do this all day though.” She kept on kissing him and he returned the favor.
“I can DEFINITELY do that all day.” He said with a smile.


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