TIME of the SEASON Winter 2019 Edition: KAGUYA-SAMA: Love is WAR





ABSOLUTELY….. Well, there are a few things but yes, this is a cheap way to tell you about the next anime premiering this season.

This is Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama

Series Composition: Yasuhiro Nakanishi

Music: Kei Haneoka

Original creator: Aka Akasaka

Character Design: Yuuko Yahiro

Art Director: Risa Wakabayashi

Chief Animation Director:

Hiroshi Yakou

Yūko Hariba

Yuuko Yahiro

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Director of Photography: Masaharu Okazaki


Animation Production: A-1 Pictures


Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand)


FUNimation Entertainment


Licensed by: Aniplex of America


Plot Summary: Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are two geniuses who stand atop their prestigious academy’s student council, making them the elite among elite. But it’s lonely at the top and each has fallen for the other. There’s just one huge problem standing in the way of lovey-dovey bliss—they’re both too prideful to be the first to confess their romantic feelings and thus become the “loser” in the competition of love.

First Thoughts: Well, this is just plain damn silly! No, I mean, we are in for some silly-ass shit with this romance story of– competition? Yeah, a competition of getting the other one to confess their feelings for another and this just seems stupid to me. But then again, we wouldn’t have a plot for this. Granted, some of the humor I like and the big announcer narrative is a strong proponent of this but you know this might end in them both losing and just confessing their love for each other or maybe there might be a twist. Hell if I know but you know what? I’d need a new good Saturday anime this season since I got tricked by Hand Shakers 2 aka W’z.

OK, I’ll keep watching for now.

And it looks like that’s it for new anime to look at. OK, not really but the next one is on the 20th which is a week and a day from now. So, until then….


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and Love can be a confusing thing.

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