TIME of the SEASON Winter 2019 Edition: MY Roommate is A CAT

Wait, when did anime decided to make a show about my living situation? Well, I think most people have cats as roommates…

Roommates that don’t pay rent.

This is My Roommate is a Cat.

Director: Kaoru Suzuki

Series Composition: Deko Akao

Music: Kotoringo

Original creator:

As Futatsuya


Character Design: Masaru Kitao

Animation Production: Zero-G

Internet Streaming:


FUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: A shy novelist adopts a cute stray cat and starts to slowly open himself to the world. Both his and the cat’s point of view are included in each story.

First Thoughts: Well, first thing out of the gate — dead parents (from a bus accident), reclusive writer that keeps to himself and works himself to the bone, without even eating or sleeping. However, he meets this cat as he went to his parents’ grave to give flowers, tribute, food, all that stuff and now they are roommates. Hell, the cat has to help feed him as he works himself to death and going into the cat’s POV is also engaging. Some elements are quite sad, mainly the cat’s past and the main guy himself…. he’s not a bad lead, he’s actually alright but compared to the cat, he’s that basic shut-in but you do understand his motives (sometimes).



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and here’s some cat pics!!!

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