WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 108: Episode 119 – BRACES

And now for our last WBB of the week and checking to make sure if any is coming sooner than later (we’re good for now), we got to the one place many fear of going: the dentist.

We take a trip to the dentist and see what goes on with the bears.


When the Bears go to the dentist, Panda gets braces. But, Panda finds out his braces grant him super abilities and the power goes to his head.

One day at the dentist where the bears are getting their checkup, turns out that Panda really has some fucked-up teeth, so Dr. Clark issued Panda braces. These giant-ass ugly braces on him and man, Panda is not feeling these at all. Hell, people are pointing out how ugly he looks in them and making fun of him. However, they discover that the braces give Panda some super abilities to do things with his mind and Panda is loving this. He even messed with a dude that made fun of him.

However, as power comes, there’s also the fact it goes to his head and he’s stark raving fucking mad!

He gathers all the smartphones and got them floating around like something you see from X-MenAkira, Chronicle, etc. and he plans to destroy the city and everyone that was mean to him and of course Panda thinks he’s against them and plans to destroy them, too. They called up Dr. Clark and there’s a latch underneath the braces and they need to get them off of him.

But they do talk him about it and they said that they’re sorry and that he’s not alone and they should’ve treated him better during that braces thing. They apologized and all is we–then the large-ass amount of smartphones fell on top of them. Grizz and Ice made it fine but Panda is all hospitalized with lack of teeth.

FINAL VERDICT: Alright, this is a fire episode, especially near the end where it gathers the smartphones like he was Magneto in the X-Men franchise. I thought it was one of those references I mentioned earlier but it did remind me of said titles. Also, I dig the way Bobby Moynihan’s performance when he was Pandoro. He almost sounds like it was someone else on the mic and he did it well. Plus, nice to see Dr. Clark again and I liked him, too. Yeah, def cool episode.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and remind me to stay indoors if raining smartphones. That and get a basket in case one lands here.

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