WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 106: Episode 117 – ADOPTED

Do many of you wish you got adopted by a millionaire and when you go to his house, you think you’ll live the lap of luxury?

Well, I wish I was a millionaire so there’s that. Adopted by one…..I’ll think about that but the bears lived that in this episode and yeah, adopted as in this is another Baby Bears episode.


The Baby Bears get adopted by an eccentric millionaire and get to live in his mansion.

So in this auction with the stereotypical snooty rich folks high-falutin’ it and betting on priceless antiques and possessions that most broke bois (and girls) can’t afford. Then the next item for auction is….the BEARS? Yeah, they apparently broke into this auction as they try to sell themselves to some rich people.
(Hey, at least it isn’t like prostitution or anything like that.)
They were about to be thrown out but one particular person bought them for $10 million and his name is Charles Willoughby Wentworth, the Earl of Worthington. Basically he’s a rich man that got his daddy’s money and can spent on whatever the fuck he wants. (So can he give me a few dollars? Like $1 million or something?)

So, they all go into his home and it’s every kid’s dream come true when entering a rich person’s house. It’s full of toys and a lot of things to do. They were having a blast…..and then there’s Carl.
Carl is a Silverback Gorilla that he keeps in this room and he brought the bears as his own “Teddy Bears”….even though these bears are flesh and blood and bone and seeing what he has done with other teddy bears, they may not live….or at least Panda since he likes him the most.

They plan a way to get Panda back from Carl without him noticing. They got Panda but one squeak got him up and he grabbed Panda, put him in his overall pocket, climbed out of there and climbed up Charles’ house and that means Grizz finds a remote control plane with Ice Bear controlling it and yes, this is basically King Kong.

Plane is getting out of control, Panda loses grip but Grizz saves him but the plane loses its batteries but Carl jumps down to save them all!!! And he smiles! Morning after, Charles and Carl send the bears their way back into their journey of finding a home.

FINAL VERDICT: This episode was pretty fun. It got the excitement of what its like to live in a millionaire’s place, almost akin to that movie Richie Rich (anyone remember that movie? That one Macaulay Calkin movie in the 90s that’s not Home Alone) and even got a solid King Kong-like sequence. I’m also glad that the millionaire character is a kid at heart, albeit one that got his daddy’s money but never seemed like a douche. Eccentric and weird, yes but not unlikable. I mean, him and the bears did said their goodbyes in good terms. Plus, he got the gorilla to smile and I admit I smiled at that, too.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and seriously, no one wants to give me $10 million? I mean, he wouldn’t need it! I won’t tell anybody! In fact…..*erases your memory*…..Gorillaz.

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