¡¡¡Preparémonos para revolotear en esta perra !!!! Y wow, este programa regresa rápidamente después del especial de Halloween, pero sí, tenemos algunos We Bare Bears nuevos para ti esta semana y eso significa que realmente tengo que poner algo de contenido en este maldito sitio en la última semana.

(Sí, he estado enfermo hace unos días y todavía estoy tratando de superarlo, pero ya está llegando).


Y sí, notaste que todo esto está en español porque el tema de este episodio es Mexican Wrestling y obtenemos otro episodio de Baby Bears pero en flashback de la persona principal … And now I’m switching back to English but I can’t depend on Google Translate forever.

Anyway, let’s get it on!!!


The Baby Bears enter a Mexican wrestling tournament.

We cut into this Mexican wrestler’s home with his kid and showing him all his trophies (even for tamales) and then they got to one picture and it’s him as a young kid and oh, look….you see the Baby Bears in there! Yes, this is a flashback tale as the bears at that time journeyed in Mexico for their never-ending (at least then) journey of finding a home and looking for someone to adopt them.

They went into this gym where they are practicing Lucha Libre and they met the kid Rodolfo as he is practicing his moves but unfortunately, he slipped on some elote and his leg is fucked and he needs money to pay for the surgery and his dog at that, too. (AKA Damn, he’s broke as fuck and it’s sad.)

So, the bears decide to enter the tournament to win the cash prize to pay for his surgery and by bears, I mean just Grizz and Ice Bear. Yeah, Panda knows that he can’t fight worth a shit…then again, at the start of the fight, Grizz just ran and got his ass beat. Ice Bear couldn’t see worth shit and yet he manages to kick ass and the further it goes, they are getting gradually better and better and bet– Oh wait, here comes the final one — Gordito.

And he is a big motherfucker!!!!

Too big for the bears to conquer and now even Panda is in the ring (not by choice), then he remember the special move that Panda did earlier and he slipped the elote and cause him to slip and fall, thus they are the VICTORS!!!!

And so, after that, you know the whole thing. They said their goodbyes and Adult Rodolfo hopes that they did find their home one day and all that stuff.

FINAL VERDICT: Once again, we got another “Baby Bears helps a person out” story and involving around Mexican Wrestling at that and it’s a decent episode as usual, although good thing Panda did get in the ring because it was his fault the first place and I like the fact that corn saved their asses.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and A menudo me meto a escondidas en la casa de mi co-anfitrión y como su comida.

Try and guess that for me. Hehheh.

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