WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 103: Episode 114 – CHARLIE’S Halloween THING 2


Now last year, We Bare Bears got a Halloween special and I do remember really loving it and saying that I yearn for more of this and we got it!!! And this time, it’s the full 30 minutes (or 22 minutes). We get 4 HALLOWEEN TALES this year as Charlie once again lead the story-telling on this.


Charlie tells some scary stories featuring The Bears and their friends.


Tale one: A meteor crashed into the forest and some strange alien turns all the forest creatures into zombies. Hell, first thing it attacked was some bunnies and then this deer and…..everything damn forest animal is a zombie!! They reach to the Ranger station to get help but it looks like Ice Bear has turn into a zombie!! (NOO!!! ICE BEAR!!!)

Then the alien that looks like a Kermit the Frog knockoff comes and he looks like he comes at peace and got the antidote to solve it but then Tabes showed up at the WRONG TIME!!! and knocked him out and destroyed the antidote. Then a Zombie Bee or Zom-Bee (*gets hit*) stung her and oh yeah, Grizz gets turned, too. Then life goes on. Yeah, think of that ending of Shaun of the Dead.


Tale two: THE BABY BEARS GO TRICK-OR-TREATING!! And Baby Grizz has the good idea to go up to this spooky house up at the top of the hill with lightning and thunder all around and yeah, they don’t know the sign of “don’t enter this damn house!” Of course spooky things happened and Panda believes it but Grizz doesn’t at first and then…he believes!! CUE SCOOBY-DOOesque CHASE!!! Then it’s all revealed that those monsters are roommates. Now that’s unconventional for your ass.

Image result for charlie's halloween thing 2



Tale three: Chloe and the bears decides to watch a movie online but they don’t want to pay for it and so Chloe decides to just watch it for free but what happens next…..an internet troll suddenly appears and hey, it sounds like a familiar troll we know from a show on another network voiced by the creator of said show. Anyway, he starts fucking up everything from glitching doors (door.exe has stopped working!) and now her and Panda put in an antivirus program to shut him down…..but it didn’t work as you can’t use a firewall to stop a troll but Chloe has a way of stopping it…..ignoring it and deleting him for good.

Image result for charlie's halloween thing 2

Tale four: Charlie wishes to be around people without finding scared and he finds a wishing machine named Zohar and wishes a way to be around more people and…..he’s human!!! He’s now a human or basically what Jason Lee would look like if he was animated as a human character. However, as he enjoys being a human, the bears don’t recognize him and so he keeps on going back to change the wish but more consequences. Especially weird ones like everybody turned into Charlies and other animals and him being wanted. Having enough, he went back to normal…..kinda.

FINAL VERDICT: Well, we got more of what we wanted and…. I’m very satisfied. The tales I like the most is the 1st and 3rd one, followed by the last one and then the 2nd one would be last. First one is straight up like a zombie/alien hybrid of things with that Kermit alien thing and the ending was hilarious. 3rd one was definitely a favorite and an appearance of Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, as the Internet Troll and yeah, from the moment you hear that voice, you’re thinking, “Oh shit, did Bill Cypher crossed into WBB territory?” That idea would be interesting, though. 4th one did remind me of that one episode of The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror where Homer does into different dimensions after killing a dinosaur in the past and the 2nd one did had that homage to Scooby-Doo with those wacky chase scenes with them going door-to-door rooms and all that.  Overall, I will say that I did like the first one more despite that one being just two tales yet I’m very pleased with this entry as well. This is still a sweet Halloween treat they left us.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and hey, they used the Conjuring font on the title card!

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