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So yeah, for the first time since…..OK, you know what? You know at this point that I barely do these movie reviews anymore because of either not going to the movies as much as previous years or the interest is dying off slowly, but it’s the former and while I can easily just say that, I don’t want to remain solely on anime or western animation (really, just We Bare-cap Bears) or music….even though the flick I’m reviewing involves music.

Yeah, remember Kyle? Or Super Duper Kyle if you’re going that route?

The rapper that had that single “iSpy” with Lil’ Yachty that got big in 2017 and at the same year, he was one of the 2017 XXL Freshman (if you give a damn about that anymore) and now this year he just released his album that I did a review on Surreal Resolution earlier this year and it was a solid listen overall although I haven’t gone back to it as much.

Anyway, he’s now starting a little acting career on the side and it’s a Netflix flick. Yes, I’m going to review a Netflix movie because why not? I need something here.


When an aspiring rapper goes viral for all the wrong reasons, he thinks his career is over. But when his best friend gets them into a wild NYC after party, he gets one more chance to make the impossible happen.

So after watching this….twice because at least it’s 90 minutes, I can say that this movie……well, it tried. I mean, I never had the thought of me completely not liking the movie but it isn’t all good. First thing with this movie is the whole narrative of Owen and Jeff trying to get a record deal with this guy Rahmel, who’s at Atlantic Records aka the label Kyle is actually signed to and…..while the plot isn’t all that bad, it’s very dated. Like really dated.

Also, you’re pretty fucked when you go viral for throwing up on Wiz Khalifa and having a seizure after that and nicknamed Seizu– Seezjah Boy (yes, spelled like that).

In an age where people can put themselves out there with platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, WorldStar (BTW, they are one of the production companies here!) etc. or you can just go independent as big as you are, the record deals would come to them now and not the other way around and it’s pretty much the generic come-up story as you probably know how this is going to end. On the other hand, it is something that maybe Kyle can relate to because he did start out independent before being signed but I don’t know if Atlantic came to him or vice versa. Probably the former since “iSpy” happened but still. The story is very rushed as it’s only 90 minutes and it’s going from after party to after party to after party to get to one guy to work a deal with.

The pacing is very rushed as it goes along from going to this party to Owen trying to smash Jeff’s sister Alicia and yes, that is also another subplot since he’s pretty much given up on having a rap career and figured before he leaves to become a Marine, he might as well hook up with Alicia and that shit is rushed, too, as it goes from her seeing him as her little brother’s best friend who she thought was cute to irresistible guy she wants to fuck apparently.

Oh and crazy shit happens from getting into more after parties, a jealous ex-boyfriend of a stripper, and of course, THE RAP CAMEOS! You noticed that poster with all the names you see in there from Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, Desiigner, Jadakiss and more of them? Yup, cameos although Teyana Taylor in there is more of a small role that gets her like 5 minutes of screen time although the DMX cameo is actually kinda sad but not like boo-hoo sadness but more like hot damn, I fucked-up type of sad.

Kyle’s performance as Owen was alright and he has a likable presence in here and while I get Harrison Holzer as Jeff is supposed to be this shot caller white boy manager friend of his, I thought that character was annoying from the start and as for Alicia played by Shelley Hennig…….well, it wasn’t bad. It’s in the section of very meh.


FINAL VERDICT: The After Party is something that would’ve been decent 15 years ago because the narrative sounds like a script that’s been shelved for so long and with Kyle blowing up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it. Again, the movie isn’t all that bad but I would say just watch it once. Just once and yeah, I know I watched it twice but yeah, just once.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and make sure you strong enough to smoke Wiz Khalifa’s weed.


THE AFTER PARTY – courtesy of Netflix

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