WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 102: Episode 113 – El OSO

Oh look, we have ourselves another origin story and this time, it is for…..Charlie! And this one takes place in…..1913? WHOA! So he’s like hundreds of years old? Well, damn.

Let’s see how this will turn out.


In a flashback to long ago, Charlie has an adventure in the Mexican desert.

So Charlie is out in the wild west or something. He’s in the desert walking to whatever he goes to and he meets someone passed out there and he tries to check if he’s alright. He brings the guy into this little shack and gives him water but as soon as he wakes up, the guy thinks he’s a chupacubra. 

However, the guy aka El Oso (up for an reward by the way) is hiding Charlie as the rest of the gang shows up in forms of Knives, Chuckles and Blue Eye Ramon. But he got founded out and had to disguise himself as Cactus Amigo (?)
While that, Charlie fronts on how he killed this sheriff named TableDoor (was Floor but BER killed that guy) and the guys founded out about Charlie’s original bounty and they are looking for his ass……..and then BER immediately got Charlie uncovered. The whole gang is about to attack him but Charlie escapes but it looks like they are going for El Oso for lying to them. However, it looks like the authorities came by there to get the trio. Getting scared at going to jail or getting shot, the trio am-scray out of there and as El Oso when to see what’s going on, Charlie was tricking them the whole time as he can do a lot of impressions.

As the two part ways, El Oso made him promise to always keep a low profile…..as in, part of the reason why he hides from the public in present day…..at least that’s how I thought it.

VERDICT: It’s always interesting to see these sans Bears episodes where the focus is on one of the supporting characters and knowing that Charlie existed back in 1913 was trippy. OK. not trippy but still weird, tho. I also dig the western motif from the title card, the tone, the narrator that sounds like Sam Elliott but I don’t know if it was him so if anyone can point that out, I’ll be grateful. But, yeah, pretty good stuff.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and back to the hiatus it is……as in, no new ones next week. Time for a break.

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