WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 101: Episode 112 – Rescue RANGER

SOME TIMES SOME CRIMES GO SLIPPING THROUGH THE TRACKS OF—-Wait, wrong show. Well, look at the episode title. You should’ve known there was going to be a reference of that at some point. Hell, with the way Disney is doing reboots of their own animated shows, that one may happen–or not. I don’t know. Anyway, we talking about them bears!!!


Ranger Tabes helps The Bears rescue Charlie after he gets captured by a villainous game hunter.

So the bears were watching this TV show called “Creatures of Mystery” and apparently one of the names for them is called “Yowie” – yes, Yowie, Yowie (Yao—-WEE!) and he seems like an evil motherfucker at that. Then, Tabes shows up and she got something to show for them and they spotted Charlie in the distance. Oh, and Tabes still doesn’t know that Charlie knows the bears.

Then they got captured…..by the same guy they saw on TV. The Booby Trapper, which sounds like an SoundCloud rapper on the come up. He takes Charlie away but Ice Bear booby-trapped the booby trap and yep, they confessed that Charlie saved her that one time. Now she, along with the bears, swore to rescue him from the trapper……but she doesn’t know where they went.

But his snake friends know where they want.

They got to the place but unfortunately they run into some traps and Grizz and Panda were the ones that got trapped while Ice Bear and Tabes made their way in there and as Ice Bear is about to break out Charlie….he got tranq by the hunter (oh and his name is Courtney by the name…..but you could’ve gone without that) and now it’s up to Tabes to rescue him and fight against….Courtney and she kicked some ass out there and handled her own until he tripped her up and got tangled with the chains and it looks like he’s going to shoot her with the arrow but then she thought of something and made him miss, stumbling backwards, tripped over Charlie’s leg and trapped in his own cages.

Tabes wanted to thank Charlie but he vanished as soon as the cops came and Courtney was arrested and everything but Tabes did manage to see him one more time, using cheesy poofs to lure him and of course, at last they are finally friends and yes, she’ll keep his secret.

VERDICT: So in terms of this being a Tabes and a Charlie episode, this one is their best one yet especially with the gags about Yowie, Tabes finding out the bears know Charlie and the ending was sweet. I like that bit end part so this is definitely an instant favorite of mine.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and if I sing the Rescue Rangers theme one more time, Disney will sue and own my ass.

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