WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 99: Episode 110 – More EVERYBODY’S Tube

OOOHHHH!!!! Another Everybody’s Tube and I really dig the first volume of that and now we’re getting more, hench the name.


Through another video browsing session online, we get more videos uploaded by The Bears and their friends.

Anyway, the first segment is The bears (or mainly Grizz and Ice Bear) doing movie impressions of Spider-Man, Titanic, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter (Ice Bear: THUG LIFE.) and Star Wars.  There was also a few gags with Panda walking in as Grizz went to kiss Miki-chan and him dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the person taking a screenshot of that and saving it.

Then, we cut to Chloe as her and the bears have another song moment and…..once again, this is a very playful and enduring moment.

Oh, and you notice another thing in the show as the computer keeps asking you to restart but you keep ignoring it.

Another video came and it’s Grizz and Panda pranking Ice Bear as he’s afraid of cucumbers (but not pickles, tho) but then as Panda dressed up as a cucumber, he got the shit kicked out of.

Oh and we got another music video moment and the bears spied a scientist at their mist and he’s voiced by Leslie Odom, Jr. as the bears rap about their bear factz…..only to get fact-checked by him with the exception of Ice Bear, as he just said he is the strongest, coolest and he says that’s actually accurate but he does says that the bears are perfect as they come, no matter what they lack.

Then Tabes have something on there called Tabes’ Craft Corner on how to build a pine cone man and wow, it’s an hour long and they skip some parts, which I would do, too (this is a 10-11 minute format series, no one got that long) but the cutting does make it funny when Ranger Martinez was explaining fire safety and then it gets caught on fire.

And then…..last but not least, we heard a familiar voice in there, someone that’s been quite a GEM and that voice is Estelle and they performed the full version of the theme song in acapella!! In short, it was awesome and it turns out the person behind the computer was Tom and his friends saying they should have a TV show and insinuate they should have one.

Then the computer died.

VERDICT: Wow, I think I’m liking this one more than the first one. Loved the comedic bits with Ice Bear being afraid of cucumbers and the musical ones were phenomenal, especially performing the extended version of the theme song and as for the Tabes’ segment…..yeah, I would skip ahead to although the skipping part does make it more funny.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and maybe you should restart your computers more so it won’t die a virus death.

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