WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 97: Episode 108 – MOM App

Hello, friends? In need of someone who’ll take care of you, love you, treat you with kindness and respect and often smack some sense into you when you’re doing something stupid, embarrass you publicly, and maybe one of your friends might find her attractive?

There’s an app for that (and yes, sometimes your friend might find your mom hot.)

But enough about that, the bears are going to find a mom through an app. Wow, so it’s like Tinder but not in that way or fulfilling a fetish.

Yes, this is getting awkward. SYNOPSIS PLEASE!!!


Hoping to finally get the mom-experience, The Bears use an app that’ll bring a mom right to their door.

One day in the cave as the Bears are watching basketball and the one player doing an interview was asked who is to thank of his talents and of course, the cardinal rule of them all is you thank your mom. Soon after that, there is a commercial for an app about moms and see which one is a match for you. But it’s not Tinder….. 

First one up is Gayle and she’s a very supportive and caring mom who loves to cook and be there for her kids…..although while that can be good, she will sometimes embarrass the hell out of you from pointing out Grizz is like a big baby, making Ice Bear feel shy and lose confidence as he can’t play the violin right and as for Panda:

Showing his artwork from the section where he doesn’t want that shown. So they decide to cancel her ass and they got Linda……who is very super strict and gotten the bears to straighten up and clean up their act and act classy like they have a royal fortune considering she thinking about sending Ice Bear to Singapore and…

But Panda got something good from it as she is giving him her inheritance but she wants him to give up his art, stop doing internet dating and yes, she was thinking of burning Miki-chan and after those last few episodes, Panda is not leaving Miki-chan in danger again so he’s like fuck that shit and cancel her ass, too!!

And now the final mom Tank they got and Ice Bear picked this one and this one is more active than the rest….a bit too active. So damn active that she always got them exercising and working out and tired and exhausted, even to throw out the TV and the phone before they can cancel her. They tried to get it back from her but they grabbed the wrong phone and then Tank’s mom showed up and her full middle name is Tanketha.


EXACTLY!! I bet you know someone named Tanketha……or maybe you don’t. Lesson learned: the bears are just going to be their own moms.

VERDICT: The thing with this episode is this…..there are many kinds of moms that will have great care for you in different ways but they can also embarrass you, enrage you, make you exhausted……all kinds of feelings in there and the bears experiencing those moms and while one minute they do appreciate them, the next they are on their nerves although the first mom wasn’t trying to but the latter ones were definitely close to that. This episode was quite interesting with them knowing about these different moms and all and I think some can relate to those types and all.

And yes, it is a reminder that we all love our moms.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I knew they were going to do a Dad app to this.

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