Back again and back to Baby Bears territory and for future references, they’ll keep coming back as I already saw the other episodes but anyway, to this particular episode and it’s their 100th episode!!!


The Baby Bears get jobs as paper boys.

As usual, the baby bears are continuing their search for……well, either a home or something in similar to that but no such luck, although why that guy asked if 3 bear cubs have jobs or have credit….I have no idea on that.

Anyway, they spotted what they can do to get by with some cash and that’s becoming PAPERBOYS!!! From seeing that one kid that’s definitely someone you saw in the 90s and got a hired by this guy with a bunch of kids doing their own paper shifts and…..anyway, they got hired and you know how it goes. They either get the job done right or occasionally fuck up and boy, they can fuck up sometimes, especially knocking out a bunch of POWERLINES with just a newspaper.

Originally, they were hired to replace a couple of kids heading to Hawaii but they were on vacation and are back, so they got one spot left and the bears argue over who should get it. So, they settled it with a competition of delivering a bunch of newspapers and see who can do it the most. However, an obstacle comes as they are back to the place where it started with the big mean dog in that guy’s place. They are in deep trouble, well two of them in this case Grizz and Panda are in trouble as they hang from a tree as that dog is trying to eat them (?) but Ice Bear with a crow and paper saved the day.

VERDICT: This is…..well, it’s not a godawful episode but it didn’t do much for me and I have re-watched this episode a few times and one of them times I went to sleep (again, that might be because I got too comfortable somewhere, that happens a lot) but watching it again, I just got a big ‘ol shrug from it.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and we got cell phones now for the news!


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