WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 88 – Episode 99: GOOGS

OK, we know in past episodes that they got their own versions of Amazon and YouTube and so, they got their own version of Google.

Or Googs. Yeah, just called Googs. Along with SCHMORBY….I think that’s the equivalent of Jeeves or what’s Google’s mascot? If anyone knows that.



The Bears win a tour of the infamous Googs corporate headquarters.

So there was a contest to win a tour of the Googs Corp HQ and being that this show is set in California and near Silicon Valley, it must sense. So, Panda won that contest and him along with the rest of the Bears take the tour inside Googs. There they meet the mascot Schmorby, this scholar worm who’s showing them around the place and see the wonderment of it.

But, Grizz and Ice Bear either keep messing things up for them and making Panda look bad, even to get Schmorby pissed off and asks them to leave…..well, not Panda because later on, he goes to meet the founder of the company Ari Curd, and she looks like a mix between David Bowie, someone from a futuristic anime-style videogame and someone from any Tron movie….or just those two.

She invites him to be part of Googs and be a part of their space exploration while saying Grizz and Ice Bear got to go and while Panda was pissed at them for screwing up in there, he didn’t want to outright say fuck them but he’s in space anyway and worst of all, Grizz and Ice Bear never left the place so he’s stuck with them and they are heading towards the sun!!!!

Looks like all of them are fucked beyond belief but they see an escape pod and Grizz and Ice Bear got into it first but Panda then sent them out of there as he makes himself a sacrifice as the ship is hurling towards the sun, thus Panda gave his life to— VR SIMULATION OVER!!!

YEP! The whole thing was a damn VR simulation the whole time. Oh, and they actually meet the real Ari Curd, as in that other one was her avatar and she was doing some research involving them with the VR…..yeah, they aren’t coming back there any time soon.


Yeah, what he said. This one definitely got a lot of emotions worked up in that episode even though in the end, there was a damn cop out in the end although we should know at this point that you are not going to kill off a central character like that in this show. Hell, I would leave, too, after that even if the founder was cute. Nah, fuck that.


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