WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 86 – Episode 97: Go FISH


After 5 months on hiatus (or just them in hibernation), the Bears are back to bring more new episodes. In fact, these upcoming 8 episodes are a part of their Best Summer Ever thing where they play a new episode every hour and they got 8 up and I need to get cracking on them.

BUT……I’m not doing all 8 episodes at once. I’m doing 2 recaps of these a day this week.

So now, let’s begin with……fishing.


While on a fishing trip, The Bears get attacked by a giant legendary fish.


So, the bears are on a boat and they’re fishing…..Well, Grizz is trying to fish and act like a pirate badly while Panda is on his phone playing a game about fish (I don’t blame him on that) with Grizz annoying him while Ice Bear shows his skill on getting a lot of fish.

Then there goes the captain they hired (cheaply) and he tells a story of finding a giant Goldfish (yes, you heard that right. Giant gold fish.) and you heard something similar to this before. You got to be a DICK to not know about this tale.

Soon, the fish comes and he…..well, eats him. The bears are doomed as they are without a captain and Panda’s phone as that got harpooned earlier. However, Ice Bear swam out to fight the fish but with a fake sword and to get the key to the life raft and he got thrown back at the boat but he got the key to the raft and escape out of there but that fish got to them and they’re close to becoming fish food and suddenly Grizz remembers that fish.

They bought it at a fair one time and they flushed it down because they thought the fish died (Again, it’s carnival fish. They’re not going to last or they’re just fucking with you) and yet the fish was asleep and down goes the fish. No wonder why the fish was pissed at them.  So the fish did let bygones be bygones but WAIT!!! THE CAPTAIN IS BACK AND HE’S GOT A HARPOON!! He throws it and……

PANDA IS DOWN! Panda has got struck and it….hit the phone. It hits his phone. He’s not dead. Calm down.

Anyway, The Captain apologized to them and that led to:

So there’s that and they all went home—-swimming because Panda popped the raft with the harpoon.

VERDICT: I don’t have much of a verdict but this was something of an episode with some inspiration from Moby Dick and Jaws in some scenes. This episode is the usual funny standard for WBB. There you go.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and if you wonder why I didn’t say, “Why isn’t there a Banana Fish reference in there?” in here…….have you seen BANANA FISH!?


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