TIME of the SEASON Summer 2018 EDITION: ATTACK on TITAN Season 3

Finally…..the one last anime we taking a dive in the summer season and it’s the big one!! It just had to air later into the month because it felt like after the rest aired their first premieres, it’ll have its time all by itself.

At least, that’s why I thought about it.

This is Attack on Titan Season 3.

Chief DirectorTetsuro Araki

DirectorMasashi Koizuka

Series CompositionYasuko Kobayashi

MusicHiroyuki Sawano

Original creatorHajime Isayama

Character DesignKyoji Asano

Chief Animation Director:
Kyoji Asano
Satoshi Kadowaki 

Animation ProductionWit Studio 

Internet Streaming:
FUNimation Entertainment (US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)

Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment 

Plot Synopsis – kinda: (Usually, you would get the Plot synopsis to this but since this is still a continuation of what you saw before, here’s something from this episode in particular: After barely surviving Eren’s recovery, a rising threat from the shadows puts everyone’s lives in danger again.)

Thoughts about it: Once again, I don’t follow the manga because [indecipherable noises and strangling] and you know I don’t depend on the source material on whether I think the show is good or not on its own although what I heard about it recently isn’t all good news. This episode is an interesting starter of this season with it now focusing on protecting Eren and Historia (formerly known as Krista/Christa/however you spell it) and this new squad that looks like futuristic cowboys and it was hinted with that s3 promo with the main cowboy guy and Levi dueling, so there’s that. Oh, and here’s some uncomfortable sexual harassment in one scene……oh boy……

I admit I liked the 2nd season more for having a shorter episode count and with this being the usual 24 episodes again, I just hope nothing of this will drag like the first season did. Oh, and to no one’s surprise, this is going to air on Toonami as well.

Oh and as for the new opening…..it’s……fine, I guess. I get the tone they’re going for with what’s coming to them but sonically, it’s my least favorite theme out of all the AoT songs and it’s not a bad song. I mean, it’s not the theme song from Golden Kamuy (and no, that theme song sucks).

Yes, I’m going to CONTINUE with this. No duh.


Now I can finally put Time of the Season to a rest now and wait for September to see what’s going to be on my good side or my shit list.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and ….again, maybe I’ll check out Revue Starlight on my own time.

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