TIME of the SEASON Summer 2018 Edition: YUUNA and the Haunted HOT SPRINGS

More things involving water and swimming or doing stuff in it but this time, it’s at a hot spring.

A haunted hot spring. Hopefully this will be better than the last haunted-related thing last season. *coughKakuriyocough*

This is Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs.

DirectorTsuyoshi Nagasawa

Series CompositionHideaki Koyasu

MusicTomoki Kikuya

Character DesignKyoko Taketani

Sound DirectorJin Aketagawa 


Animation ProductionXebec 

Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)

Licensed by: Aniplex of America 

Plot Summary: Kogarashi, a high school boy cursed with misfortune to see ghosts since birth, finds a haunted inn offering rent-free room to anyone able to exorcise a ghost. When the ghost turns out to be an innocent young girl, Kogarashi decides to help her move on rather than purify her. While he works on that, Kogarashi is pulled into the paranormal hijinks of the other residents of the inn and even his new school mates.  

First Thoughts: OK, when I heard this is like a “Supernatural” version of Love Hina, I immediately cringed and sighed as I expected the worst to happen. Well, it’s definitely a harem series from the hot springs to the fan service to the girls in there from the busty chick, the loli, the catlike girl, the moral ninja that’ll beat your ass if you try to make a move on the girl and yes, those moments where that one girl think that the MC is a pervert and will beat his ass down even though it wasn’t his fault but assumes the worst anyway and CAN YOU TELL I STILL HATE THAT SHIT WITH A VENGEANCE!?! Oh, and speaking of that other show, Xebec is the one to helm this so there’s that.

But at least there is some good things for it. For one thing, Yuuna (the main girl) knows that the MC isn’t trying to be like that and I did like what they were going for with Kogarashi and Yuuna and the blooming relationship does seem genuinely thoughtful and sweet, even if the accidental boob-grab moments are still lame as fuck.



AND THAT’S IT FOR TIME OF THE SEASON!!! Our first impressions have come to a close and now to enjoy the rest of the a–

Wait, what?
We’re not done yet?
What do you mean we got another one coming?
Next week? The 22nd? You mean……OH…..That one?

Oh yeah……

Well, stay tuned in a week from now because SOMEBODY AT Kodansha or Pony Canyon, Production I.G., Wit, whoever’s in the production committee for that wants to schedule their premiere 22 days into the new anime season and y’all know what anime I’m talking about.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and at least Yuuna isn’t a pure bitch like what’s-her-face.

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