TIME of the SEASON Summer 2018 Edition: Grand BLUE DREAMING

So we got ourselves another anime that is made specifically for the summer and I guess it has something to do with diving or underwater but it’s not the anime you’re thinking of.

Oh, and there will be drinking. Lots of drinking.

This is Grand Blue Dreaming.

DirectorShinji Takamatsu

Series CompositionShinji Takamatsu

Original creator:
Kenji Inoue
Kimitake Yoshioka

Character DesignHideoki Kusama

Art DirectorMinoru Akiba (Studio Jack)

Chief Animation Director:
Hideoki Kusama
Yōichi Ueda

Sound DirectorShinji Takamatsu

Director of PhotographyHideki Imaizumi 

Animation ProductionZero-G 

Internet Streaming: Amazon Prime 

Plot Summary: Iori Kitahara is a college student living along in a coastal city who meets scuba-diving and fun-loving upperclassmen. 

First Thoughts: *clears throat*

WHAT IN THE HELL!?!? I know that this is supposed to be taken as a comedy and I get it but damn, this went screwy.

OK, it does start off like some fish-out-of-water story but instead of him going somewhere new, he returns to that town while attending university and a lot of weird shit happens from here from a bunch of buff dudes drinking a lot, especially naked (One was chasing him with nothing on but his birthday suit!), get him to drink and get fucked up, being late for his first day, met another guy who’s clearly an otaku and…oh yeah, his cousin Chisa (the younger one) isn’t too pleased with him in this episode. Then again, Iori said some dumb shit from needing to borrow clothes…..from her and how wrong the wording from him can be. Oh, and the other cousin…..yeah, they said that she’s in love with her sister and it’s not much a secret.

But holy shit, this is going to be one dumb fucking show and yet….I still want to see more. As stupid and obnoxious the shit got, it still warrant me to see how this turns out. I’m not gonna lie, this won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, I’m betting some of you are going to pass on this as we speak.

For me…….it’s a MEDIUM PRIORITY. I still want to see more but I’m not hoping of a masterpiece.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Grand Blue Hybrid and yes, I added Grand to that and I like it. I’m keeping it. *drinks water*
Wait……*lits glass of water on fire*
That’s vodka.

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