We BA[RE-CAP] Bears PRESENTS: The Top 10 WBB Episodes!

Hey, y’all do remember I post recaps on the latest We Bare Bears, right? Then again, there hasn’t been an new episode since……February….the 16th. Yes, I remember what was the last date a new episode aired and it was the one with Charles Barkley on there.

But, yes, it’s been a minute since I talked anything WBB and you know what? I haven’t heard news of any cancellation and I think they still have a few episodes left until they reach that big 100 and I have been planning on doing this for some time now and having doing a recap on almost every episode (yes, the first impression counts!!) and I have complied some of my favorite episodes.

I will admit that some of my favorites do have something of a theme or involving some characters I like but I managed to make sure it won’t take up the whole list but then again, it’s my list so I got control of that. I’m just doing it for my sake.

But before we get to the main list, here’s some honorable mentions…….


ICE CAVE – episode 79

Yeah, upon some re-watches and while this makes me want to beat Ralph with a keyboard, I did like that it had Charlie standing up to him during the last minutes of that. Plus, that icicle should’ve hit Ralph but that would be a dark-ass episode of WBB.


Image result for we bare bears charlie's halloween thing

A little Halloween special they did with two segments of the bears having killer dolls with their essence and Chloe being turned into a werebear (the cutest werebear of them all!). I did wish it was the full half-hour and not 15 minutes, still this episode was quite fun.

Screenshot 2015-09-14 18.44.52
MY CLIQUE – Episode 12

Hey, the first We Bare-cap Bears I did and on another good one as well and this cements why Chloe is my favorite character in here outside the Bears as it’s dealing with trying to make friends in college and with her being a child prodigy that it might scare off some people. But in the end, she did end up making a friend….even though we never see her in future episodes or if Panda ever got that number (I think he didn’t).

CITIZEN TABES – Episode 73

Ranger Tabes is someone who’s quirkiness and intuition can be real easy to get annoyed at but I think she has a lot of heart in her job and with this episode as she felt like she failed as a ranger when she failed to protect a deer from losing their antlers and of course, getting back at the game can be a challenge but she pulled it off in the end. Also, we find out her real first name is Dana.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 09.17.54
THE ROAD – Episode 17

Behold, the episode that made y’all go “SQUEE!!!” and to be fair, it’s warranted as we see the main bears as little cubs in their younger days as they travel around the world and visit many people, places and things along with them discovering their quirks they are known for in later episodes. Plus, I just love that pic where Ice Bear just embraces the boxes. Oh, you’ll hear more of them later on.

EVERYONE’S TUBE – Episode 45

It’s Youtube but with the bears!!! From heart-warming moments like Ice Bear and Chloe singing a song to Ice Bear reenacting that Fatboy Slim video with Christopher Walken, Panda doing some signing and especially a full on R&B Video and Grizz…..bombing harder than Hotel Artemis at the box office. It really shows off some creativity and genuine heart in here.


And now to the list proper…..



Image result for we bare bears the demon

Image result for we bare bears the demon – EPISODE 61

I genuinely knew I was going to like this from the moment the opening of this played and it was a nod to My Neighbor Totoro and it was pretty damn adorable and this episode was great, too. I really like it when there’s a Chloe/Ice Bear episode because these two really have a dynamic chemistry when they are on-screen and I really dug this small-scale adventure of getting her hoodie back from the mean dog…that’s actually more nicer when he has it on and I think she owns more of them anyway. Still, definitely a top-tier episode.



THE ISLAND – Episode 36

Yep, another Baby Bears episode and this is one of my top favorites involving all of them and up the scale with its premise and heart and adventure. Plus, it give that blissfully soothing song from Karla to help the bears sleep and yes, it is indeed cute.

Oh, and still FUCK THAT PUNK MOTHERFUCKER DAVE!! I know he might be dead but fuck that guy!!!


Image result for we bare bears chloe episode
CHLOE – Episode 4

Y’all already know how much I really adore this character and it all started with her debut episode and of course, when she first meets the bears, she becomes very interested and fascinated with them, wanting to learn more about them and studying them. The bears did think she might ruin their good name but in the end, they know her intentions were never cruel and the bears do see her as a friend, just like I see her as a pure cinnamon roll too good for this world. Oh, also a very relatable human main character in the show.



Image result for we bare bears captain craboo
CAPTAIN CRABOO – Episode 40/41

Behold!! The first 22-minute episode of this series so far and this was quite the adventure we got as a returning character of Craboo returns and while Ice Bear at first wasn’t feeling him, he has gotten to love him but then Nom Nom acts like a douchebag and wants the crab jailed and fucked over. Hell, it made me want to pimp-slap Nom Nom a lot…..

See? But in the end, Craboo escaped and is living the good life while Nom Nom is still an asshole……again, don’t make another Nom Nom’s Entourage.



I originally had the other Christmas episode on my potential list but then I noticed that this one is marginally better and less douchey. Again, it’s more focused on Chloe and Ice Bear and it’s them finding the perfect tree as apparently the Park family has some unfortunate trees there and she’s determined to get that perfect tree…..too determined but I get why. It’s not almost to die for but I get it. Also TURKEY SQUAD!!! Again, this is the better Christmas-themed episode that got a lot of genuine heart and emotion to it.


Image result for we bare bears icy nights

 – Episode 44

Out of all the bears in the main three, Ice Bear might be the less talkative but his actions and solo adventures prove to be the most exciting whenever he gets some solo material and Icy Nights is top 5!! From the ultra-cool ’80s aesthetic from the music used in there and if you saw the title card, it is a homage to the movie Drive along with some other references in there (Kill Bill, John Wick, etc.). We also know a little bit about something between Ice Bear and the barista we see in there named Yana….but that’s something we’ll get to later on.


Image result for bearz ii men
BEARZ II MEN – Episode 89

Again, this tweet should be stated:

Yep, everything about this episode definitely reminds of a lot of those early ’90s R&B acts and we figured that since this is the Baby Bears we’re talking about, it must’ve taken place back then. Oh, and at last, another human (outside of Karla from The Island) that’s not a douchebag to them. In fact, he’s actually cool and can sing his ass off, courtesy of Gallant.



YEP!!! You knew (kinda) this one was going to be on here and again, it’s a Chloe and Ice Bear episode and as I repeat myself, these two have amazing chemistry and being that it’s the first one of these episodes, where Chloe wants Ice Bear to have a good time with her around and again, that’s something in there I find something to relate to as we all try to find something to do to impress a friend you think is an awesome person.


YURI AND THE BEAR – Episode 43

Ah, yes…..an solo Baby Ice Bear episode here he meets Yuri, a mysterious man living alone in the Tundra and Ice Bear stayed with him, doing things for him like chopping up wood, straightened up the tent a little and when Ice Bear got to know something about Yuri like he had a wife and daughter and we (at this point of the series) didn’t know what happened to him, it was mostly touchy for him. This is the one episode of this series where the dramatic element completely takes over and probably a tear-jerker. It also provided a lot of questions and answers about everyone in here, especially on how Ice Bear got his axe.


And now…..the moment you’ve probably guessed on what was going to be my #1 episode and……..


Image result for icy nights II

Yes, as soon as I heard that this was a sequel episode to the first Icy Nights and I have been wanting one since that episode ended, it delivered on everything I wanted. It brought back Yana, Ice Bear and the Roomba finally gets revenge on Barry and he was also made as a bitch to his dad and more revelations happened in there like knowing more about the past between Yana and Ice Bear and the biggest reveal of that is that…..Yana happens to be the daughter of Yuri and of course, she doesn’t know that Ice Bear met him before and….again, I’m hoping the next Icy Nights does something with that. I had a blast watching this episode and I keep on loving it more with every repeat watch.



And that’s about it. If you got any WBB episode you like, comment below and give me your favorite episodes.

Oh and of course, while I’ve been silent here for the last couple of weeks, I still have been reviewing, just on the music side. This time, a bit more electronic as I cover the latest albums from Oneohtrix Point Never and X-Altera on Surreal Resolution.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..hopefully we’ll get info about WBB in a couple of weeks or so.

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