Anime Discovery 2018: AGGRETSUKO – #191

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Recently in animation, you notice that most animated shows (whether it’s anime, western animation, etc.) that some have adapted doing a 11 (or 15) minute episode format although that is mostly on western animation but on anime, it can be even less with either 7 or 8 minutes an episode……hell, there’s a couple of shows this season that’s like 3 minutes an episode and I have to say if it’s good or not, it all comes down to execution and who knows? It could blow you away. I mean, right now, I got Takunomi. on my best list so far this year, Dagashi Kashi Season 2 was shortened to a 12-minute episode format and it still turned out  ,and in 2016, Space Patrol Luluco was in one of my top list that year.

Oh, and it also helps that when it’s anime like this, it’s like an hour or two in full so like the length of a movie so you can just binge it at your own time. In other words, this is a Netflix title and the first question is…..what’s an Aggretsuko?


Retsuko is an anthropomorphic red panda, 25 years old and single, who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. Facing constant frustration everyday from pushy superiors to annoying co-workers, Retsuko lets out her emotions by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal.[2][3] After 5 years of working the daily grind, her relationships with her various co-workers are starting to shift, and slowly begins to open up in ways that can change her life for better…or for worse.

Now with this show and its format and runtime, you think it’s going to be some silly show with a lot of gags and jokes going for it, right? Welp……there is some but HOT DAMN!!!! The show goes for so much more than that. For one thing, I hope many people will relate to Retsuko and the shit she goes through from dealing with a misogynist, sexist pig of a boss (who’s an actual pig, BTW) that treats you like shit along with his bitch-made lackey, one worker that has you doing their share of work and calling you lazy because their dumb asses can’t do it themselves, one co-worker who loves to talk their ass off when you really don’t to say anything, another worker who you think might be sweet but you want to slap the shit out of her because she can be annoying as hell but hey, at least she got friends in there.

Plus, while each episode is 15 minutes, the pacing of it felt like a regular 22-25 minute episode and that’s not a bad thing regarding this. It didn’t felt like some random short that goes in and out of your mind but the content within the episode did stuck with you.

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This all has the dealings with office politics and romances, dealing with the pros and cons of escapism from said job, having the confidence to stand up against your superiors….it’s pretty much what most of us whether it’s office work, unskilled labor work, blah blah blah, this is very relatable as hell and like many people, Retsuko has a way of letting out those emotions. Some do video games, watch porn, etc……she, on the other hand, likes to go to karaoke to sing death metal to let out her feelings about work and all that shit and the girl’s damn good at it and hey, even though I’m not much of a metal guy (that’s the other two guys on Decibel Boost Podcast. Every Wednesday on Surreal Resolution. *insert Netflix logo sound for some reason*), I was digging the metal music in here and some of the other music pieces in here like that Ton’s misogynist rap about Retsuko….and yes, the diss toward him following that.

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Oh, and for the characters, I’m keeping this part short:

Retsuko: Pure red panda that can rock your ass off.
Fenneko: Fennec Fox and co-worker of Retsuko. Has that snickering laugh
Haida: Mild-mannered hyena that’s a good dude. Also really crushing on Retsuko heavy.
Washimi and Gori: The two confident-as-hell workers (secretary and director of marketing, respectively) that always appear as they walk in the halls with much bravado. Also, Gori is really excitable and Washimi is very level-headed and yeah, these two are damn good characters.

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Oh, and apparently this is a union dub from what I heard from voices of AniTwitter (at least the sane, non-asshole side of it) and hey, they picked Erica Mendez as the title character and they picked perfectly with her as Retsuko and of course people like G.K Bowes (Gori),  Tara Platt (Washimi) and Ben Diskin (Haida) appear as well and yes, I liked their performances as well but a shout-out has to be given to Jamison Boaz as the death metal version of Retsuko whenever she performs.


FINAL VERDICT: This show was quite a surprise and I think out of all the Netflix anime that debuted this year (well, the ones that wasn’t delayed), this one went out to be not only one of the best Netflix anime of this year, but one of the best overall anime period with a lot of subjects that hit close to home and still be a humorous show. It is worth checking out on Netflix.

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I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and wow, that pig had better bars on his rap than J. Cole in his album catalog.

AGGRETSUKO – animated by FANWORKS / streaming on NETFLIX

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