Time of the SEASON Spring 2018 Edition: DOREIKU The ANIMATION

A survival game anime series? OK, the last time I watched anything similar to this, it was King’s Game The Animation and wow, that one was some dogshit. Oh, and this one has “The Animation” in it’s title, too.

This is Doreiku The Animation.

Director: Ryōichi Kuraya

Script: Ryōichi Kuraya

Original creator:

Hiroto Ōishi

Shinichi Okada

Character Design: Junji Goto

Chief Animation Director: Junji Goto


Animation Production:




Internet Streaming: HIDIVE

Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks


Plot Summary: 24 people enter a survival game. Each has a device called an SCM (slave control method), which can make their opponent into their slave. Each person has their own reason for participating in the game.

First Thoughts: OK, this is definitely not another King’s Game so that’s one positive and there’s also that this is less a survival game anime and more of a torture porn anime only it’s not dependent on gore but more S&M tactics with this SCM that you use to control your opponent into your slave. The example in this episode being Lucie, a rape survivor getting revenge on her attacker and making him her slave. While it’s good because that guy really deserved it, they would easily make her looked like the villain and she isn’t.  Oh, as for the other two, Eia & Yuuga….I know they are the main characters but their own conversation just got me not paying that much attention or caring that much.

Everything else around the anime…..I do see some interest in continuing it. It actually has some interesting psychological ideas for it and I can definitely be up for that. Just don’t overly indulge yourself in psychobabble that’ll bore the audience.


But for now, it’s The 3 EPISODES rule.


But, yeah, unless the last anime I’m looking at, Love is Hard for an Otaku, doesn’t show up on Amazon (and since they’re always late with shit), then I’m good for the rest of the season. Hell, I’ll probably check out Megalo Box since I heard some things about it.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…….yeah, I got nothing on this.

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