Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2018 Wrap-up

So, I mentioned last time that the season went fast and I can say the same here because like the previous season, most of the shows I watched were on weekends, specifically Friday and Saturday (again) where a huge majority of the shows I’m watching aired in.

There was a mighty big change within this season as Anime Strike fell down and no one will have to pay that double paywall anymore but we still have some issues with Amazon to work with. I will say for Netflix that they are slightly improving for anime as shows like Devilman Crybaby, B The Beginning, AICO among others have a worldwide release or we don’t have to wait months for it to premiere but still do for shows like Kakegurui, Children of the Whales and Violet Evergarden so once again, double-edged sword.


For shows continuing over to spring, Beatless and Darling in the FranXX are the only titles I’m continuing watching from the previous season. Oh, and I dropped Record of Grancrest War because I really can’t get into that show at all. I know that Beatless might be average at best and FRANXX is becoming a slightly mixed/positive bag that can go either way for me but at least I can get through those episodes than that generic fantasy anime that I think everyone either forgot or stop talking about as soon as it premiered.


And now…..Let’s get it!!

LAID-BACK CAMP // C-Station // Crunchyroll

There was a lot of moe shows this winter and hey, some of them happened to be good shows and this is definitely one of them. A very chill, relaxing and inviting show with some great laughs and funny moments especially with the dogs and Rin. All the girls here got a lot of charm and their friendship whether in person or by texting/messaging is endearing and yes, it’s cute, too. It is what the title implies: it’s very laid-back and it’s damn good. (8.5/10)

A.I.C.O.: Incarnation

A.I.C.O INCARNATION // Bones // Netflix

Yup, one of the newest Netflix anime to arrive and this one……well, this one does have potential in its story, plot and characters but the execution for it from the twists to one character’s motivation slipped from decent to very mediocre. It’s actually a shame to say as the visuals and animation are on point and the pacing is actually decent but it’ll probably be a long time before I watch this again…..oh, and this dub is HORRIBLE!!!! Like, this is like bad 90s anime dub horrible and I fear that Netflix might pick this company again for any future anime dubs they’re handling. Again, the show is just averagely meh but just watch in any other language. (5/10)

JUNJI ITO COLLECTION // Studio Deen // Crunchyroll/Funimation

So, once again, I see another Studio Deen title that failed to live up to its expectations, especially from horror fans who were looking forward to this. I think some might dropped it either halfway or early into it. As for me, well….I do see some potential in it with some chilling stories in there although it feels like it’s trying to be more grotesque looking and that isn’t scary. It’s actually annoying for the part. It’s a shame and I’ve been said I’m not much of a horror fan but you’re not going to remember this in……wait, what’s this show about? (5/10)

HAKATA TONKOTSU RAMENS // Satelight // Crunchyroll/Funimation

OK, this is a show about assassins and hitmen and I should be all in this…..but in the end, this was….

Yeah, no. I don’t care about Lin’s past with his sister being missing or dead or whatever or any of these other guys and I wanted to be invested in those guys because I’m just getting Durarara!! only without the fun and excitement of that. Hell, the one good thing about the show is that ending music, which is actually damn solid in my opinion but this anime is not worth the time. (4/10)

CITRUS // Passione // Crunchyroll/Funimation

So, I was expecting this to be so bad, it’s funny and well….I’m not saying it’s a good show but it’s far from being the worst of the season but yeah, this is definitely smut material right here with a lot of awkward moments with these two among the other girls that happened to fall for one of them. “But there’s not blood-related!!! It’s perfectly OK!!” Yeah, but if the person you’re falling for is now your step-sibling, shit can get awkward as fuck. (5/10)

THE ANCIENT MAGUS BRIDE // WIT Studio // Crunchyroll/Funimation

So I know a lot of people easily put this on their Best of List for 2017 overall with amazing visuals, compelling story and characters and a damn good score to top that, I can see why. However, while I do like this anime fairly, I’m not that big on it. It’s good and all but there were some moments and character bits in the show that I just forgot going in the next episode. Yeah, the magic element is played very well here but I felt like the romance/fantasy element just took over everything else.  Hey, that’s just me and I repeat, this show is fine. (7/10)

SLOW START // A-1 Pictures // Aniplex of America

OK, I really don’t have much to say on this…only, yeah, it’s a cute moe show and I keep forgetting the central plot to this and while I was initially watching this for background noise, it was pleasant background noise and the little moments in there was good enough to keep me watching week after week, so I’m good with this. (6/10)

HAKUMEI AND MIKOCHI // Lerche // Sentai Filmworks/HiDive

Again, this season has been pretty chill with these slice-of-life anime and we have another good one with this one here. The atmosphere, the character interactions between the title leads and the people they run into there and the world-building of it….everything about it is what you need after a long day of work and it’s pretty damn adorable. (8/10)

DAGASHI KASHI SEASON 2 // Tezuka Pro // Crunchyroll/Funimation

OK, the show has gone through some changes in production of only having a 15-minute (actually 12 minute) episode format but yet the show is still as good as before. Also, this show happens to focus on a lot more than just candy as there was some real shit to deal with (OK, not like some WOKE shit but some relatable shit) and while Hotaru appears in here less, Hajime turned out to be another best girl….well, 2nd best girl while Hotaru is still #1. (8.5/10)

TAKUNOMI. // Production IMS // Sentai Filmworks/HiDive

This seems to be the sister show to Dagashi Kashi since it has the same 15-minute episode runtime format, some of the production companies in this show and I noticed something vaguely familiar in an episode of this because I think I saw a young Hotaru in this.


However on this show…..I really love it. We have another relaxing anime with characters that ranges in their 20s, which makes sense because it’s alcohol and all. Plus, right away, I loved these characters and they were a joy to see every Saturday with these hardworking girls…..and to add, Kae is oh-so-gorgeous.  (9/10)

After the Rain screenshot

AFTER THE RAIN // WIT Studio // Amazon Prime

I never thought that I would watch this show based on the premise that seemed bad on paper but in here, this was executed in here so well from giving reasons why Akira is attracted to Kondo but not making something sleazy about it and it also focuses on more than that one thing from Akira’s past of her being a track runner and pondering about going back and with Kondo on his life as well. I’m surprised how much I really liked this. WIT has already making some good marks on their shows lately. (8.5/10)

A place further than the Universe screenshot

A PLACE FURTHER THAN THE UNIVERSE // Madhouse // Crunchyroll

This was the first show I covered for the year and this suddenly got a lot of attention as this wasn’t exactly the hype show of the season and I got to say….once again, this was beautiful. A premise of going to Antarctica brought out a lot of emotion from these characters, the growing friendships, the set-pieces and the motivation of going to set destination. A show that just sneaks up on you and it is so satisfying in the end. (8/10)

Image result for killing bites anime

KILLING BITES // Liden Films // Amazon

I expected a trashy battle vixen show that knows what its doing and guess what? I have gotten that! Yeah, this is indeed some stupid shit that is all violence and titillation but still plenty of action to be served throughout along with some head-scratchingly funny moments. Again, I never expect this show to be a masterpiece. In fact, it’s some stupid shit but this is some entertaining stupid shit although I never got why those ending shorts before the next PV for the upcoming episode exists. Oh, and yes, I liked the rabbit girl more and gives center-stage to the girls rather than the milquetoast dude. (7/10)

KOKKOKU // Geno Studio // Amazon

So aside from having a great-ass opening song and sequence, this show is slightly average. The plot and setting about the Statis are good and I like the main girl Juri but following this week after week with a lot of other characters and subplots coming in and while I get one other additional character having a good backstory (Majima), the others I just slightly do not care for. But, yeah, Geno has made a solid effort in their TV anime debut and whatever they got for next season might be better. This…..yeah, it’s fine. (7/10)

Mitsuboshi Colors

MITSUBOSHI COLORS // Silver Link // Sentai Filmworks/HiDive

This show is very reminiscent of those days when you were younger and you hung out with your friends in a clubhouse and explore around the neighborhood to the city and how energetic and low-key adventurous it can be. No lie, the show has a a good sense of genuine heart and glee in its presentation. It may look like it’s been slept on this season but it’s worth a watch. (8/10)

Image result for death march to the parallel world rhapsody anime

DEATH MARCH TO THE PARALLEL WORLD RHAPSODY // Silver Link // Crunchyroll/Funimation

And now back to some bullshit and speaking of that…, this is just another lame-ass isekai show with the one bland male lead that has a personality of a mayonnaise sandwich and a gaggle of women because he has to have girls on his ass at all times and whatever shit he goes through……SNORE!!!….I had a feeling that would go down for me after he’s transported to the game world as a teenager. Man, this show sucks!! (3/10)

GARO: VANISHING LINE // MAPPA // Crunchyroll/Funimation

So, I have never been that big on the GARO anime series as the past two ranges from OK to mediocre but in this latest entry, this one easily surpass them both with it actually being in an urban/present day setting, bad-ass leads with both Sword and Gina and a well-played sympathetic lead in Sophie. The action never stops being awesome, the emotional moments play in there excellently great and overall show was a joy to watch. (8/10)

Sword Gai: The Animation screenshot

SWORD GAI THE ANIMATION // LandQ/DLE/Production I.G. // Netflix

And then there’s diet Garo with Lime…..oh god, this was stupid as fuck with how this show with down and how it ended…..oh, man. Not to mention halfway into the show, it has gotten a bit more episodic in the 2nd half and you wonder the hell is going on in here with idols and sunken treasure and yet…..I still liked it better than AICO and that’s not saying much. (5.5/10)

And now for the last two….

POP TEAM EPIC // KamikazeDouga // Every damn where!!!!

This isn’t an anime……this was a 3-month event that I always looked forward to every Saturday to see how absurd and funny this show was going to be. Now not every joke is a hit but the majority of the humor never lets me down and the way they used the “re-run” of the same episode with some different changes in there shows a lot of work and passion and effort put into something that some would say it’s just shit-posting and memes and yet this has gotten more going for it than most critically-acclaimed shows. This is definitely an AOTY contender for 2018 and definitely AOTS for Winter 2018. (9.5/10)


And of course….

MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION SEASON 2 // Shaft // Aniplex of America

You already know how I feel about this show and this season, it elevated to a new level from the first season of how damn good it is, how emotionally stimulating it has gotten and…..I mean, I got no other words for it. You know I did the review for the first season a while back and it spreads on here but I ended up loving this season more even though I changed my rating from a 9 to a 10 on the first season….and guess what rating this one is getting. Again, this is a must-watch and I hope we get another season of this. (10/10)



  11. KOKKOKU 
  18. CITRUS

And the winter season is done!!!! Now……we go forward to the majorly packed Spring season as once again, we are graced with a lot of sequels from the likes of Food Wars, Lupin the 3rd, Full Metal Panic, High School DXD, My Hero Academia along with a spin-off of a show that I’ve said before that I absolutely hated but is willing to give it a try since I heard the original source was writen by the guy that wrote Kino’s Journey and I think you know what show I’m talking about and I know most people are looking forward to Persona 5: The Animation.


Oh, and of course, Violet Evergarden is coming to Netflix in the U.S. in full (and yet that can’t do the simulcast shit here but can in other countries and with a DUB, too!!! You could’ve won it all, Netflix!!)


Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and wow……24 anime I have watched this season. Yeah, good thing some sequels are shows I don’t follow next season.

Again, some tunes.

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