Anime Discovery 2018: INTERVIEWS with MONSTER Girls – #186

So continuing on about the topic of monster girls in anime… year ago, we had a show in the Winter 2017 season that has something to do with them. Only they are high school girls and no, it’s not like the last series I reviewed on here. This is more school/slice-of-life style with this and …..well, you saw my best of list and you know how the rest will go by this.


Tetsuo Takahashi is a teacher working at Shibasaki High School and specializing in the physiological studies of demi-humans. His students include Hikari Takanashi, a vampire and lover of tomato juice; Kyōko Machi, a dullahan; and Yuki Kusakabe, a yuki-onna. The school also employs math teacher Sakie Satō, a succubus.


So with that synopsis, you think that this is just some run-of-the-mill moe show, don’t you? Well…. you thought wrong. Like Monster Musume, there is more to this show than what we were shown in PVs and images of this. The title’s very clear of it being about the lives of monster girls with one vampire girl, a yuki-onna, a dullahan and the one gi– well, woman that’s a math teacher here that’s a succubus.

Of course, with the girls, it’s them dealing with the fact that they are monster girls and dealing with their powers and how people perceive them to be. Although to be fair, that’s more in line of Yuki, the yuki-onna and Machi, the dullahan. Yuki tries to keep her snow powers under control so she won’t accidentally freeze anyone she might befriend and of course, some girls do talk shit about her one episode and very insecure about herself.

Machi is very intelligent and charming and since she’s a dullahan, she has to get help from people carrying her head around and she is often very shy about that and the fact that she’s the only dullahan in there (in other words, I’m betting Celty Struluson doesn’t exist in this universe) and that makes it hard to socialize with people that doesn’t share her struggle.

You do grasp something to feel with them with trying to make it through school with the shit they are going through. However, with Hikari, she’s the very opposite as she’s the extroverted girl in the trio as she is damn proud of who she is. She’s sincerely kind and funny and sticks up for her friends when shit goes down and a couple of interesting things about her….she can eat garlic and look in the mirror fine. A good turn-around of the vampire trope and doesn’t make an odd thing with it. In short of the trio, these girls are lovable and adorable in their own ways and I always love it when they come on screen.

Then there’s the teacher Saki Sato and her problem is….whenever she tries to talk to a guy, he’s instantly attracted to her and got lust on the mind. Now, you’re thinking, “How the fuck’s that a problem?” Well, she’s a teacher and I don’t think she wants that type of attention, especially from a lot of high school boys. Hell, she tries to dress in sweats and not put on make-up but that shit doesn’t work. I feel for her the most because she’s just want to have a normal conversation with a guy without them having nosebleeds or a hard-on for.

And then we have our teacher or interviewer of the show, Tetsuo (!!!) Takahashi and I love that he is genuinely concerned about these girls and wants to know more about Ajin or demi-humans. He is very much a father figure and mentor to these girls and also a friend to Saki, while trying not to be horny for her. I’m glad the show went this way because if it was just some bland younger male lead that wanted to just fuck them, my rating for it would be lower…way lower.


Animation-wise, this is the standard we get from A-1 Pictures and good thing this is one of their good shows in their catalog. The character designs are appealing and it’s good that Takahashi-sensei is more of a big, stocky dude in here rather than a typical ‘let’s make him a typical attractive character’.

The opening in here fits well into the show and the tone of it with “Original.” by TrySail and the more I hear the theme plays before the episode begins, I was starting to get with the song and for the ending song “Fairytale” by Sangatsu no Phantasia, it was mild for me but it’s more of a cooling down song as the episode ended. Very relaxing and satisfying after you saw it.

The English dub here is fairly good with some performances I really dug from Bryn Apprill, Sarah Wiedenheft and Terri Doty as the main girls Hikari, Yuki and Machi, respectively and usually for Doty,. Jamie Marchi as Himari, Hikari’s twin sister, does another performance where she plays her straight man role to Hikari’s goofier role.


FINAL VERDICT: I really like th— No. I love this show. I love that I was surprised that this show I ended up liking all the way as it uses the monster girl thing to explore how they live everyday life among other humans and how they are trying to deal with it. This could’ve been some passe moe show with the monster girls acting like their types and it would be something meh but here….this is such good material I’m seeing and the best thing is….it left me wanting more of it. I like these characters, the situations they are in and the way they handled it. This is worthy of being the best slice of life show of 2017. It is a must watch.

Image result for 9/10


At the time of this review, INTERVIEWS WITH MONSTER GIRLS is coming to Blu-ray and DVD April 17th but you can still watch the show streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.


I’m MAK2.0 aka the Blue Hybrid, and Wow… that’s how food is consumed by a dullahan.

INTERVIEWS WITH MONSTER GIRLS – animated by A-1 PICTURES / licensed by FUNIMATION (home video)

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