TIME of the SEASON Winter 2018 Edition: MITSUBOSHI Colors

I don’t know why but this anime sounds like either a car game, the sequel to said car game or a dealership that happens to sell that type of car……

And looking up the first name of this show, they make automobile and motorcycle transmission belts and related products.
But hey, it’s another slice of life show with cute girls as leads. Hopefully it won’t be like the other washouts like Slow Start or that other one I dropped.

And hey, it’s on HiDIVE! Hopefully it’s an simulcast from them for a show I’ll stick around.

This is Mitsuboshi Colors.

DirectorTomoyuki Kawamura

Series CompositionShogo Yasukawa

ScriptShogo Yasukawa


Original creatorKatsuwo

Character DesignTakumi Yokota

Art DirectorBun Sun Lee (Bic Studio)

Sound DirectorMasanori Tsuchiya

Director of PhotographyAtsushi Satou (Studio Shamrock) 


Animation ProductionSILVER LINK. 

Internet StreamingHIDIVE
Licensed bySentai Filmworks 

Plot Summary: In a certain corner of a certain park in a certain Ueno area of Tokyo exists the secret base of the “justice organization” called “Colors.” A group of three elementary school girls lead Colors, and the members of the group roam the park day and night (actually just until evening) to protect the peace of the park. 

First Thoughts: The feeling I get watching this show is like reminiscing about your childhood memories exploring around the neighborhood or city and getting into some goofy antics, but it’s goofy in a way that’s very infectious and funny. I like our main leads of Sat-chan, Yui, and Kotoha (The colors) and they have a great team dynamic. I definitely like the gag with them and policemen being the straight man to their wacky selves in one of the three segments in each other.

So, yeah, I’m really digging the hell out of this show. The season that’s been notable for these slice-of-life shows but this is one of those that’s done well and since I saw this late on Monday as it premiered Sunday, it goes easy like Sunday Mornings.

In other words, I’m CONTINUING WEEKLY. It just warms my heart.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..you just like to mention poop on this show, don’t you?

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