Anime Discovery and Time of the Season present: THE WORST ANIME OF 2017!

2017 is about to come to an end and you know w– OK, you already know this is mostly LIST TIME for everyone to look back at the year that happened in whatever medium you’re into and since this is anime… already know the drill.

But, yeah…..anime in 2017 has been a roller coaster of things and I say that because things like Amazon and Netflix upping the ante of getting more anime has some effect, especially Amazon doing their Anime Strike service… know, that service that has a double paywall because you have to have Amazon Prime to get the service and not to mention the problems I’m hearing about episodes not being on time, their social media presence is lazy and……OK, look, I know Netflix does make you wait for shit if you want to wait for the legal release but at least it doesn’t cost you a foot and an ass to watch it. However, in quality……this was better than last year to be honest but we’ll get to that on the other list.

Not to mention with the whole FuniRoll thing happening, Sentai Filmworks jumped into the Anime Strike ship and re-vamp their own anime-on-demand service ala HiDIVE as they’re just going to simulcast their anime on either one of those services. Oh, and pour one out of Daisuki….the service that no one give two shits about….and yet more streaming services like TubiTV and go90 are dipping their toes into anime, mostly some dubs from Aniplex of America (well, them and Hulu for a brief time) but still, a step in the right place.

And now, let’s get the list….i.e. the Worst Anime of 2017 and once again, keep in mind these are the shows I picked to be on this list and if you like any of these shows on here…..well, good for you.

These shows…..I never want to see them again and before we get to that…’s some DISHONORABLE MENTIONS.



Image result for vatican miracle examiner anime

Yeah, I still don’t have much to say upon this show…mainly because it doesn’t offer anything besides being some campy, cheesy mess and that’s good if you’re the type that likes those “so bad, it’s good” shows. I’m not one of them and I always keep regretting picking this show to watch because of how unfathomably boring it is.


This is definitely a throwback to those mid-2000s anime that has the meek milquetoast kid with a harem of girls that’s very close to him in many ways along with some tried-ass fantasy tropes and stupid sexual misunderstandings that made my eyes roll and cringe. Granted, it didn’t go as bad as most comedies like this but this is still not that good.


OK, the only reason why most of us bothered with this show was because Stan Lee has his name on it and now I’m thinking…..”Do I even want to check out Heroman if that ever gets licensed at all?” because this was some GARBAGE! Tedious characters along with the tiresome origin hero story and the weird-ass comic book animation that didn’t flatter the series at all. Oh and once again, Studio Deen manages to suck even more this year and good thing I skipped on Rakugo s2 because I didn’t want to go through that again. One other thing…..I’m counting Neo Yokio in here, too. That one was a dishonorable mention for how bizarrely bad that show was and yes, it’s an anime, it counts, too.


Hey, the first HiDIVE simulcast show I checked out….and then dropped after 8 episodes. Oh, man, this shit was so BORING!!! It’s just the mash-up of high school girls with mechas and battling aliens and doing the idol shit as well and all I think of is……OK, they are just cramming in too much to be a spectacle and even then, it still sucks. There’s so many characters in here, I couldn’t care less about all of them or the ones they give us to actually be concerned about. I know people weren’t keen on A Centaur’s Life and as much that show didn’t have that much focus, at least that one still had focus. This was too many toppings to mask the bland dessert that is this! Oh, and we’ll be hearing more from Silver Link coming up.


Oh, look, another mish-mash of something that failed in execution and this time, it’s fantasy and mecha tropes with poor characterization including the main lead Ernie because let’s face it…most people turn into this because of him and yes, that’s a boy you’re seeing on the poster. The action is very hollow and while the production values are good, you’re just good looking at pics because there’s nothing worth seeing on screen.

And now onto the list in FULL…

10. AKASHIC RECORDS OF BASTARD MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR // LIDEN FILMS // 12 EPS // CRUNCHYROLL/FUNIMATION Image result for akashic records of bastard magic instructor anime

The more I thought about this show (and by more, I mean right now), the more I realized how forgettable and terrible it was. The first 3 episodes shows the typical light novel high school bullshit and the rest of it tries to have itself a little story and be serious but it just fails in execution. The character Glenn definitely fits into the type of being a Bastard Magical Instructor because his teaching is ass. The show is largely forgotten by the masses by the time it was over and I don’t blame them.


Here comes the controversial pick of the year!!!! Maybe the only controversial pick of my worst of list this year since I know some people like this show and all but I’m not mincing words….this show is cringey and awful from the first episode. This was just another bland romantic comedy anime that thinks that them being awkward easily makes them relatable but it doesn’t. It just makes up for stupid love triangles and misunderstandings that gets groan-worthy every turn and….oh yeah, this was supposed to be about gamers, isn’t it? I may not be much of a gamer today but this felt like the gaming aspect was secondary to the romance factor and it sucked at the end. You want a romantic anime whose awkwardness makes them enduring, watch Tsuredure Children. Don’t fuck with this.

Image result for armed girl's machiavellism anime

So, some dude transferred into a school full of girls that want to kick his ass? Then followed by some back story of why main guy transferred there and this is a bunch of goofy shit along with the serious slog that doesn’t blend well. It wants to be jokey one minute and then it gets real half-way in. It thinks it’s being fun but it’s not. It’s just so damn bad….like really bad.


One-dimensional characters, plot that’s generic as any store-brand food you see in your local grocer, lackluster action and shit animation…..although I can say that to another show on here as well but I felt like this isn’t worth giving this much attention.


Yeah, this is another “I sleepwalk through this shit because I couldn’t care less about it” show but can you blame me? It’s a boring post-apocalyptic sci-fi show about a boy and his robot waifu along with some other girl that’s sorta tsundere trying to save the world or some shit. This sounds like something I might have—well, a horny teenager version of me– would have liked if this aired in 2006 or 2007. 2017? Not so much.


You damn right I’m putting this one on here, too, and maybe some folks might think it’s too high on here but as much as I didn’t like the show and wasn’t getting into it, I never gotten that angry at it. Just annoyed…’s the same generic shonen shit that’s been shoveled down our throats with an annoying lead which a lot of people just avoid the sub because they can’t take the actor’s yells and I don’t blame them. I know this is going to run for another 30+ episodes but I’m not watching anymore of this. In a time where My Hero Academia shows us what good shonen can be and enduring and refreshing it is, Black Clover reminds us the shit we need to leave behind.


One-dimensional characters, plot that’s generic as any store-brand food you see in your local grocer, lackluster action and shit animation….AND YET some of the stuff here is so fucking dumb!!! The fact that if this guy stops holding her hand, she might die. There’s one. The one girl in here who’s the big-breasted best friend whose the student council president that really wants to love her brother up and there’s the bad animation that looks like shit from a 2001 PS2 game and the fact that GoHands, who usually has good animation and art style, failed so hard on this. I know Berserk 2016-2017 looks bad but compared to this, that one looks like motherfucking Sound! Euphonium and I didn’t like that show as well but I know it got good animation. This was a damn mess and it’s lucky….oh so LUCKY that 3 anime was worse than this.



I hated this show from the get-go. I hated the fact that they try to play our lead Masamune as this guy that got crushed by this girl when he was fat and now he wants to dump her hard. This is some petty bullshit right here and does a poor attempt of making me want to side with the guy and then there’s the girl Aki, who we think we want to sympathize but no, she’s the typical tsundere cold-hearted bitch and I side with no one on this. These two were horrible people and I groaned at their actions every time they are on screen and maybe if they were horrible but funny, I wouldn’t mind it so much. They are not….it’s another example of re-living the same anime tropes over and over again. This didn’t progress, it regress into some foul shit.


Oh, you knew this was coming on here. I know most people can laugh this shit off and still say it’s bad but here’s the thing. I thought this was going to be a decent watch at first….but then by episode 2!!!… went downhill from here. Everybody was portrayed so damn stupid, it hurts and just do sudden crazy turns at the last minute. Some of the rules in the game was absurd and again with the scatterbrained focus of the past and present times it happened along with dying characters they wanted us to care but we really don’t and I’ll be damned if I’m sticking for Season 2….if that ever happens. If this was stupid and amusing, I would excuse it but instead, this is another entry of the try-hard edgelord dark anime it thinks it’s being.


And now….the #1 worst POS anime of 2017 is….

  1. A SISTER’S ALL YOU NEED //SILVER LINK // 12 EPS // CRUNCHYROLL/FUNIMATION Image result for a sister's all you need

90 seconds…….90 seconds of the first episode made you run for the hills and you know what? I bet that most anime fans would probably defend this saying that this is pure Japanese anime that no normies can handle (which BTW fuck that gate-keeping bullshit) and how this is only for real anime fans…..look, if you trying to justify the way the main guy is because he loves to write about little sisters in the most creepy way possible by giving him some sympathy all because at the last episode because a girl didn’t want to be his girlfriend and he got pissed and…..NO, fuck that guy!! Everything about this show thinks it earned some emotion out of me and it doesn’t. I can see why the little sister pretends to be his brother….I don’t want that motherfucker fetishing my ass for his work or that other girl that might be a better writer than him or the other gray-haired girl that obviously wants his dick but turns her down. Oh, and if you notice a trend in here, Silver Link has a presence in here that A-1 Pictures usually have on this list and this is their 10th anniversary as a full-fledged studio and this is the shit they made for 2017? Yes, I know Two Car was their 10th anniversary project but no one cares about that show to be angry about but this……this is just crap and behold this is why A Sister’s All You Need is the worst anime of 2017.



And this is the worst-of list. Have anything to say on these choices? Agree? Disagree? Comment below and share your thoughts on what anime you thought was disappointed or just plain bad.

Don’t worry, y’all. That Best-Of List is coming real soon.

Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I think I might expect backlash…..

I don’t know. Anything can happen.

2 thoughts on “Anime Discovery and Time of the Season present: THE WORST ANIME OF 2017!

  1. Other than King’s Game (which despite being pretty terrible I enjoyed for reasons that make sense only in my own head), I had to agree with this list. There’s a few shows on here I dropped straight up (A Sister’s All You Need, Clockwork Planet) and then other ones I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to and got burned (Hand Shakers, Chronos Ruler) but they are all pretty bad. I’d probably have Knight’s & Magic on the list though. I really didn’t like that.

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