WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 77- Episode 88: The PERFECT Tree

It’s that time again! It’s CHRISTMAS TIME AGAIN!!! Along with WE BARE-CAP BEARS TIME!! Yep, we got another Christmas episode here and this time, it doesn’t involve ditching your friends’ parties to go to a douche’s party that you wasn’t invited in the first place. Nope, it’s all about picking that perfect Christmas tree for you to glaze at….until December 26th where you dump that fucker in the garbage or if it’s a fake-ass plastic one, put it in the attic for next year.

Oh, and this is a Chloe and Ice Bear-centered episode, so you know it’s going to be good.

Chloe and Ice Bear drive up north to find the perfect Christmas tree while Grizz and Panda are decorating Chloe’s house.

So Chloe and Ice Bear are going up north to find the perfect tree for Christmas since they last few trees have been mostly….well, lackluster. From some plant trying to be a tree to a tree that’s too DAMN BRIGHT and one from LAST YEAR aka that last Christmas episode caught on fire.

Her and Ice Bear are driving their way to pick the perfect tree and all and hey, there’s a song thrown in there and yet…..I wasn’t annoyed at all. Usually, I get that way with some holiday specials and all but this feels earnest and charming to me. They look for trees all around and found themselves a wild turkey, which they also save from drowning and briefly took Ice Bear’s scarf.

Oh, and meanwhile that’s happening, Grizz and Panda are decorating the Park’s house. It won’t go well but back to the better part of this……

As they chased the turkey, Ice Bear and Chloe finally saw the perfect tree that Chloe envisioned so much and glaze in its majestic glory and beauty….and then cut it down.

But, the tree is sliding down, dragging Chloe with it and she needs to get off before it falls from that cliff and death could happen. Thankfully, she managed to get out of here with Ice Bear having hold of the tree and eventually letting go. While she was saved, she felt disappointed that her perfect tree is gone….or is it?
Suddenly, TURKEY SQUAD!!!!!

So the turkeys were sliding down the same route where the tree was going and we’re thinking, “Wait, are those turkeys about to off themselves? We know that they can’t fly worth a damn!”
Then the turkeys say, “FUCK YOU! WE CAN FLY!” And on top of that, they got the tree all safe and sound. Thus, finally having the perfect tree.

FINAL VERDICT: OK, this is a very cute episode and I say it’s even better than the last Christmas special considering the level of douchiness was down from there. The journey of Chloe and Ice Bear getting to the tree, the small amount of musical moments that were genuinely good and that miracle at the end of them actually getting the tree and hey, miracles are abundant in the spirit of the season. WE NEED THEM…..We really need them in the real world. So yes, I definitely go with this.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and at least Grizz and Panda didn’t destroy the ho–Never mind.

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