BLUE HYBRID’s Top 10 2017 Adult Swim SINGLES……so far

So…the last time I talked about the Adult Swim singles in a post was last year and now it’s that time again!!! Well, the ….so far part anyway. Yes, I’m doing this again and if you want to know my official Top 10 List of last year, see the Decibel Boost Episode #15 where me and Rob covered our favorite tracks…..and if you can’t decipher what the fuck I’m saying:

1) Kitty – Asari Love Song
2) Earl Sweatshirt x Knowledge – “Balance”
3) Chino Amobi f/Dedekind Cut & Rabit – “Negative Fire”
4) Micachu f/Kevin – “Clothes Wear Me”
5) Thelonious Martin & Joey Purp – “Bomaye”
6) Run the Jewels  – “Talk to Me”
7) Masta Killa f/Method Man & Redman – Therapy”
8) Blanck Mass – “D7-D5”
9) Jlin – “Downtown”
10) Captain Murphy – “Crowned”

HM) DJ Paypal, DJ Earl, DJ Taye – “Dose”;  The Body – “To Know and To Hide”; Ryan Hemsworth f/ Keaton Henson and Mitski – “Wait”; Metro Boomin – “Forever Young”

(Yeah, I had to go back to listen to that episode and wow, I’m glad I got a better microphone to work with.)


So, anyway….this year [AS] Singles program was definitely one to be excited about. As it would go over 52 weeks….a whole year of music from Adult Swim. That… like a dream to me. I’ve been following this thing since the first iteration and sometimes went back on songs I’ve missed and liked later on.  Now, there has been some downsides to this like you can’t download of these anymore, which I totally get and understand and there is the thing that Adult Swim and MF Doom cut ties and well……the song he did for both that Missing Notebook Rhymes that was also an [as] single (“True Lightyears” with KMD & Jay Electronica) was deleted from there.

No, really. It was on track 14 and on the site, it was marked unavailable and the song was gone from Soundcloud and it’s not on the Youtube page either. It still exists in the web and all but it’s not part of the singles program, which is a shame. It’s a decent track and all but it wasn’t going to be on the list in the first place.

But before the top 10……here’s some Honorable Mentions that just missed the mark.

[pose to] – Zaytoven ft/ Yung L.A, Bankroll Fresh and Twista

One of the most recognizable Atlanta hip-hop producers of today graced with this piano/xylophone-ish sounding laden track about how they are (the rappers) in the trapping game and I’m not gonna lie that while I did enjoy this track, I didn’t know what the fuck they were saying at first. I get it with some more listens and it re-warranted me going back a few times. Yung L.A. and the late Bankroll Fresh do a decent job here but I will give it to Twista on his verse…and man, it’s been long since I heard that dude on something.

[only once away my son] – Brian Eno & Kevin Shields

First time for anything, huh? I don’t know much about Brian Eno (except maybe some things a few friends told me or heard about) or of Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine but I’m loving this ambient dire sound I’m getting from these two. This almost sounds like if this was in that new Blade Runner movie.

[come be me] – Helado Negro

Yes, his name translates to Black Ice Cream and I was certainly digging this a few listens in. A very chill Latin pop vibing track from this guy and definitely whenever you are feeling lazy and all.



And now on to the countdown…..


[your dystopic creation doesn’t fear you] – Deerhoof ft. Awkwafina

Again, this is a song that at first I was just OK on it but after a few re-listens…I was liking this song. The rockabilly vibes mixed with the rock twinges in the drums and guitar and Awkwafina’s rap in the first verse made me liking this song along with that breakdown in the 1:45 part. Deerhoof did good in this single and hopefully I probably look more into them in the future (Maybe, I don’t know. I got a lot of backlog building up). Kudos to them and Awkwafina for this track.


[follow that money] – Nick Hook ft. Bunji Garlin & Fatman Scoop

This is something for the club to get hyped on. Very HYPED ON and combining the talents of ragga soca artist Bunji Garlin, Electronic DJ Nick Hook & hypeman extraordinaire Fatman Scoop (who did appear on Skrillex and Jauz’ “Squad Out” back in 2015), they have made something that gives a lot of energy, intensity and sweat. “FOLLOW THAT MONEY! LIKE A BIG BOOTY! LIKE A BIG ASS!!” Hell, this was made to be played in clubs when a dance-off happens!


[baby scale] – IDK f/Yung Gleesh

So recently, me and Rob on the latest DB Monthly Album Roundup for October talked about IDK’s IWASVERYBAD. Spoiler alert, he was a bad motherfucker and thisalbumwasverygood and this is also a bonus track on there as well. IDK is no one to sleep on. He is someone that and I quoting him, “The Gabby Douglas of rap, The conscience nigga that can teach on trap” and that shit is true, especially on that beat switch-up. He was spitting his ass out on this song and he got a lot of potential in him later on. I’m definitely keeping an eye on him.


[the rapture] – 319 (Oneohtrix Point Never and Shabazz Palaces)

OK, I never thought I would see Oneohtrix Point Never and Shabazz Palaces (well, more Ishmael Butler to be honest) team up on something although it probably should’ve happened already and combining the best of both artists’ style from OPN’s sound design to Ishmael Butler’s cryptic as hell lyrics, (You try to understand the lyrics of a Shabazz Palaces’s not easy.) it’s a weird and intriguing experience to be heard.


[mortal kombat] – BOSCO

OK, this one is more recent as the time of this writing, this came out the last week along with another [as] single track and the dark synth style in the first half and then going into R&B mode in the 2nd half…I definitely fux with this track. BOSCO does have that voice and sound that reminds me of early TLC and a bit of some newer people like Syd (formerly Tha Kid). Overall, damn good song.


[simple tasks became unthinkable he just stared into coiled ernie balls until he ended] – Venetian Snares

You try saying the name of this song 5 times or remember what the hell you were saying in the first place and this song is so damn kooky, experimental, weird, fucked-up and all kinds of freaky…..and I love every minute of it. It’s electronic glitch music at its imaginative and sounds like something from an avant-garde action sci-fi flick that hasn’t happen yet…or maybe it did and we didn’t see it and it got forgotten. Well, I know I didn’t forget this. This is gold.


[zoro] – Lord RAJA

Ghostly International and Adult Swim, never split up…..ever. So, I have to ask, did he name this after that one character in One Piece? You know, that show was used to be on Toona–OK, I should stop before I get killed by fans. Anyway, this song is fucking awesome. I like it when RAJA does these electronic hip-hop songs as it combines the things I love about both music genres. A slow, warbly and vibing beat with some deep-sounding voice rapping along the way.


[asking] – The Juju Exchange

I just love to vibe out apparently because once again, this song calls for it. You got the horns, the snaps, the piano and the buildup to that. This is like something to lounge in a hotel pool, while you relax and see the people wonder on by while you don’t have a care for the world. The Juju Exchange delivered on a solid track of jazzy proportions.


[mad woman] – Sevdaliza

OK, you got that feeling that this sounds like a song that building up to an intense fight scene waiting to happen? Well, this is featured in a short film called The Formula, so it naturally has that movie soundtrack vibe to it and boy, this is intense, the slow-building of the music works here and Sevdaliza sells it with her whispering voice and how this woman she’s speaking of is nothing to fuck with. I immediately kept going back to this after covering it on DB…..but this isn’t the #1 song…..


NOW……the moment you’ve been waiting on……my #1 AS Single of 2017 so far………and Rob, if you reading this, you probably already know what’s going to be my #1 song.


Here it is, folks. (Also if you have epilepsy, don’t watch this video).

[kali yuga] – Ghostemane X Clams Casino

This song was the first bonus song in this year’s selection and when I heard about this particular song, I immediately thought, “Oh shit, Clams got something.” At that point, I didn’t know who was Ghostemane and this motherfucker is hype as hell. This song was an instant certified banger from the moment I played this and I kept going back and back and back to this song and I love it more and more.  It got me to listening into more of Ghostemane’s stuff and it is definitely the type of hip-hop/metal/trap fusion I never expected and never knew that I wanted. I’m glad. This track is beyond awesome and it is my #1 AS Single of 2017….so far.

(Here’s a version that won’t give you epileptic seizures.)

Who knows what can happen in the next 24 weeks left of this? or 25? Or it is 23 since they sometimes love to put two tracks in a week? Either way, anything can happen at that time. Hell, it did last year for me.


Also, as usual, tune in to DECIBEL BOOST PODCAST every week as we still look into the remaining AS singles and our FULL top 10 list SOON……..or next year when it ends.


Until then,  I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I got to listen to that song again…..for the 100 and something time.

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