WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 70: Episode 81 – Charlie’s HALLOWEEN Thing


Even though I didn’t post much of anything Halloween-related this year (mainly because I couldn’t think of any thing at the time) but hey, luckily the show I always recap on gets a Halloween special…thing and I can count that as something Halloween-y.

Charlie hosts evening of scary stories starring the Bears.

Basically, that. Let’s start with the Bears as they got DOLLS!
Image result for we bare bears charlie's halloween thing

Yes, they got these dolls with these hearts that if you put your essence (hair, saliva, blood, you get the picture) in there, they will come alive and guess what? THEY DO!! A doll that acts like you, talks like you, and wants to murder you–wait, oh no, it’s CHUCKY sorta-kinda but with bears. Although I heard they were based off the Zuni Fetish Doll, i.e. something from the Trilogy of Horror. Anyway, the dolls want to kill them and of course, they have to smash the hearts in order to stop them.

They were stopped…..until Tabes decides to get herself a doll, too.


And now we go to Chloe, where she and the rest of her class are learning about lycans or werewolves. Oh, and a big “fuck you” to the guy that called her a nerd.
Anyway, later on, she got bit by Grizz and suddenly she starts to turn into a….
Image result for we bare bears charlie's halloween thing

OH!! THAT’S ADORABLE!! She’s a were-bear cub!! This is so precious!!! *regains composure* Oh, um….anyway, her class notices and they think it’s awesome and all and people want to hang out with her and she’s ecstatic and going wild over boba tea and all that. Then it all goes south as she starts to go cray-cray and their teacher has to put an end to this……except she thinks Chloe’s a were-wolf. Nah, brah, She’s a werebear. Different thing and now she’s….a full bear cub. Still adorable, tho.


FINAL VERDICT: OK, this was mad funny as hell and interesting for them to do. Oh, and yet, I actually yearn for more of this. I mean, I hope they do something like this next year or more tales like this but non-Halloween related.

Image result for we bare bears charlie's halloween thing


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I wonder what would happen with the Tabes doll?


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