WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 66/67: Episode 77 – Bear LIFT / Episode 78 – The NOM-NOM Show

Yup, this is double episode TIME AGAIN! This time, it’s all about Ubers and late night shows that’s not Desus and Mero.

First up, it’s Bear Lift.

To raise money to save Darrell’s store, the Bears use the stack as a taxi through a ride share app.

You know, I have actually used an Uber before and thankfully the drivers I was with were actually cool people…unlike the driver the bears got. Hell, they left his ass and found a better route to take than he did. Then they meet up with Darrell……you know, that one character from that episode where Ice Bear was a chef for a Japanese restaurant….yeah, him. Anyway, his mousepad store is in danger of going out of business and for the bears, they decided to go into their Uber thing to raise money for to keep his store going.

They were doing overall well in that department, although a robber might have mess things up a little but still they were on their way to earning their goal. Then they pick up a guy…..that happens to be Darrell’s landlord and he’s on his way to shut down his place with the help of the driver the Bears had earlier so they has to get there before he does.

AND….THEY MADE IT! Darrell gets to keep his shop after all…..but the Bears got fired from their job because “Ice Bear is not an registered vehicle”.


And now, The Nom Nom Show….

Things go awry while Nom Nom shoots his TV show; the bears offer to help and appear on the show.

Nom Nom now has his own TV show….I’m guessing either prime time or late night depending on how it was shown in the episode and the pressure is there considering his kiss-ass assistant won’t shut up about it. Again, the bears are there as interns (Y’all keep going back to this guy. The motherfucker hates your guts….) and as always, Nom Nom acts like a douche to them.

“Ice Bear is hoping for Redemption Arc.” I hope so, too, since one commentor named The Cool Kat (shoutout to you, BTW) has pointed out how ambivalent I am of Nom-Nom this season and…..he’s right.  Some episodes I am very mixed on him and has a bit of empathy towards him. I mean, his show is going in flames as all of his guests dropped out due to incidents and the fact he forgot one of them is a internet meme.

He got the bears to be the guests for him and as usual, it gets all fucked up….but the audience loves it!! They love it so so much, they got to give Nom Nom’s show a full season…with the Bears in there as well. Nom Nom said, “FUCK NO!” and no show.

In other words, wow, Nom Nom, you are still a little koala bitch.


FINAL VERDICT: For Bear Lift, it was interesting for them to take on something like drive-share apps and their spin on it and of course, the usual 90s-cheese we got from that one mousepad flashback. It was alright.
For The Nom Nom Show…….well, it’s not another Nom Nom’s Entourage as I never felt bad for him when he’s fucking up and I had a feeling that he would be a bitch about the bears getting some of the spotlight. I still laugh in some parts, tho.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and 

2 thoughts on “WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 66/67: Episode 77 – Bear LIFT / Episode 78 – The NOM-NOM Show

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, man.

    It was nice to see Darrell again, especially since I was worried about him doing jailtime after his debut. This episode drew attention to something I hadn’t noticed before about him. Darrell is a fairly well-adjusted, middle-aged man who seems to have his life together. Unlike some of the other recurring humans we’ve seen like Chloe, Tabes or Lucy, Darrell probably won’t have soul-searching episodes, which isn’t a complaint, just some food for thought. It was good to see the bear brothers repay the favor he did them last time by doing everything they could to help him save his store.

    “Also, Ice Bear’s new eyelashes are permanent” If only Spongebob was here. He’d probably be able to help with that, or make them into a nice sweater.

    Nom-Nom, I still really don’t like you and question your importance to this show. We’ve seen glimpses of there being other faucets to his personality (Anger Management and Kyle), but after three seasons, Nom-Nom still hasn’t progressed past ‘whiny rich brat’. Like you, I wonder why the bears seem to want Nom-Nom to like them so badly. It’s similar to how Spongebob and Patrick keep wanting to associate with Squidward, but with “Spongebob” there is the implication that Spongebob and Patrick simply like to drive Squidward crazy for their own amusement, with the bears I got nothing. At least this episode was hilarious.

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