TIME of The SEASON Fall 2017 Edition: KINO’S Journey -the BEAUTIFUL World

So…..once again, I’m going into another title that had a previous incarnation blind. Granted, I’ve did that before this year with Saiyuki Reload Blast and I pretty much forgot all about that show since I didn’t get attached to most of what was going on.

Anyway, this is Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World.

DirectorTomohisa Taguchi

Series CompositionYukie Sugawara

MusicYoshiaki Dewa

Original creatorKeiichi Sigsawa

Original Character DesignKouhaku Kuroboshi

Character DesignRyoko Amisaki

Chief Animation Director:
Ryoko Amisaki
Seiji Tachikawa

Sound DirectorSatoki Iida

Director of PhotographyRyūji Hirakawa 

Animation ProductionLerche 

BroadcasterAnimax Asia

Internet Streaming:
FUNimation Entertainment (dub) 

Plot Summary: In an imperfect world, the stories make it beautiful. Meet Kino, a traveler exploring beyond her boundaries into unknown mystical places! With only her guns and talking motorcycle Hermes by her side, she learns about unique people and their customs through the fascinating stories they weave. But to see everything, she can only spare three days to each land before moving on to the next adventure.

First Thoughts: As someone that went in blind on this, I have to admit that I’m liking to what I was seeing on screen. This is a very low key show but not so low key, you’re fall asleep as there is a bit of action in the first episode, especially in this town called the Land of Permitted Murder and even on that one part where the guy Kino ran into first thought he would get away with some shit….that last part was very satisfying. Oh yeah….atmosphere works here, the narration is good here, too and like I said, it’s not so low key that it’s sleep worthy. I hope this continues being like that the rest of the series.

CONTINUE ON with this series.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I wonder what happened if my car talked?


Never mind.

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