TIME of The Season Fall 2017 EDITION: GARO – Vanishing LINE

OK…..I checked out 3 shows today and only one of them I’m sticking with for the rest of the season and I know this is Garo and to be honest, while I thought the first two were decent to meh, they were never top favorites of mine. Hell, the first Garo series aired when Rage of Bahamut: Genesis premiered and as you know, I love that show and the sequel as well and that blew Garo out of the water.

Oh, and it streams at 10 pm (9pm central my time). This better be at least worth watching.

This is Garo: Vanishing Line.

DirectorSeong Ho Park

Series CompositionKiyoko Yoshimura

Akira Kindaichi
Shigeru Murakoshi
Tomoko Shinozuka
Yutaka Yasunaga


Original creatorKeita Amemiya

Original Character DesignTakashi Okazaki

Character DesignTomohiro Kishi

Art DirectorYoshimi Mineta

Chief Animation DirectorTomohiro Kishi

Sound DirectorSōichirō Kubo

Cgi DirectorTakema Sawamura

Director of PhotographyBoo Cheol Kim

Animation ProductionMAPPA 

Internet Streaming:
FUNimation Entertainment (Dubbed)
Wakanim.tv (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)

Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment 

Plot Summary: In prosperous Russell City, a conspiracy threatens to shake its world has been set in motion. A man named Sword is the first to hear the earliest stirrings of the plot, and throws himself into a shadow war in order to expose it. His only clue is the keyword “El Dorado.” He meets Sophie, a woman searching for her older brother who left her with only a message with the same word: “El Dorado.” With Sword having also lost his younger sister in the past, both are drawn together by the word, and work together to find out its meaning. 

First Thoughts: OK, the first few minutes of this episode is miles better than the majority of what this franchise has pulled. For one thing, it’s not some mundane medieval, feudal fantasy setting but more modern, urban setting that blends the fantasy element plus the whole Shadow War with this guy Sword and the girl Sophie searching for something in “El Dorado” which I’m interesting in learning more about it. The action is definitely top-notch courtesy of MAPPA, who has been having a stellar year for their company and I really dig the soundtrack here from the score, the Jam Project OP and even the ED song.

Yeah, I’m liking this. I’m going with CONTINUE. I hope this manages to be good until the end and also a good way to end your Fridays with this.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and can I go to sleep now?

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