WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 62: Episode 73 – Citizen TABES

I don’t know why but when I read the synopsis of today’s episode, I immediately thought of that one scene in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls where that first sequence is a Cliffhanger parody where Ace failed to save that raccoon….and no, nothing like that happened in there.

Yes, this is another Tabes episode and hey, maybe this one won’t be as stupid as that sandwich episode.


After Ranger Tabes accidentally wounds an animal and quits her job, the Bears do what they can to get her to return to work.

So what had happen was…..Wait, why am I starting like that? OK, anyway, the animal in question that got wounded was a deer as one of his antlers broke and just when he was getting lucky (not in THAT WAY! This is still a PG show!) with a female deer. Tabes felt guilty and felt like she failed her job as a ranger and so……she quit.

Yep, she now just lives in her trailer, making things to sell on a Etsy-ish site…..also, her first name is actually Dana.

So as usual, the bears have to find a way to get Tabes out of her funk(?) and back into the ranger game. So they decided to find a pathetic animal to fake being in danger and by pathetic animal, I mean Grizz and Ice use Panda to put in fake danger….

Oh come on, Panda was clearly thinking that.

There were attempts but Tabes wasn’t having it and she wasn’t budging.
Then the bears see the broken antler deer is getting the girl deer after all…..until the bigger, more antlery deer shows up and well…. the bears had to do something. Well, Ice Bear did in pretending to be a deer but that went down south then suddenly…… A WILD TABES (OR DANA) APPEAR! She springs into action to defend everyone against the a-hole deer but it seems like he might have an advantage…UNTIL Little Broken Antler Deer steps into action and saves the day, too.

In short, Tabes is back, that deer got love and this episode was….not that stupid.


Hell, in fact….wait….

FINAL VERDICT: This is actually my favorite Tabes-centric episode so far. For one thing, the thing that happened wasn’t that trivial. I mean, she has a duty to protect the wilderness and she felt like she didn’t do her best and I can see why she was in that funk. Also, I never say this enough about the character but the VA who plays her, Cameron Esposito does an excellent job portraying the character.

So yeah, this Tabes-centric episode. It’s…well, good.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and never break a deer’s antler. It’s like what our—um…..*cuts feed*

One thought on “WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 62: Episode 73 – Citizen TABES

  1. That business with the deer seemed a lot like a Bambi parody (skinny, sensitive buck fights evil, muscular buck over his lady love and wins), so with that in mind I find it hilarious Grizz described Ronno as a homewrecker deer, because that’s actually pretty accurate.

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