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September 08, 2011……..that was the date that I posted my first anime review and thus Anime Discovery was born in which I look at anime….which was a double review of Ikki Tousen and Eiken…..yeah, not exactly a grand way to start doing anime blogging. That and looking back into my old anime reviews…, they look horrible. I mean, I felt like I just ranted and talk nonsense for a short time as I just mostly gave a synopsis and not explaining any further enough. But that also meant that looking at my current reviews that I have gotten a whole lot better as I do these.

(And yes, at that time, my main hosting site to post these was at the former Spill website and have joined Planet Tyro [or Tyrocasts at that time] where I usually post my anime reviews and such and yes, appeared on the DREAMcast podcast 2 times running from 2011-2013. Good times, amirite? But yes, I had good times there as well.)

But anyway, this was just dipping my toes into the anime reviewing world and I have a lot to learn.

That and I just learn to not review hentai….like at all. Mainly because I’m terrible at it or I didn’t get what the fuck I was saying back then. It was perhaps the review (Review #8) that I ultimately regret making at all….that and I probably should’ve picked a better title.


At this point of Anime Discovery, I felt like I wanted (maybe needed but more wanted) wanted to spice up things with my way of reviewing and so…..I decided to do story lines. Yes, the stuff you often see in video reviews but more….well, written form and I admit this was difficult to do with coming up with something that would fit into the context of what the hell I was reviewing at that time. That and collaborating with other reviewers (ala Angel’s Reviews) to do those story lines as they added their own characters and spin to it.

Well, that worked for a while. Although the more I started to write these stories, the more I actually wanted to do something that isn’t related to what I was reviewing but we’ll get to that later on here…..while I have been reviewing anime a lot at the time, I did wanted to touch on something else. I mean, I do occasionally do movie reviews time to time whenever I see something new, but I don’t go to the movies every week at most people do because I didn’t have the budget to always go to the movies. Hell, I don’t have that now and I got a paying job this time.

So I created a little something called…..

Yes, this was another addition where I talk about things TV, movies and music…..although for music, I didn’t do too much on that. I mean, I did a couple of things on that but going back reading those entries….I wasn’t that ready for music critiquing (at least not yet) but this is mainly where I do talk about what shows on TV took an interest in me with shows like Gravity Falls, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Steven Universe and so on and so forth. However, as of now, this only has about 48 entries, which isn’t much compared to the Anime Discovery entries (178 and counting, BTW!) I’ve made but then I guess at that time, I have gotten more into the anime around that time and stop depending just on TV as for sole entertainment.

Then in 2013……well, you know the drill from my about page. Spill was coming to an end and of course, I had to find a hosting page for my stuff fast and well….WordPress was the answer and I had to haul ass before most of my shit was gone. At the time, I was thinking about something quick. Around the time, I just started getting into the whole simulcasting anime game and I did it at the right time, too, as Kill La Kill was airing at that time along with shows like Samurai Flamenco, Galilei Donna and….well, sadly the 2nd half of Valvrave The Liberator (that and also KLK is still the anime GOAT). Hell, earlier in the year, Attack on Titan aka one of the biggest anime of that year aired earlier and the popularity of that was sky high and I’m thinking….maybe I should be looking into more weekly anime. Sure, it was going to be change of pace as I normally don’t watch subbed anime often but eventually I got around it.

However, as soon as I entered that world, times are definitely a-changing…..

TIME OF THE SEASON was born!! It was the seasonal blog posts where I take a look at what the anime airing weekly that’s streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, FUNimation….and I have picked the right time to do this because the new anime I was looking forward to, Space Dandy, was getting a simuldub premiere on Toonami!! Like, holy shit!! This was definitely a game changer as this sort-of thing doesn’t happen often (and yes, before you point out Kurokami and that other show, I meant something that was airing on a network that PEOPLE KNOW OF!!!) and that eventually led to FUNimation with their broadcast dub initiative (which I talk about right here.)

Anyway, every start of the season (Winter being January, Spring being April, Summer being July and Fall being October), I do first impressions of the newest anime to come and whether you should keep watching either weekly or bi-weekly, wait to marathon or just drop completely. However, things can keep within three months and in every end of the season (i.e. March, June, September and December), I recap and tell you my overall feelings of the show and then at the end of the year, I do my best of and worst of list of those anime…..and I had a lot of hot takes during the first year of me doing this, such as…..”Spring 2014 sucked for anime”, “Mushi-Shi was kinda lame”, “Ping Pong was alright but not best of the year”…..OK, maybe you might not remember but it happened.


There was another change to happen in 2014…….remember what I said about writing and publishing my own stories separate from my reviews?

Finally in March 2014, I posted my first chapter of my first fiction series, AURA FACTION, which was originally spun off from a story I did the prior year with The Beautiful and The Deadly with the three agents (i.e. Tomoki, Cassie and Loyuka) as the main characters with the main synopsis (at least for the 1st series) being about an inner city civil war between humans and hybrids with a mad man pulling the first trigger of that. As of now, this is 24 episodes (or chapters – 10 in 1st series, 14 in 2nd series) in with some side stories (I would say OVAs but this shit isn’t an anime….even though when writing it, I pictured it as one) and major motion-picture scaled stories like Pandora’s Game, the Darksiders spinoff movie and the upcoming sequel coming in December and the recently wrapped-up The MoneyDance Arc.

And more will come……there’s exactly one AF project that’s been in development for some time now and…..well, I’m not going to reveal it yet. Give it some time aka the end of the year.



But wait….that wasn’t the only thing I was doing in terms of fiction.

Now with The Academy…..this was something I have thought of before doing AF and it took a while until I thought of advancing that idea more. So far, it’s the only planned story series that has wrapped up.

And for stories that’s outside AF and The Academy……well, I have made my STORIES BEYOND THE HYBRID imprint.

Around that time in the summer of 2014, I have done a stint of writing for the site Another Castle from 2014-2016. I have come across this many times but I’ll say it again. Writing for them was a great experience for me to do as it did helped me improve on my writing and exactly took my time into writing a review. You know, quality over quantity. The site did closed down in 2016 but I have saved my entries and re-posted them on my site, even some as Anime Discovery entries.


Then in late 2015……a little show on Cartoon Network premiered and I had the idea of…..well, recapping every episode (well, started on Episode 12) whenever it comes on. Yes, WE BARE-CAP BEARS was born and every…..well. time a new episode premieres (hey, blame CN for their scheduling shit), I take a look at it and see how it is. Most of the time, I might end up liking it and others……well, not as much but it’s still one of the best shows CN has to offer.


So into 2016 and…..well……I was starting to get back into music and did make something called MAK MUSIC last year where I just showcased various music that I’ve found on Spotify (or Youtube) and just shown here and while it was slowing down for me….a calling was called and it was quite a surreal one.

Decibel Boost Podcast

Yep, I have joined the Decibel Boost Podcast on the site Surreal Resolution (I showed up after the pilot BTW). Me along with my co-hosts Rob and Alex where we talk about the latest music news and what new tracks popped up that week. We even expanded to doing album roundups for each month as we talk about what albums we have loved, liked, tolerated, regretted and hated (and yes, when I hated something, you will know it. Oh man, you will know it). This is also the first thing you’ll hear my voice at a full-time gig. Yes, I have podcasts before although I was just a guest here and there but this is a weekly thing that I prepare myself for…..that and make sure I know what the hell I’m talking about.



So that’s the evolution of The Mind of the Hybrid One in a nutshell. From just doing anime/movie reviews to first impressions to writing stories to pod casting, talking about music and other various things. Hell, I did name myself the Blue Hybrid for a damn good reason…..well, the blue part is just because it’s my favorite color.

However, what’s more rewarding than just the stuff I’ve accomplished and written all over the years…..and yes, this might sound schmaltzy but it’s the truth….it’s the people who I connected with. I connected with a lot of people throughout the last 6 years and it formed into friendships and partnerships, especially those from the aniblogging community (a very lovely community by the way) whether we liked the same things, hated the same things or have some disagreements on something or two (Example being I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I got friends that loved them and grew up with them) but we all still got love and respect for one another. I turned from a shy caterpillar to a still-shy but not as shy as before butterfly with a wild (and expletive) imagination and can be chill at other times, too.

If it wasn’t for me blogging about anime or movies or TV, music, whatever…..I don’t know where I would be right now, at least in the right state of mind that is. I’m very thankful for everything that has happened for the past 6 years and while I probably would’ve done this last year, it’s better late than never and hey, maybe when it turns 10, I’ll do it again.


Well, I got no other things to say other than……thank you. Thank you for everything. Whether it would be reading my stuff, commenting it, liking it and even recommending my site to other people interested in…..well, a lot of things. I hope to continue bringing more content to you for years to come.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

I have not said that in a long while.

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