WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 59 & 60: Episode 71 – The KITTY / Episode 72 – CROWBAR Jones

(Yeah, this is going to be those posts without any pics or clips of this episode because I can’t find any good ones. Sorry for the lack of them. I might update this later with them, tho.)

We are going to double shit up for another return of We Bare Bears as we got 2 episodes to look at and yes, this is the 2nd time I’m doing a double review since  Captain Craboo.

First up, it’s all about a cute little kitty. Yes, the bears have encounter themselves a kitty in the woods where like any person who easily smitten by cute animals would take them in their home and of course do cute kitty stuff….until they leave for a while and notice that kitty brought some friends and by friends, I mean a gang of cougars that’ll probably eat the bears alive!!!

And they also got the house as well. Good thing one cougar didn’t break Panda’s computer. I guess, his memoirs would put him to sleep.

So, then they come up with a plan of doing the same things people do in cat videos from laser pointers, yarns, bubble wrap and the cougars acted like big kitties….that can kill you. They get found out eventually but they do leave. Also, Grizz, no……no BIRDS!!!!

Next up, the return of CROWBAR JONES as Grizz and…..

Well, there’s a clip of this after all.

Anyway, Grizz is editing his masterpiece CROWBAR JONES. You know, that homemade movie he made on the low budget of….well, fuck if I know. Blumhouse movies seem more expensive compared to this and he’s showing this to a focus group to see how it’ll turn out. Of course, Panda is pissed because how he is portrayed in the movie as “Pando” or basically the nerdy, neurotic sorry parts of Panda. The screening doesn’t do that well as some people are leaving and the movie is…..well….it’s bad in its own campy-ass  way

Grizz does get discouraged a bit, brothers cheer him up a bit and they eventually got the ending…..i.e.performed live as this time Pando is made the hero with a honorable sacrifice.


For The Kitty, it was cute and frightening. Also cougars can fuck YOU UP!
For Crowbar Jones –next time if you add a version of your family member or friend in what you created, make sure they look good and not a joke.

Overall, both are good, standard episodes and all.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid…..and I’m going out of town for the weekend.

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