WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 58: Episode 70 – Summer LOVE

Ah, summer. A wonderful time for love…..and maybe heat stroke. Well, this isn’t about the latter and this is a Panda episode so yeah, it all makes sense now. He always find somebody to be smitten with.


Panda goes on a mission to return a lost phone to the girl of his dreams.

Well, Panda has been bitten by the love bug once again as he’s drinking his chai-coconut gluten-free boba milk tea at…I’m guessing a Teavana…Starbucks or something (I don’t fucking know!! I don’t go to those stores!) and soon he spies a girl that got the same drink he’s drinking, watching the same book he’s reading and from the panda hat she’s wearing, she likes them as well. However, one blink and boom, she’s gone.

Watching her book and…..cellphone? Yep, she left her phone in the damn shop and Panda has to return it to her.

He goes through some obstacles like bribing the cashier to tell him where she’s heading to and having a little girl get him there via boat…but on the boat, a pelican came and got the phone, flying towards this weird asylum island and what do you know?
It’s that crazy scientist guy from Grizz Helps! and still crazy as ever as he thinks the government is out to get him and thinks they sent another bear to spoil whatever the fuck he’s doing.

He traps Panda in this mind-swap thing and plead and plead to let him go and what got to him……the whole ‘true love’ thing as he once was in love with a girl but she actually went somewhere in her career and he’s been left behind to the crazy fuck he is now. In other words, he doesn’t want Panda to end up like him.

So they rush there to catch me before the train could leave and eventually he finds her. They do small talk and hit it off well. Oh and her name is Amanda.

Get it?

Amanda. Panda. Amanda. Panda.  Amanda. Panda. HE GOT BROADS IN ATLAN– But she’s actually moving away from the Bay Area….but will they ever cross paths again? A future episode? Hell, I don’t know…..

VERDICT: Yeah, this is a bittersweet episode with some weird tangents from the crazy scientist guy but another tale of Panda trying to find love in its most sincere way. So, yeah, overall a good episode.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..I got this comes back next month or so. Well, I need a break so there.



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