WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 57: Episode 69 – ROAD Trip

WE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! OK, not we as in “the reader and I” but….OK, you get the point.

The bears and Chloe are going a trip! There you go.

Chloe and The Bears take a road trip to see a meteor shower. Ice Bear, the only one licensed to drive, is put in charge, which becomes harder than he thought.

So the bears and Chloe are going to see a meteor shower with Ice Bear in charge since he’s the only one with a driver’s license. At first, everything was going smooth and everyone having fun and all (well, Ice Bear is just driving all the way) and then they come to a stop on a bathroom/get food break. Also, Ice Bear can’t parallel park and as soon as everybody gets back, a new person arrives with Ice Bear wondering, “WHO IN THE FUCK ARE YOU!?”

The guy’s name is Wyatt and he’s in a legit motorcycle gang and he got snacks. Everybody wants him to join them except Ice Bear….but he got out-voted so Wyatt is in.

Overall, Wyatt seems like a fun guy to be around with and I see Ice Bear get a little jealous at him. So much at the next stop, he leaves Wyatt there. Yikes, Ice Bear. You just did a very assholish thing there….and you just ran out of gas. Stressed out, Ice Bear thinks that he failed at being a captain for them and well……he does have a vision of the sea captain telling him that being captain is never easy and he never gives up on his crew. Then….a motorcycle gang comes up and guess who? It’s WYATT!!

Of course Ice Bear and the rest apologizes for leaving him behind, they get some gas for the car, Ice Bear finally parallel parks right and they do end up seeing the stars.

VERDICT: Welp, I think I have a new favorite episode of this. I do like that Ice Bear does have center stage on this episode and while he does act jealous and a jerk to Wyatt, he does redeem himself in the end. Also, Wyatt is pretty awesome and I like the fact that he’s this big, black guy in a motorcycle gang that’s very friendly and a cool guy to hang with. Also props to comedian Ron Funches for providing the voice of him. So yeah, really dig this episode and does have a lot of re-play.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I feel Ice Bear on that parallel parking. That is a bitch to get through.

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