WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 56: Episode 68 – Lunch with TABES


*gunfire, lots of screaming, death and pinball in the background*

OK, that really didn’t happen. But today’s We Bare Bears episode is about lunch and we get another visit from Tabes.

The Bears have lunch with Ranger Tabes, but when a mystery presents itself, Tabes goes into full on detective mode to find the culprit.

Image result for we bare bears lunch with tabes

OK, usually I just tell you the whole thing but first I do want to comment on the sandwich….and really? A tomato, cheese and avocado sandwich? Tabes, I like you as a character as you can be kinda cool sometimes but your sandwich tastes…..nah. You can keep that shit. That combination just sounds nasty to me and with no meat, too? FUCK THAT!

Then again, I guess you might be making that for Panda, too, since he’s a vegetarian and all but yeah, if I was there, I wouldn’t touch that sandwich with a ten-foot pole.

Anyway, she suspects that one of the bears did it and of course, they got clear alibis: Grizz was playing with some boomerang outside, Panda taking selfies with Martinez’ (the sleeping ranger) hat and Ice Bear was researching the flowing stream kung-fu technique. He went to the bathroom, watched hands, dried hands, but got locked inside and he practiced the water dragon technique on the door and then watched cat videos.

Yeah, all of them checked out but what about Martinez? Could he be the culprit of this? Well…..no. He was still asleep and he didn’t eat the sandwich because he’s on a gluten-free vegan diet.
Yet kale chips sound better to eat than that sandwich. Yes, I still think that sandwich doesn’t look appetizing.

Eventually, they found out it’s the dog, Kirk. Yes, the dog ate the sandwich and wow…..this just feels stupid. Like, really stupid in my eyes.

IN FACT…….Here’s the verdict overall: This was just so damn stupid but not enough to make me angry but to head-scratching levels and wondering WTF. Although that one Ice Bear moment was cool but with Tabes….this was I was fearing when she made her debut here as someone who goes up to umpteenth levels to solve a mystery for something so trivial. The package, I get but for a damn sandwich? I mean, I’m still cool with her and all but oi…..yeah….I’m not feeling this episode that much.

Image result for we bare bears lunch with tabes

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and for real tho, that sandwich just looks shitty.

One thought on “WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 56: Episode 68 – Lunch with TABES

  1. I think this episode is actually a rip-off of a Teen Titans Go episode, Sandwich Thief, where Robin obsesses over his perfect sandwich being stolen and interrogates all his friends over it. We Bare Bears, you’re better than that.

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