WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 55: Episode 67 – PRIVATE Lake

SUMMER TIME IN THIS BITCH!!! And this time, we are joined by Charlie on this little adventure!

When the local lake is overcrowded with tourists, The Bears have fun at Charlie‘s private lake.

So the bears are going to spend their time at the local lake but unfortunately the locals are everywhere there and there’s garbage everywhere, shit being broke and some woman getting her ribs stolen by a pigeon….yeah, they had to get out of there as it looks like it’ll suck anyway…

And then there’s Charlie. They tell them about their snafu and Charlie tells them the absolute solution: He has his own lake. His very own private lake that no one knows about and of course, the bears agree to go.

OK, montage of them having a lot of fun later and appreciating the serenity and at awe of the lake and then Panda decides to take a pic of them at the lake (with Charlie taking it as well) and there’s one fatal mistake I knew was soon to happen.

At the other lake, one guy taking a selfie was looking into Fake Instagram (yes, I’m calling it fake Instagram) and looked at the hashtag #Lake and guess who pops up?
And knows the location of that lake.

Congratulations, Panda, technology has fucked with you for the 2nd time in this show.

Once again, the lake has been taken over and is now in trashy because of kids breaking shit and yes, that same lady with them ribs and everything is now ruined…..until the Bears and Charlie thought of an idea to get them out of there: Scaring the almighty shit out of them and they got to running!! Plus, hashtag #ToxicLake.

The lake is saved……yet still trashed as all hell. DA END.

VERDICT: OK, I don’t have much to say here. Yeah, I liked it and once again, we see Charlie in his likable side as a character and also y’all need to learn that if you post a selfie online, eventually they’ll find out your location.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and maybe you shouldn’t eat your ribs laying down…at the lake…..where birds can eat it. Maybe you should’ve gotten wings instead. I can go for some wings right about now. 


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